Reader Shopping Trips: A&P

Michelle T made an awesome trip to A&P recently to use her Catalinas from the Gift Card Promotion they had going on for two weeks.  After all her coupons, rewards and Catalinas, Michelle only spent $0.29 out of pocket! Wow, great job Michelle!


  • (1) Gallon America’s Choice 2% milk 4.29
  • (2) Bailey’s creamers (3.29) 1.50 each
  • (4) Minute Maid OJ (lite versions were also included) (4.19) 2.50 each
  • (4) Nestle chocolate chips (3.59) 2.50 each
  • (2) McCormick Vanilla 2 oz (6.99) 3.99 each
  • (4) Cheez-its 13.7 oz (5.49) 1.99 each
  • (3) Oreos (4.99) 2.99 each
  • (1) Earthbound Farms baby carrots 2.49
  • (1) Blueberries (3.99) 2.99
  • .87 lb Tomatoes on the vine 1.30
  • (2) Woodson & James strip steaks (6.99 lb) 15.17 & 16.15
  • (1) Food Should Taste Good tortillas 3.19
  • (4) Lays chips (4.29) 1.99 each

Coupons Used:

Total OOP: $0.29

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  • Annie

    I thought you could only use 1 $20 Catalina per transaction

  • karen

    Great job Michelle, ouch on the milk $4.29 a gallon? In MA you can get the store brand at Market Basket for $2.49. Also Market Basket had $1.00 off coupons on any Frito Lay product taped to the bag, I’m not sure if there’s one in your area. Anyway, awesome job!

  • Catkittykitty

    I thought you could only use one $20 Catalina per day

  • Laura D.

    Awesome trip Michelle! I didn’t know we could use 3 $20 in one transaction. Combining the kid book coupon and the meat coupon along with the cats, genius! 🙂 Is the meat coupon still available? Nothing beats free meat, milk and veggies!!!

  • Genie

    I thought you can only use the Pet Reward towards a future purchase of pet food.

    • Michelle T.

      Genie, the Pet Rewards are just on your next order 🙂 like a Cat.

      • Genie

        Thank you, Michelle. I haven’t gotten one in a while so I guess I’m remembering it wrong. Good to know. Thanks again!

  • Michelle T.

    Thanks! Karen, I know, the milk was a lot, but I needed it and used the $1 off Oreos and Milk coupon. Shoprite charges less for milk here.
    Laura, since the Cats didn’t print, they wrote them out as rainchecks and they told me that I could use all 3 at once if I want. And here’s the meat coupon:
    Those steaks were delicious, even better than what we buy at the wholesale clubs! My husband actually wants me to go back for more! (with another coupon, of course) 🙂

  • AA

    Well planed trip Michelle. Great job. Definitely reflecting Cindy’s training 🙂