CVS: Scott Bath Tissue 12-18 Pack $1.99 – Stock Up Price!

Scott Coupon

Scott Coupon

There is a new Scott CVS Coupn available to print.  The coupon is for $2.00 off any (1) package of Scott Bath Tissue 12-pack or larger or Scott Towels 6-pack or larger.  The coupon is a CVS Coupon and can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon.  You must play the scratch off game in order to print your coupon.  Once you play the game, you will have the option to share the coupon on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  If you share the coupon the value increases to $2.00.  If you don’t share the coupon will be for $1.00 off.

Print: Scott Tissue or Paper Towel Coupon

This week CVS has Scott Bath Tissue 12-18 pack on sale for $7.49, plus it is part of the Spend $30, Get $10 CVS Cash Card Deal.  Pair this new high value CVS Coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon for an awesome stock up price on bath tissue!  To get the best deal possible you will need access to 2 computers to print a total of 4 coupons.   The coupons state “limit one coupon per customer per visit,” so you will have to do this deal in 4 separate transactions.

Here are your options on current Scott Bath Tissue manufacturer’s coupons currently available:

  • $1 off Scott 1000 Tissue, exp. 2/23/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
  • $1/1 Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, exp. 2/23/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
  • $1/1 Scott Bath Tissue, exp. 1/15/13 (Discover the Value of a Great Buy Booklet)
  • $0.75/12 Scott Bath Tissue printable (must be new member)

Here is your best deal idea:


If you can only print 2 coupons, your final price will be $3.49 per 18-pack, which is still a great price too!

If you already stocked up on Scott Bath Tissue last week at Stop & Shop, you can also purchase 3 packages of Scott Paper Towels 12-rolls for $9.99 each to work a similar deal idea.

Here are your options on current Scott Paper Towel manufacturer’s coupons currently available:

  • $1/1 Scott Towels, exp. 2/23/13 (SS 01/13/13 R
  • $0.75/1 Scott Towels, exp. 1/31/13 (ALL YOU Oct ’12)
  • $0.75/1 Scott Paper Towel, exp. 1/31/13 (ALL YOU Nov ’12)
  • $1/4 Scott Paper Towels, exp. 1/15/13 (Discover the Value of a Great Buy Booklet)
  • $0.75/1 Scott Paper Towels printable (must be a new member)

Here is your deal idea for paper towels:


Be sure to check out the rest of the CVS Deals for this week!

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  • Heather

    There are not many things we are brand loyal to but Scott toilet paper, Scott paper towels and dawn are three of them! Thank you for this!!!

  • eva gortn

    I just want to check before I do this deal it says at the top or the ad you have to spend $30 or more. I don’t see where it says $20.


    • Living Rich With Coupons

      Eva, the deal is Spend $30 to get the $10 Cash Card. The post above said $20 initially accidentally however it’s fixed now and all the deal ideas have reflected spending $30 in order to work these deal ideas. Hope this helps!

  • Meli

    maybe i missed it but why cant i do this in 1 transaction.

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      It says it in the post, but the coupon says “limit one coupon per person per day,” which is why you have to separate this into different transactions so you’re only using one coupon at a time. Hope that helps!

      • Meli

        Thanks i figured that was it. its one of those mondays!

      • Fransi

        I’m not sure how to post a new comment so I’ll post it here as a reply. After playing the game and sharing the coupon, I went to print and it told me “Sorry, this promotion is over. Get more deals at”. I was able to print out the manufacturer’s coupon twice so thanks!

    • GS

      The coupons state one per customer per visit.

  • Monica

    I dont see the coupon

  • Pam A. from Conn.

    Coupon says “cannot be combined with any other coupon”. So my question is, do you think it will still work with a manufacturer’s coupon?

    • hanna/h

      I had no problems using those coupons together.
      I already did 2 transactions at different CVS.

    • Rose

      I was told & shown by the manager that you can not use another coupon w/this cpn even if its a cvs cpn its still thru scotts is why she thinks it say’s that I still purchased 4 cant beat $3.49 per 12 pk

      • April S

        I have four CVSs near me. This worked without issue at 3/4. I usually go out of my way to avoid the one in Twin Rivers because I hate it there, but I had to pick up a Rx so I figured I’d kill two birds. I got the usual “You can’t use two coupons together.. BUT I’ll let you do it this time..” (I will never for the life of understand that line.) and then she gave me a hard time about my Hallmark coupon. Meanwhile, the first time I tried this deal, there was a manager training a new employee and she let both coupons through..

        • Julie

          The twin rivers shop rite is the worst. I used to work there. I was told this is fradulent coupon.

  • Victoria

    After I scratched and shared it, nothing in my email as stated on the webpage 🙁

    • monica

      i did not get any on my mail either:(

      • Anonymous

        check your spam folder

  • Cassy

    This would be an awesome deal but I didn’t get the scott coupon in my SS insert from this week:(

    • Jim

      Courier News (NJ) newspaper consistently offers RP & SS inserts with none of the coupons or lesser value coupons then the ones that LRWC promotes in the deals. The higher value coupons are out there, just not sure which paper has the better value coupons…..,

  • belinda

    Will coupon be emailed to me?

  • brenda

    this did not work for me… I played the scratch game and I shared the coupon but it said it would send an email with the higher value coupon. Never received the emial and still only received $1/1 coupon.

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      Be sure to check your spam folder!

