Walgreens: Possible Fit Smart $10 Money Maker!

Fit Smart Coupon

Fit Smart Coupon

Keep your eye out for $10 Fit Smart Coupons when you head to Walgreens.  This week Walgreens has a Register Rewards deal for Buy Fit Smart Simply Slim Weight Loss Supplements, 60 ct for $10 and get a $10 Register Reward making them free.  Already a great deal however, a lot of you have reported finding a $10 Fit Smart Peelie Coupon at your Walgreens.  I had to actually go to 3 stores (luckily they were not far apart) before I found them.  But, there they were, just waiting for me to use them

If you can find them at your store, this turns into a $10 Money Maker.

Here is the deal if you find the $10 Peelies:


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Thanks Tracey & Jerry!

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  • Andrea

    Yes Yes!!! I did this deal today!!! MONEY MAKER!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Jillian

    People made me so mad with this deal today. They were buying 8, 9, 10 boxes each and left none for anyone else. I didn’t get any. There is a difference between being a couponer and being selfish. I guarantee the people who took them all won’t even use them to lose any weight lol

    • Kara F.

      I bought 14 and have no intention on using them to lose weight. I was able to make $140 on them. It’s not selfish, it’s couponing. I lost my entire stockpile and other valuables during superstorm sandy and this deal will help me rebuild.

      • Rosemary

        I’m so sorry to hear you were affected by Sandy, and I’m glad this deal is helping you start to rebuild. If you’d like to get rid of those, I’d love to take them off your hands. PLMK, thanks!

        • Kara F.

          Rosemary what’s your email addy? I don’t mind sending you a few.

          • Rosemary

            Thanks, Kara! My email address is scarlet2507@gmail.com. Congrats again on the awesome find! Didn’t see the deal until too late, so my stores were out, but actually really wanted to try them (I won’t for the $25 Retail price though!) LOL. Just let me know what you want for them, that would be great!

      • Shannon

        Please do not use the storm that has affected so many of Cindy’s readers to justify your shelf clearing. Buying 14 of something on the first day of the sale at a store that doesn’t fit that many of each product on the shelf is not something most couponers are doing IMO.

      • Barbara A

        Kara, while I am sorry for your storm loss justifying buying 14 of something that you didn’t need to make money (clearing the shelf) is not “couponing”. It is selfish. Gee, I don’t remember Sandy hitting just one house, your house, it seemed to find its way to my house and my neighbor’s too. I have a place in Ortley, ground zero. Maybe we can swap Sandy stories? I lost my walls not just the contents of my place. I really am sorry about your loss. This storm really was not kind to many of us. A lot of us have been trying to share and help each other during this time. You use the words “I” and “me” which also might be why you might get labelled “selfish”. Best of luck to you.

        • Kara F.

          No Bararba I don’t want to swap storm stories lol. My home was in island heights so I’m well aware of the damage all over T.R. That said I really wish people would get over the idea that if you buy multiples of any deal that you are always a shelf clearer. Yes I noticed the deal before many and was able to partake in it. I visited multiple (4) stores to do this deal. And when I left each one there were still product on the shelf.

    • Allison

      Why stockpile items you have no intention to use? Donate them to people who might actually use them!

  • Michele Ana

    Soooo many people lost more than a stockpile please consider the next one. I don’t even shop Walgreens for this very reason. I think limits are good for this very reason.

  • Leah

    There is also a $4 off coupon for “Any Brainstrong Natural DMA Daily Supplement” in the new Vitamins and Supplements coupon book at Wags, making it a $4 MM!

  • ivy

    They have the product here in Cleveland oh but there’s no peelie. I need to lose some post pregnancy weight, they wouldve been nice 🙁 any couponers here at location that got this deal? Pls let me know. Thanks!!!

  • jillian

    Agreeing with above. I live in CT and we were hit extremely hard with Sandy too—- I also recently had a baby and unlike you would have loved to try this product to get rid of some of this “baby weight” but I can’t do that because people cleared the shelves of them. Shelf clearing is NOT couponing. When I see a phenomenal deal, I will take one or two items and leave some for others. What makes it worse is you even admitted you have NO intention of using them while others may want to use them. smh.

