Fab.com: Free $15 Credit

Fab.com Credit

Fab.com Credit

Fab.com Credit – Wow! You have to check out this deal! You can get $15 in Free Credits on Fab.com just by clicking on the links provided! There is one link that will give you $10 and the other link will give you $5! It is very easy – all you have to do is either sign in or sign up for Fab.com! My credits took about an hour to show up in my account after I applied for them! They will expire on 2/14 so maybe you can find some Valentine’s Day gifts or products with your Free $15 Credit!

Here are the links you have to click:

Fab.com is a website that helps people better their lives with design. There are a bunch of unique household, electronic, clothing items and more to browse through and use your $15 Credit on!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.31.46 AM

I found these cool Modicure Nail Polish Strips for just $11 which would be Free after your $15 Credit is applied!

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  • Cheri

    Cindy , How much was shipping ? – if you don’t mind me asking.

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure, Megan ordered it and did the post so I’ll have to ask her.

      • Cheri

        okay thanks

    • Arianna

      Cheri, it’s usually right around $5 or $6. 🙂

      • Cheri

        Thank – you !

  • Andrea

    How do I get the discount to apply? It said it would automatically do it at check out but I got all the way to the point where you confirm your order but neither one came off. Is there a min you have to spend? Before any shipping or any discount i would have spent $16.

  • sher

    Not postingmy credit.

  • Melanie

    I tried to order something that was $10 but it would only take off the $10 credit and it would not take the $5 credit off towards the shipping that was $4.95. I guess you can only use the credits towards the item not the S&H!Happy Shopping!! 😉

  • Kim D.

    Hmmm….it gave me the $10 but said that my account was ineligible for the $5 🙁 Anyone have an idea as to why? I just signed up today.

    Either way, $10 is still great! Thanks!

    • Sobeida

      Yes, it also happened to me but I got $5 from the comment below and it worked

      • IK

        I did that too – but that removed my previous $10 credit… you can check your credits if you go to your acct ‘my credits’…

        • Sobeida

          Yup, I just checked, I am hoping it will come back? 🙁

    • Elizabeth

      My original offer was for a $20.00 credit. I got the $10 but the $5 won’t be accepted. The other $5 should of been earned by filled out a survey, I don’t know if the survey was full or what but I couldn’t get into it.
      I’m hoping to get the other $5 because I have something I want to order. 🙂

  • Kim D.

    Ooh! Just googled free Fab credits and found another $5!!
    go to fab.com/enjoy/5free

    There’s also a $10 gift card that you can give for fab.com on the Wrapp app! I just signed up and they also give you $21 for downloading the app 🙂 Weee!

    • Sobeida

      Thank you, I got those $5, couldn’t get the other one.

      • Sobeida

        Oh, I just downloaded Wrapp, it gave me $5 office depot, a 2 months subscription to “All you” and $25 gift card to be use at “Fandeavor” (not sure what that is LOL)