Extreme Couponing Tip: Get Your Family Involved


Extreme Couponing Tip: Get Your Family Involved

Starting as a newbie couponer can be a bit overwhelming.  But, soon enough, you will find that you are a seasoned pro.  When you first get started, your family may look at you like you are crazy.  Mine did.  I’ll never forget the first weekend, after I had studied all the great ways to save, that I had asked my husband to go to 7-Eleven and get me 4 newspapers.  He looked at me like, Cindy, you have lost your mind for sure.  But, I said, trust me, I’m giving this a try and we’ll see how it goes.  It wound up to be a small investment for, what has turned out to be, a huge savings for our family.  And, after years of doing this, my husband and my kids have felt confident enough to go out on their own and use coupons.

Here are some tips to get your family involved.

1. Let the Kids Help

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids the value of money.  Depending on the age of your kids and how you organize your coupons, they can help you with any of the following:

  • Cutting coupons
  • Organize cut coupons and separate by store
  • Filing inserts
  • Throwing away expired coupons
  • Help organize your stockpile
  • Make a list of places you can donate items you got for Free that you won’t use

A fun experience for the kids and a great way to teach them about couponing, is to let them pick something in the circular they would like and to find a coupon that goes along with it.  Then at the grocery store, it’s their job to find the item, put it in the cart and even give the coupon to the cashier.

2. Play The “Guess What I Spent” Guessing Game

I know this may sound silly, but this really gets the family, including your husband or wife involved.  After you shop, pile your groceries on the table or counter and have everyone in your family guess how much you spent.  In the beginning, their guesses will be high and they will be amazed that you actually spent such a small amount on all the stuff you bought.

Then, they will really begin to see just how this “silly couponing thing” you are doing is really saving the family money.  My husband now always just says, “let me guess, it was free” when I ask him how much he thinks I paid.  I think the game has gotten old for him 😉

3. Keep a jar with your savings

Each time you spend under your usual, pre-couponing days amount, place the savings in a jar.  Have the family decide what the savings will be used for.  When that jar starts to fill up, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they all want to get involved.

4. Start them out small

If you have a husband or wife that is a little shy when it comes to using coupons, then start them out small.  Don’t send them out with store coupons that you stack with manufacturer coupons.  Give them a simple transaction to start.  And, even if they messed it up, tell them how great they did and how much money they saved.

One Big Couponing Family

In the end, you’ll end up with a family that is happy to help you and willing to wait for an item until it goes on sale.  And, even willing to stop at the store for you to do a deal.

How do you get your family involved?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.


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  • Kim D.

    This is a wonderful couponing tip! It can seem overwhelming to do it all on your own (although MUCH less so after finding LRWC!). My fiance thought I was crazy at first but now he helps! He clips for me when I don’t have the time and he keeps an eye out for coupons all the time. He even picks them up off the ground for me now lol We’ve stretched our savings outside of the grocery store as well- he shops online and I’ve taught him to NEVER leave the promo code box empty!

  • Jen

    I always play the “guess what I spent” game with my husband!! He makes fun of me a little but loves when I bring home all of the things he likes for little or no money. I even have him couponing now too. He really likes to go to fast food restaurants once or twice a week but now he plans it ahead of time based on who has good deals and coupons. He is a pro at getting .49 cent iced coffees at Dunkin Donuts! I love how the employees there think of him as “the coupon guy” just like the employees at the grocery and drug stores think of me as “the coupon lady”!

  • Liz Kelly

    My kids(6 and 4) are cute when we go to ShopRite and they want to grab the coupons for me from the blinking machines. The only problem with that is that the coupons are usually for items that we will never buy and I have to convince them that it’s ok to put them back to save them for someone else.

    • Stacey

      My 6 year old DD does the same thing! She scouts the aisles for blinkies and has *almost* gotten down pat the part where she first asks me if we need the coupon before she starts pulling them out of the machine! 😉

    • Christine R

      My kids do the same thing (ages 5 & 8)! They look for the blinkies and collect them for me. When I tell them it’s something that I don’t normally buy they want me to keep it anyway until I convince them that the coupon is just like money and that’s money that somebody else may be able to use on that product.

