Free Lindsay Olives at CVS & Walgreens + New $1/1 Lindsay Olives Coupon

lindsay olives couponLindsay Olives Coupon

There is a new Lindsay Olives Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any Lindsay Olives.  The coupon states “Redeemable at ShopRite”  and has a ShopRite logo on the coupon and was found at zip code: 10001

Print: Lindsay Olives Coupon NLA

ShopRite has Lindsay Olives for $1.39 right now so just $0.39 after coupon.

Here is your deal:


Now, CVS and Walgreens have Lindsay Olives on sale this week for just $1.00.  You can use the coupon above to score it free or, if you prefer one without a ShopRite Logo on it, you can print a $1/1 Lindsay Olives coupon from their facebook page.

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  • karen

    I printed this coupon and a big shoprite logo printed right on the coupon. I always seem to have problems with these coupons at the store, even though I point out that it a mfg cpn and it doesnt say ONLY reedemable. They state its a store sponsered coupon and they won’t accept it. It seems lately Im having the worst time couponing for some reason, anyone else have this problem?

  • Sebsa

    FYI this coupon prints after a huge ad…so you need a full size piece of paper. I absolutely hate it when manufacturers put an ad on their coupons! Such a waste of ink and paper.

    • Sebsa

      It also says beneath the logo at the top of the page “ShopRite In-Store Coupon”. The coupon itself says manufacturer coupon, but it does have “Redeemable at ShopRite” below that, and a huge ShopRite logo in the left corner. So if you’re CVS is particular about these type of things, I would pass on printing this coupon, especially because it’s an ink waster with the big ad printing first.

  • Lisa

    I printed this coupon with 2 other coupons and only the coupon printed. Look for other coupons to print with it and no ad will print before the coupon.

  • betty

    my shoprite price said 1.39 but under that said 4 for 5.00 so after coupon .25 cents!great deal.

  • Lori

    I printed the coupon with a couple of others and that avoided the full page ad. My CVS is coupon friendly and had no problems accepting the coupon.

  • Jess

    I think even at the same CVS, it depends on the cashiers. Some cashiers are just simply nice and willing to work. Some just “hate” coupons and the people with coupons cox it’s more “work”. ( think: need to scan coupons after scanning the items. Too much work!)

    I went in the other night and tried to do the Hallmark Card and the Olive deal (I also bought other stuff that I was interested). My cashier just took the coupons and scanned them without asking question. However, the “mean-lady” cashier saw my coupons and she went behind the cashier’s back and started questioning him about my coupons. She said “what’s all these coupons? Where did she get the coupons? Why there are so many coupons?” My cashier said “I want to find out where to get the coupons too.” Then, he just wished me happy holidays and we exchanged kind wishes. And Off I left.

    I bought my friend with me this time even my friend said “this cashier is just a mean person. She’s not happy and she hates your coupons.”

    But that “mean-lady” cashier was not the first time “questioning” my coupons. One time, she even rudely questioned where did I get the peelies (I forgot what I got but there’s a couple peelies on some lotions and I bought them.) and she could not take the peelies cox it’s not from the lotions. I kindly said “yes. they are from the lotions. Look!” She examined them like they were some kind of aliens. Then she said”they may not ring up.” Ta-Da! They all rang up. Since then I avoid that “mean-lady” cashier, I won’t even go the hour I assume she’s at work.

    I don’t understand why cashiers hate coupons? I believe that we coupon users are not taking money out from the cashiers’ pockets, right?