Budget: 52 Week Money Challenge

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52 Week Money Challenge

Looking for an easy was to save over $1,000 this year?  Take part in the  52 Week Money Saving Challenge.

Each week you save save the amount of money for that week in the year. (example: Week 1 Save $1.00, Week 2 Save $2.00 etc). By the end of the year you will save $1,378!

Set up a jar, an envelope or set up a Manilla Account where you can set reminders for each week’s Money Challenge Deposit.

Print: 52 Week Money Challenge

I wish I could take credit for this challenge but the idea came from Kassandra’s 52 Week Money Challenege!  You can download her form there if you want to.

Looking for some other ways to save? Check out some of these options:

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  • hanna/h

    I am in!! I think I set a small jar and put money every week.
    Jan/01 was Tuesday but I start from that week and on Monday, I will add
    money every week.

    Right now 3 weeks past, so I put $6.00 as balance and
    next Monday 21st, I put $4.00.
    I just have to remember how much I have to add to the jar.
    I printed out the sheet and I will leave that inside of the jar.
    As I add the money every week, I just mark the list.

    Thanks bunch!

  • robi

    i love this, just stated my envelope and put the $6 in, thanks!!!

    • Anonymous

      U did

  • Dana C

    I actually started this the first week in Dec. so I’ll have that money saved before Christmas instead of after 🙂

    • Erin

      love that idea, what a great way to have your Xmas budget done!!

    • Bridget

      That was a good idea! I am switching the last 4 weeks with the 4 weeks of February to get the bog ones out of the way for the same reason. We are challenging our church to do this too!

      • vickie

        I did the same thing. I am rotating back and forth checking the amount off. If I have any extra I take that money and check off another week. It is awesome , so for doing this I have already saved 210.00 and haven’t put money in this week yet. I will add to it on Friday!

  • Neely

    I saw this floating around on Facebook on Jan 1st so that’s when I started it! I love that this is such a doable savings plan on a tight budget!

  • carmen

    i am in. i love the idea, thanks ahead for the reminders

  • I’m so doing this.. thanks!

  • Liz

    I love this idea!

    I’m going to put my savings in a jar ( I use clear jars for saving money because it makes me feel good when I can see my savings).

    I can’t wait to share this idea with friends.

  • Lisa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Meli

    thanks great idea

  • Bettsy

    Love this! thanks I printed the sheet and will add it to my clear jar… just added $6 in quarters 🙂

  • karen kehrer

    It sounds great but I am sure that after the halfway mark I would have trouble. I really don’t have $25 to $50 weekly to save. The last month which is when I would be trying to put together Christmas for my family I wouldn’t have $200 to put in a jar. I will try it, even if I only go until Summer and save half as much, it would be nice to have a little money in the jar for activities over the Summer.

    • lisa c

      Karen- One idea might be to go halfway & then start again from the first week.

    • nuri

      if you go to july 1st, you wont save half, you will save 351 i think…

      i would suggest starting with the bug ammounts now, while your commited, and then saving $1 dollar less each week

      so 52
      then 51, then 50.

      if you can make it through the first week, you are golden

    • vickie

      My son is going to try this, he is going to use some of his income taxes for the later weeks when the amounts is higher. If you get paid every 2 weeks and can spare 53.00 at that time you will still come up with over 1,000 in a year. Great plan, glad I found it>

  • Ivelisse

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I AM IN TOO


  • Anonymous

    You can always print out the chart and when you have extra money, put it in and cross that amount off the list. I am going to do that, so that in December I will not have to put in $200. Once a month I will try to put $40 or more to help the end of the year. Great way to budget for Christmas!!

  • Bettsy

    Hi Karen, you have a point I like your idea and maybe start all over with the $1 etc after uoir cut point

  • Nancy

    Great idea, I’m getting my 6.00 together now.

  • Deanna

    LOVE this idea! I feel like I am always “broke” at Christmas time but this is a great way to have most if not all of that money in advance.

  • Beth

    Instead of starting with $1, start from the other end and start with $52. If you deposit it in to a savings account you’ll have more interest accrued at the end of the year.

    • Andrea

      Oh That is a really good idea. Plus I always seem to have more money now that I do around the holidays so it will get easier as the year gos by. Thanks!

    • Angiey

      That’s a really good idea Beth!

      • hanna/h

        Beth, it’s a good idea!
        One other way is I pick any of the week payment.
        When money is tight, I pick earlier week. When I have little more money left, I pick later year of the week.

  • elaine

    Or you can start with week 1 then week 52 then 2 then 51 and continue so thats it kind if even the whole time..

    • Lena

      That’s a fantastic idea. You can rotate between weeks. Thanks

  • Pamela

    I am in, this is a wonderful idea. I like the idea for using this for Christmas (Bad to Me if I spend that large of amount though)

  • Maria

    I like the reversal idea as well. I’m in. Wishing us all good luck.

  • MicheleAna

    Or, I have been doing the $25 week thing which balances everything out and consistent. When I file my taxes is when I start. After the holidays is alwaysa struggle so this way makes me happy n motivated.

  • Rosa

    Love, love this idea! I’m in…… At the end of the week I’ll also through in the change at the bottom of my bag.

  • Sherri

    Great ideas and suggestions on multiple ways to do this. Thanks to you all. I am excited.

  • Heather

    I love this idea!! I have started with week 52 and am working backwards so at Christmas time I will not feel the pinch !!

  • Liz

    Saving for a trip to New Zealand.. What a great motivator, eh!

  • vickie

    I am so glad I run across the 52 week challenge at the beginning of the year. We are trying to figure ways to save money in my house, so when I was telling my husband about it he told me to add money for him each week as well. With just a few weeks into this plan we have already saved 210.00. I am looking forward to the end result. I rotate back and forth , I check the amount put in each time, so next time I will contribute a different amount.


    Several of my friends and I are doing the challenge backwards, that way every week we are adding less money to the jar and that really helps especially when you get closer to the end of the year. Good luck everybody!!