Cat Litter Genie only $2.49 at Target!

 Cat Litter Genie Coupon

 Cat Litter Genie Coupon

Are you been in the market for a Cat Litter Genie? If you are there is a Gift Card Deal going on at Target this week! You can get a FREE $5 Gift Card when you purchase 2 select cat care items. Items included are the Litter Genie System (14.99), Litter Genie 2pk Refills (14.99),  and Arm and Hammer Stay Fresh Enclosed Litter Pan. There is a high value $1o/1 Litter Genie System coupon to make for a great deal on these!

Here’s your Deal:


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 Thanks totallytarget!

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  • Christina Mergendahl

    What zip code is the coupon under>

    • Gina

      I found it under no zip code. Just selected “Litter Genie” from the “Brand” drop down menu and hit “Go”. hth

  • Traci

    Am I the only one having a problem with the way these coupons print out? It looks like double text printed over the original text. Has anyone had this problem?

  • the only thing is the coupon is for the genie system so if you buy 1 system & 1 bag refill as suggested it doesn’t come to $9.98..

  • Tami

    Does anyone know how these work? Are they good?

  • Raquel

    Cindy, you should give credit to the original website who thought of this deal… saw this yesterday on another site.

    • Cindy

      I certainly would if I saw it posted on another site but I didn’t. I actually had someone find it and send it to me. It was actually set up as a post yesterday but didn’t get posted until today. But, thanks for looking out for other sites. 😉

    • Cindy

      Who would you like me to link to? I’d be happy to link to whoever you think I got this from if that makes you feel better. When I searched it on google just now, I found a bunch of people that posted it so I’m not sure which blog you are referring to. Just let me know and I’ll put in the link above. Hope that helps.

    • Anonymous

      You are the most ungrateful person I have read a comment by in a long time. How many times does Cindy find a deal and how many bloggers steal deal ideas from her? Do you go around demanding them to credit her? Saving money isn’t a game for most, it’s the only way of life. Be grateful. And I’m sure Cindy won’t mind one bit if you stopped looking at her blog and exclusively follow the other blog.

  • Sobeida

    Thank you! I actually asked for this for Christmas and was talk out of it! LOL, now I can try it for almost no money. Question, the coupon states that is valid for the system, would these work in the refill?

  • Raquel
    • Cindy

      I updated the post but I’m clarifying once again, that just because another blogger posted something doesn’t mean I took it from them. It’s impossible to read every single blog out there. I have people that are set up to find deals for me (including me) at various stores which is where this and many other deals come from. When appropriate, I always link to my source if it’s not from us. Hope that helps you to understand how this works.

  • Sobeida

    FYI, there is a $5 off any refill, in the litter genie page (you have to share on FB) so if the above doesn’t work I have a deal idea: buy one Litter Genie, one refill, use (1)$10 and (1)$5, Pay $14.98, get $5GC

    • Cheri

      Hi , Could you please tell me where on FB I can find the $5 coupon . Thanks !

      • Sobeida

        not on FB, try this link and it will show you two offers, $1 off refills or $5 off if you share on FB

        • Sobeida

          oh, You have to choose that you do not own a system