How to Change the Zip Code on the New

How to Change the Zip Code on the

With the new format, we are not able to change the zip code for coupons, only for local coupons.  Once you change your zip code, by clicking the local tab at the top and then clicking coupons, it goes back to the default zip code.

However there is an easy way to change the zip codes by going to the page that is on the LRWC site.  The zip code box is right at the top of the page. Easy peasy!

The only downfall to this is that I can not direct link to the coupons on that coupon page.  So, when there is coupon on a specific zip code, you will have to look through.  But, there is a handy drop down menu that allows you to search by brands so that should make it easier.

You can find links to both of these site by clicking on “Coupons” on the orange navigation bar above.

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  • Tracey

    Is there an easier way to get to a coupon after you printed it than to have to scroll through ALL the coupons until you hit the end of the list?

    • Cindy

      Well, I try to direct link to the coupon whenever possible. So, you can use the link I provide to easily get to it a second time.

    • Laura D.

      Exit out of the coupon website and come back to LRWC then reclick on the link again to get your second print. It will directy come up for the second print. That’s the quickest way. HTH!

      • Laura D.

        whoops, or like Cindy said, lol.

  • alicia

    why oh why must they make it so hard

  • Beckie

    They are reaaaallly making us work for it!

  • Judy

    Thanks!! Huge help…

  • Sue

    Lately I can’t print anything from always use it and 3 or 4 days ago, it won’t print anything. I can print anything else, just not Any idea how to fix?

  • Katie Coupon

    I am having an issue with and it telling me that I have reached my print limit on just about every coupon after the first page, and it is obviously not true…coupons I would never ever print are saying that I reached my limit. any ideas?

    • Laura D.

      Click on the link above that Cindy has provided. Scroll all the way down and on the right hand side on the bottom in very tiny print is a “help” link. That will take you to the trouble shooting page, if you can’t find what you need there, there is an area to contact the company directly and they will help you straighten it out. HTH! Good Luck!

    • KarenB

      That is happening to me. I was starting to think I was getting forgetful about what I printed. Glad it’s not just em.