Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice only $0.48 at Walmart

Grapefruit Juice Coupon

Grapefruit Juice Coupon

Use the $2/1 Grapefruit Juice Coupon that is available to get Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice for only $0.48 each! They are regularly priced at $2.48 so this is an awesome price for this juice! Time to stock up on this item!

Here is your deal:


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  • Kathy

    With all these great grapefruit coupons coming out lately, I just thought that I would mention if you are on blood pressure/heart medication make sure you read your medication insert from the pharmacy. There are certain blood pressure/heart medications that you CAN NOT drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit. For some reason, the grapefruit interferes with the medication.

  • Rose

    The above goes for cholesterol medication also. Written right on the bottle..No Grapefruit

  • Jessica

    Has anyone had difficulty with this coupon? I found a tear pad of the same coupon, tried to use it on florida’s natural 100% grapefruit juice at Pathmark. The self check did not take the coupon and the manager got very annoyed with me. She then manually entered the coupon as $1, I asked why she did that and she said she made a mistake, then took another $1 off. I don’t understand why store employees get so rude sometimes when you are trying to use a coupon, I did nothing wrong. She also repremanded me for trying to use a $5 catalina (from the crystal light offer) at the self check, apparently you can not use $5 catalina’s at the self check, news to me.

    • Kate

      I also had trouble using it on Florida’s Natural at Target. They accepted it anyway when I showed them that it was 100% and from Florida. I had a problem using it at my local grocery store, HEB, on the Ocean Spray shown above. They would not accept it and I had a hard time finding on the label that it was from Florida.

      • Geefk

        The Florida only applies to the grapefruits themselves. The juice has to say 100% Juice on the front.

  • cc

    pink grapefruit is $2.04 at my target so I paid $0.04

  • Eva

    At Wegman’s the 5 lb bag of fresh florida red grapefruits are $3.99…I used the coupon and paid only $1.99! The coupon beeps but the manager let me use it…the wording on the coupon makes it seem like “Florida grapefruit” is a brand.