New $1/1 Breakstone Sour Cream Coupon + Stop & Shop Money Maker!

breakstone couponBreakstone Coupon

There is an awesome new Breakstone Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any Breakstone Sour Cream, 16 oz and was found at zip code: 77477.

Print: Breakstone Coupon (77477)

This week, through 12/13, Stop & Shop has Breakstone Sour Cream, 16 oz on sale for $1.67.  Plus it’s part of the Buy 5 participating Kraft Items and save $5 Instantly on meat.  However, I do know you don’t need to buy $5 worth of meat for the deal to work.

Here is your deal:


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To change the zip code make sure you click the local tab, then type in the zip code and press enter, then click coupons again. If you don’t see the local tab then try another browser. It doesn’t always show up in Firefox. If you are still having trouble changing the zip, try using this link for

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  • Sobe

    My Stop & Shop only gives gas points instead of instant money off… I have stopped going, such a bummer!

    • Jill

      Mine too! But my paper said instant $5 off, so I’m assuming this isn’t just gas points…

      • Sobeida

        Thank you Jill, I will have to try that then, I don’t even read me circular any more!

  • Ariana

    Does anybody knows if this deal works at Giant ?I live in Poconos and I don’t have any Stop&Shop stores.Thanks.

  • Jill

    Could the meat be store brand? or does it have to be Kraft?

  • Tami

    Is there a zip code for the sour cream? I don’t see it, maybe it’s gone?

  • karen

    I did Cindy’s first scenario with the four Fresh Takes and one sour cream last night. I received $5.00 off a package of Nature’s Promise chicken. Our CT stores usually give gas points, but this time, the $5.00 discount is working for us too. Hooray! Thank you for the new sour cream matchups!

  • Stephanie

    Can anyone get the Fresh Take coupons to print. I keep on trying to click on the Get Coupon button of Kraft’s website but nothing is happening???

    • Michelle T.

      Stephanie, try another web browser. I can’t print it in IE but it prints in Firefox.

  • Tink

    This deal IS at giant! It will NOT however automatically take off $5.00 unless you have AT LEAST $5.00 of meat. If you have less it will only take that total off. HTH

  • Tina

    I’m in maryland and mine is save $4.oo instanly off meat with the purchase of 4 items

  • Janice

    Can’t find the Breakstone Sour Cream coupon. Can someone help me ? Thanks.

  • Jaye

    I found it when I cleared my zip code. HTH

  • Sobeida

    Is this working with the Butterball bacon or I have to buy the $5 worth of meat?

    • Cindy

      Actually, I didn’t buy any meat and it worked too. 😉

      • Sobeida

        Thanks Cindy!

  • Anna

    I did the 1st deal with 5 sour creams and turkey bacon. This deal turned out for me to be a mess. After all 6 coupons I had $1.45 to spend so I bought small milk. At the end the balance was $0.12. I took out this $0.12 I handed it to the cashier and then the balance for some reason went back to $5.12. The manager came and told me that I didn’t buy fresh meat (according to him turkey bacon was not fresh meat). I went to get some beef and at that time someone took my bags and also my coupons. Cashier had to manually enter each coupon, $5.00 was deducted, but when she scaned the last coupon the $5.00 was added back. I was already tired of this! At the end I ended up paying $6.12 for 5 sour creams, turkey bacon, milk and beef so it still wasn’t bad considering that the beef itself was over $8.00 (minus $2 sticky coupon on the meat). I spend 45 minutes in the store doing this deal!!!

    • Sobeida

      It worked for me without the fresh meat. I got 3 Fresh Fake, 1 shredded cheese (without coupon because i did not plan on buying these BUT, it comes with a full size Fresh Take and my DH loves It) 3 sour cream, 3 Butterball bacon, 1 mini filo, 3 Chobani … After coupons my OOP was $7 and change. I am going back today to buy more shredded cheese with free Fresh Take

  • Sobeida

    I also got the Krusteaz cookie mix

  • Sobeida

    I also got two of the Krusteaz cookie mix

  • Jes

    I have FUN trips to S&S this week. I haven’t been to S&S since it always have coupon or buy X get $X off problem. But this week looks good enough for me. So I bite my lips and did it.
    This is my summary of this week:

    1) Food Should Taste Good Chips deal.

    The 1st time, the coupons won’t scan. The cashier just didn’t know how to do it. Manager came over and said “did you scan other ones?” Cashier said “No. The 1st one won’t scan anyway. So the rest won’t be.” Manager said “coupon didn’t scan so we can’t take it.” So I didn’t buy the chips.

    I went back the 2nd day, surprised!!! All Chips coupons scanned and I got them 50cents a bag.

    2) Sour cream deal.

    Bought 4 sour creams 1 take fresh and a pack of beef. Used 4 sour cream coupons. Everything went smooth.

    3) Take fresh deal.

    I bought 5 Take fresh and 1 pack of beef. Used 4 take fresh coupons.
    The cashier looked at them and said “can’t use.’ “can’t use.” “can’t use.” “can’t use.”
    I said “why?”
    She said “it’s Jan 2013.”
    I said, “yes. it’s not expired yet.”
    She said “you can’t use it until Jan 2013. THIS IS 2012!”
    I said “what? It expires 2013.”
    She said ” It said 2013. Today is 2012.”
    I said “it’s expiration date”
    She was so frustrated but she decided to look again and said “it’s for expiration date.”

    So she scanned them and they all went thru. The total came out as 7 dollars. She was so unhappy that I paid 7 dollars for 6 items including a pack of beef.

    I try to stay with PathMart and SR whenever possible. But my family loves Take Fresh and the $5 off is just a great deal.

  • Christina Abruzzo

    cant find the sour cream coupon. Do I need a zip code ?

    • gg

      this post is from last year – the coupon is long gone