      • brenda

        yes I was hoping that was it… unfortunately not. its ok. can’t hit all the deals everytime. Thanks for the heads up… another question… how is it triggering the 30 at 6cents short? curious of rule behind that… I mean I’ve been a penny short on a 5ecb off 15 and they wouldn’t give me it.

        • Bobbi

          If you share the coupon via Twitter the coupon is immediately available to print and you do not have to wait for it to be emailed. Keep checking your email though because some people were reporting that it took quite a while to receive it. Good Luck

  • hanna/h

    I got a mail and printed 2 of $2.00/1 coupon.
    I moved to the other computer but it said I printed already.
    Different computer didn’t let me print 2 more.

    • lindsey

      You need to do it again with a different e-mail address on a different computer.

    • Jenny

      try using a differeny email and print from that other computer…thats what I did..and it worked! nth

      • Jenny

        sry I meant different and hth darn spell check…lol

        • hanna/h

          Thanks ladies, I did it as your wrote and it worked!
          Now I am off to CVS!

    • Bobbi

      You can print it again from a different computer but you have to use a different email address. Should print for you no problem after that. Good Luck

  • Lee

    Played and shared but didn’t get anything in my email….strange.

  • Kate

    If you don’t have 2 computers it will let you print (2) $2 and (2) $1 – just click “Get Coupon” to print the $1 coupon.

    • Michele Ana

      Thanks. I needed another 2 to do this deal and get 8 packs (hopefully it will last the next year or so) for about $20.

  • candi

    Just wanted to let you know I signed up for the scottbrand website to get the .75/1 scott and if you share on there site it will print out for $1.25 off any 6 or more rolls

    • brenda

      nice find! thanks!

  • Cheri

    I only got the scotts coupon in 1 of my inserts- Does anyone know if there are any in the following magazines ; Redbook, All You, Good Housekeeping or Family Fun

  • diana

    I shared it on my facebook and just to let you know for those that didnt receive there coupon in email i had to do it 3 times before i got it in my email. just a heads up to try.

  • April S

    I went to and was able to print $1.25/1 Scott Coupon which makes this an even better deal.

  • Roxanne

    I printed the $2.00 coupon and it states right on it Cannot be combined with any other coupon 🙁

  • marcella

    is this a better deal than last weeks at stop and shop? this one seems like a lot to go through..

  • Terry

    Waiting to see how this purchase goes..for those that do please let us know how you make out. Thanks.

    • Cheri

      I just did this deal . I only had 3 $1 manf. coupons but had 4 $2 CVS coupons. I told the cashier I need to do separate trans. because of the wording on the coupon and she said shed put them though if they beeped – they did but no problems. I got the cash card . I love CVS !


    Does somebody knows how long it takes for the coupon to arrive in the email?
    thank you

    • Megan

      I tried a few times with one e-mail (my dedicated coupon e-mail) and it never came. I put in a different e-mail and it came right away. The only thing I can think of is that the original e-mail is registered with scott already because I’ve printed their coupons before.

  • Ida

    Is there a limit on how many different $10 cash card offers you can do?

    • A

      5 is the limit

  • Kate

    Do any of the things scratch off and not say $1? Fun “game”. ;)hehe

  • Naomi

    I shared it and didn’t get the coupon in my email either.

    • Naomi

      I opened a new email address and was able to get it.

  • Helen

    Is this $7.49 price a sale price because I got a 20% off coupon.

    • A

      You’re right, $7.49 is the sale price so the 20% will not apply

    • A

      It’s the sale price so the 20% will not apply

  • Anonymous

    For the spend $30 get $10, does have to be all in one day, or can you break it out over the week?

    • hanna

      You can do it over the different days as long as you do it before sale end.

  • genie

    You can print the $1 coupon and share and get another $2 coupon in your email. I plan to do both scenarios using the $1 coupons on the paper towel deal to make them $4.66 which is still a good deal to me.

  • Kathryn

    Does anyone know if the regular Scott is included? We are not near a stop & shop, but we don’t like the extra soft!

    • Michele Ana

      Yes, but some stores don’t have them so you may want to try early to allow yourself time to fond them.

    • heather

      Yes, the regular 12 pack is included in the CVS.

  • Helen

    How would the 20% off work with an item that is not on sale but there is an ECB? For example the Maybelline is spend $15.00 get $5.00 ECB.

  • Anonymous

    i dont have the $1/1 in my ss insert 🙁

  • MiyaLion

    April mentioned a higher value coupon at $1.25/1 on the scottbrand website. And before I do the transaction I wanted to see if anyone can direct me on if I am violating any rules. I was worried that it may not let me print more than one coupon, so before I printed it I selected the option of saving it as a PDF.

    As I thought, it was a one time only print, but I have the PDF saved. It states Limit 1 coupon per purchase. Void if copied, scanned, transferred, auctioned, purchased or sold. I have enough computers to print 4, it’s just that two of those computers are from the stone age.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Kelli

      I was able to print twice per computer!

  • Julie

    I tried to use this coupon today. It added $2. 00 to my order. The manager called corporate b/c she had never seen or heard of this. This coupon is fradulent. Last night I used this coupon. They must have overrided the coupon. CVS will not get reimbursed for this amount!!!They are looking into who distributed this fradulent coupon.

    • Cindy

      It’s not a fraudulent coupon. The coupon is hosted right on the CVS website. There is no way for the coupon to get onto the website except for CVS to put it there themselves. I certainly doubt they would load a fraudulent coupon onto their own site.

      • Bettsy

        It was weird I also had trouble yesterday…the coupon kept beeping he called a manager and she said put it through, meanwhile the other day it worked without a problem