Rite Aid: Free Axe Body Wash

Rite Aid: Free Axe Body Wash

Update:  This is not longer working

This week Rite Aid has an Axe UP Reward deal.  The deal is Buy $15 Get a $5 UP Reward with a limit of 2.  There is also a Monthly UP Reward deal which is also Buy $15 Get a $5 UP.  The limit is also 2 and this offer ends on 12/4.  Both UP Rewards are printing making them free after coupons & UP Rewards.

Also there is a limit of 2 “like” coupons per transaction so you will have to do this in 2 separate transactions.

Here is the deal:



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Thanks Sandy & Cuzzie for confirming this!

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  • Leslie

    Darn, I used my coupons today at Shoprite.

  • meli

    i hope they still have some i just got back from getting the nivia.. they were wiped out of the axe gift sets1

  • Jennifer

    The coupon will beep because it isn’t for the right size.

    • Cindy

      There are some that are the bonus size which a little larger possibly you were buying those

      • vanih

        The $2 coupon is for 16oz body wash.

      • Rebecca

        I just did the Axe deal and didn’t get the monthly $5 UPR. I bought them today. Do uou think if I call RiteAid customer service that they’ll give me the second reward. Otherwise I don’t think I can return them since I used my up rewards to pay for all but $1 of it in each transaction.

  • Meghan

    My coupon is $1 off?

  • Meghan

    Actually that coupon expires on the 9th, I don’t think I got one today? Was it In the ASbury park press?

  • Barbara

    I cant find the coupon in smart source 12/2 for axe.

  • genie

    I got 4 of the bonus size body gel wash and the coupons worked with no beep.

  • Jen

    Thanks for confirming the ” no beep” Genie

  • jessica

    Can this deal be done more than once?

    • Laura D.

      I think so, read Cindy’s full paragraph above. It covers all limits and advice for transactions, hth!

  • Stacey D

    where are the 2/1 coupons for AXE. Nothing in my SS. I get the APP.

  • bren

    When does the montly UP end?

    • Cuzzie

      Tomorrow is the last day.

  • Linda

    There are also Rite aid digital load to card coupons available for Axe making this a money maker!

    • AA

      Is this not a manufacturer’s coupon though? Did you use this digital coupon WITH the suggested coupons?

  • jennifer

    I just went to RA did 2 transactions, bought 2 bonus size bodywashes, went back bought 1 bodywash and an axe detailer and received 2 5ups….so the detailers are included….they also allowed me to use a 2$off catalina coupon that i received last week so i spent $8 total….$2 moneymaker. Woooo hoo

  • Desiree

    I also just went to Rite Aid and bought the 4 Axe body washes and only received one $5.00 up reward. I did received a second $5.00 up reward but it was for spending $40 during the holiday. So did something go wrong??

  • Faith

    I bought 3 body wahses and 1 body spray…only got one $5UPR. I am going to return it…I think maybe the monthly one was over.

  • Rebecca

    I shop for my Mom as well as myself. I did the Axe deal on my card on Monday (bought 4 Axe items and use the coupons) and got two $5 rewards (weekly and monthly). So I went to a different Rite Aid the next day (12/4) to do the deal again, this time using my Mom’s card and only received the one $5 UPR. I called Rite Aid tonight to ask about getting the second reward and after being on hold for almost 30 minutes, was told that the ad had a misprint and that the ad referred to the monthly deal and not the weekly one. Therefore I was only entitled to the one $5 reward. I am so frustrated withe Rite Aid lately. And I can’t even return them since I used UP rewards to pay for all but $1 of it. That poses a very big problem if I try and return them. I can’t understand why it would work on one day and not work the next!!!!

  • Sharon C`

    was just told by customer service that there was never a WEEKLY UP – it just seemed that way because they had mistakenly overlapped 2 MONTHLY UPs but that was fixed the afternoon of Dec 4th.