    • Kara F.

      Jillian I also just recently had a baby as well but I will not be using this product because I’m nursing and will not be passing this on to her. If you like me to send you a few bottles, I don’t mind. There are tons of free/money maker items that people buy. I’m no exception but I don’t hoard the stuff, I give it away. So if you’d like a few send me your addy. If you’re just upset about not being able to partake in the deal then I can’t assist.

  • Ueen

    @kara send us some of the product and the $10 RR as well. jk

    • Kara F.

      Lol right Ueen. I’d send you one just for being honest. That’s what everyone is upset about. But I drove to 4 different stores in 3 different towns to get that many. And it was before many of the store workers knew about the deal. The last Wags I visited I watched as the manager peeled the qs off all the boxes.

      • ueen

        IMHO, each person has their couponing standards and unfortunately unconsciously expects others to have couponing standards like theirs. I learned that I can only control myself and not the people around me. When someone drives around from store to store to score the good deal or when someone purchases more than 1, that’s their choice. Do I get bummed when I go to the store and find out that there’s no more stock? I do, but I always say to myself, “Well, early bird gets the worm. Better luck next time.”

        • Kate

          Well said!

      • Darla

        Why would the manager peel them off? Was he/she still letting customers use them? That seems like VERY bad business practice on their part. I visited four Walgreens today and noticed several boxes of this product that looked like the peelie was just taken. Made me suspicious that someone took them, but couldn’t figure out why.

  • Andrea

    It’s a dog eat dog world out there for us couponers!! I’m happy for the lady who got 14 boxes, you win some you loose some. I myself got 11 boxes, don’t plan on using them and got them cause it was a money maker. If you didn’t get any oh well, I’m sure you have gotten things we didn’t get, grab a rain check!!

  • Kera H

    Wow you guys should really lay off of Kara.. I mean I know I hate when I get to a store for a great deal and there are none left but Im just mad cause Im jealous I didnt get there first.. sucks but life isnt fair.. Ive learned that all too well and it has nothing to do with couponing… Kudos to you for making that kind of money with a baby in the house.. Im sure itll be great help with formula and diapers.. oh and if you really dont want those pills mail me one! I need to lose 60lbs!!! LOL… Kiract23@yahoo.com 🙂

  • karen

    I think what others are saying is grab a couple boxes, let’s set good couponing examples, that’s $20 in RR, but be respectful of others as well whether its a money maker or not, especially those who really do use the product, and would benefit on that transaction. Yeah you can get a rain check, but you should have to do that. Has things gotton that bad in society that we all have to be mean to one another. It’s a new year, perhaps those who got those register rewards can in turn use them to help others this new year with warm gloves and food items from walgreens : )

  • Sandi

    Wow, I am glad that I didn’t even bother on this one. I figured that there wouldn’t be any left anyway. I checked some other sites and they listed this deal a week before it started, so some were even earlier on this deal than we were. You win some, you lose some. We’ll get some good deals in 2013. I can’t cast any stones because I still have some Marcal Small Steps toilet paper from my own shelf clearing excursion back almost a year ago, I had to open up 12 packs to get the single rolls. I think we’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another.

  • Gloria

    We have alot in common. I also live in Toms River, Knew about this deal a week in advance, coupon, and went threw Sandy. As you stated you didn’t clear any shelves. Your right. You just took off all the peelie coupons, and vitamin book in the store. Oh wait that not an accurate statement, you left one peelie cause you ripped it.That was nice of you. Thats not couponing.
    I too dealt with Sandy. I wasn’t lucky enough to just lose my stockpile. My mother’s car and my truck was hit by a tree..And i spent $3800.00 on tree work, and thats not to mention my basement..That storm cost me over $10,000… When you are a single parent of 2 boys and make $12 an hour and have to run a house on it..Its never easy.
    My point is Ive been couponing for a long time, and i would have never did something like that. Than you come on here and brag about it. Really? Wow!
    Just so you know, you missed 2 coupons at (one)of the store’s you hit. Happy couponing! Apparently everyone around here has to get up early to beat her to the store.