      • Christine R

        Oh, and one morning my 8 year old went around to all the self check outs at ACME and collected all the Catalina’s that were left behind! Some of them were $1 off your next purchase and I was able to use them in the purchase I was making!

  • Colleen

    Love the idea of getting everyone involved 🙂 My kids and hubby know that I pretty much don’t buy it unless there’s a deal (not counting the tiny splurge or two every once in awhile). We have a leftover Coffeemate canister that we keep on our kitchen counter for extra money left over. I dressed it up with Disney scrapbooking papers and laminated it and it’s our Disney Fund.

  • Laura D.

    I love this post! I am a huge fan of the “magnetic refridgerator grocery list”! Having a busy schedule I find it hard to always keep up with the inventory of my stockpile. By having everyone on board with the grocery list and also letting them know that I need to have items on the list when we get “low” and not “empty”, makes my life so much easier. We now use it for everything, including clothing and car parts, which I can then get coupons from the dealership and pay less!

    I also can no longer play the “guess how much I paid” game. They are all onto me here. I did play guess how much I saved this “year” game at dinner one night. I first asked only Shoprite then grocery plus pharmacy totals. For SR they came in low with $3000 – $5000 and it was $9803.xx! The grand total they guessed $10,500 and it was $16,349.xx!!! Woot! 😀 All thanks to you Cindy!

  • M


  • I love that you list the game. I’ve been doing it with my husband and sons for a few months. My husband has been pulling a few tricks on me by looking at my detailed shopping lists and even checking LRWC! They recieve a “prize” when he or the kids win… no wonder they have been winning! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was not able to get my husband involved in couponing! 🙁 He hates shopping even without coupons. I have to do all the shopping by myself.

  • katrina

    My husband was not very supportive of my couponing when I first started and was less than patient when I was trying to build my stockpile. 1+ year later he loves that we have extra of everything! He refers to it as my “quik-e mart” and brags to people about how I get everything for free or close to it. I think what turned the tide for him was when I took him with me shopping at Target. He complained about how long it was taking and how ridiculous I was being until we walked out of the store with a cart load of groceries and only paid $3. After that he was on board full steam ahead. For those starting out and getting frustrated I would say hang in there until your stockpile is built and TRACK YOUR SAVINGS!Once you can see how much you’re saving you’ll find yourself more confident and more able to get your family on board.

  • Dana C

    My husband wasn’t really supportive at first. He’d get impatient at the checkout and then he started looking at the “before coupon total” and the “after coupon total” and was shocked! Now he puts up with it and loves that I’m saving us so much money.

  • Jill

    I love this post! My 3 year old son always asks me if his favorite cereals are on sale!
    My husband is very supportive, he actually has gone on quite a few trips himself. He also started couponing for his office food supply!

  • Toby

    Very similar story here but I’ve managed to get my hubby into it a bit- he now does price matching at Walmart! It’s awesome

  • Roy

    Has anyone had success in getting “your grown up and gone from the nest kids” to start couponing? I have tried to convince them that they would save a ton of money for their family (each are married and have 2 kids) but they just say sure and then don’t do it. I even showed grocery receipt savings and they said wow or nice, but still no active roll in couponing. Please Let me know how you did it. Thanks.

    • Kim D.

      Hi Roy!

      I’m the daughter of a couponer and started doing it myself about 3 years ago. I always said I’d never do it because it was so annoying (I was the designated “Coupon Finder” during all our trips) but once I was out on my own, the reality of grocery prices hit me HARD. That’s the main reason I did it- not because of my mom’s insistence, but because of necessity.

      But…I do have a lot of friends who have expressed a little bit of interest and then stopped and then shown interest again, etc. I find the best way to get them to truly see is to offer to email them my lists when I create them here at LRWC. I started out just emailing my Shoprite lists to myself, then my mom, then a coworker…..now I email my shopping list to 4 people every week!

      I still have a friend who is struggling financially but is convinced that coupons won’t work for her…no matter how hard I try to help or tell her that she can coupon and still eat healthy and use the brands she likes. So, keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t consider the time investment worth the money saved. I’ve stopped telling her that I’ll teach her but if there is a really awesome sale on something I know she uses, I’ll shoot her a text and ask if she wants me to pick one or two up for her while I’m out. 🙂