Reset $0.50/1 Oreo Cookie Coupon = $1.88 at ShopRite {12/9}

Oreo Cookies Coupon

Oreo Cookie Coupon

Yay!  The Oreo Cookie Coupon has reset.  The coupon is for $0.50 off any Oreo Cookies, 10 – 27.5 oz package and was found at zip code: 77477.  The coupon states “redeemable at Walmart” but there is no Walmart Logo on the coupon.  It’s a regular manufacturer coupon and can be used anywhere.

Print: Oreos Cookie Coupon (77477)

Beginning Sunday, 12/9, ShopRite will have Oreos on sale for $2.88, so only $1.88 after doubled coupon!

Here is your deal beginning 12/9:

Nabisco Oreo Cookies, $2.88
-(1) $0.50/1 Oreos Cookie Coupon (77477)
as low as $1.88 after coupon

How To Change Zip Codes:

To change the zip code make sure you click the local tab, then type in the zip code and press enter, then click coupons again. If you don’t see the local tab then try another browser. It doesn’t always show up in Firefox. If you are still having trouble changing the zip, try using this link for

Check back soon for the full ShopRite Preview Ad 🙂

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  • Jaye

    Thank you! Got it using 01020 😉

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    have you put up the shoprite flyer yet? i haven’t couponed in 2 months, im soooooooooooooooo excited to jump back in. My husband was like, um, we are running low on stuff (with at least 10-15 items left of each product in the stockpile! lol, he is hooked!

    • Anonymous

      Click on the Shoporite Ad Scan at the top right of the menu bar and it will take you there. I don’t think they’ve put it up “officially” yet. 😉

  • Laura D.

    You can click on the “Shoprite Ad Sacn” located on the right hand side of the menu bar above. I don’t think it came out officially yet 😉 but you can get to it!

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    big hug Lauren!

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    i mean laura, so excited cant focus! lmao

  • diane

    Pathmark sale this week 2 for $5.00

  • Brooke

    I bought a package at Pathmark yesterday with this coupons. They only cost $1.50 because you only have to buy one package.

    • hanna/h

      Thanks Diane & Brook! Off I go with Ritz cracker deal!

  • Too bad the Phillipsburg NJ Shoprite isn’t taking coupons with “Redeemable at Walmart” or “Redeem At Walmart” on them anymore. I’ve used them before but just this past week they said no more. 🙁