Hot New $3/1 South Beach Coupon = Free at ShopRite

south beach coupon

South Beach Coupon

There is an awesome South Beach Coupon available.  The coupon is for $3 off any South Beach Snack Smoothies or any box of Meal Bars, Snack Bars, Sweet Delights or Ready meals.  The coupon is only good for this week through 1/27!

Print: South Beach Bars Coupon

ShopRite has South Beach Meals Bars, 5 count box, priced at just $1.99 – $2.99 this week making these free with the coupon.  Also, Publix have them on sale for Buy One Get One Free or just $1.50 each also making them free. Turns out that the Publix sale is for the Cereal Bars which, for whatever reason, South Beach does not consider snack bars.  I would certainly snack on them but hey, that’s just me. (Thanks Bill from Coupons in the News for the info!)

Here is your deals:


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  • Maureen

    I don’t think this is a match. Cereal bars are not listed in on the coupon

    • elaine

      I think they’re referred to as snack bars which is what is listed on the coupon.

  • Sandy

    Mfg. coupon in the Sunday paper for $2 were worded same way and worked for cereal bars. I think it’s
    Simply the wording that may be kind of odd.

  • Sandy

    Stop & Shop has these for $2.00

  • Anonymous

    What’s the zipcode?

    • Sandy

      19606 worked for me

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Sandy!

  • Jodi

    Awesome, although we are well stocked up from the $2.00 coupon a few weeks ago.

  • Steph S.

    Any good flavor suggestions?

  • maureen

    Its not a match. I just called corp. Snack bars are not the same as cereal bars.

    • Michelle

      The Coupon Isn’t for cereal bars. Its for meal bars. So it would be a match…… Am I missing something? : )

  • Mimi

    The coupon is for any meal bars or snack bars. Why wouldn’t it count?

  • Jen

    Maureen, I checked the Shoprite online ad and the cereal bars are on sale for 1.99 and the meal bars are on sale for 2.99. Either way its free. The term “snack” is a vague word. I don’t see why a cereal bar wouldn’t be considered a snack bar. I’m not sure calling the corporate office would help any of us since we had this coupon a few weeks ago and it worked. I guess if one doesn’t feel comfortable using a copuon because of a broad term, then to each its own.

    • Maureen

      I don’t know about the shop rite sale but it is not a match for Publix. The sale is for cereal bars and cereal bars are not stated on the coupon. The coupon must list the item you are purchasing. The protein fit cereal bars are not snack bars. The snack bars are a different product.

      • Sandy

        If you foresee a problem with Publix simply print out the coupon on 1full 8 x 10 page so you can see a picture of their “special offer” this week only. it covers cereal bars, snack bars, smoothies and Sweet delights!

  • Nancy

    I just came back from ShopRite, and I purchased 4 boxes. The coupons came off with no problem at all.

    • Laura D.

      Thanks for the udate Nancy, good news!

  • Emily

    I couldn’t find brand in my local Shoprite, maybe looking in wrong aisle. Can they be hard to find stocked?

    • Cindy

      They are usually with the nutritional supplements like Ensure drinks, protein bars, etc.

    • Jay C

      I found the meal bars with the diet stuff, not in the granola bars/cookies isle. The coupon beeped and had to be entered as a $3 grocery coupon.


    shoprite in freehold didnt took the coupon for the cereal bars it didnt say on the coupon only for the meals bar :((

  • Melissa F.

    Purchased the snack bars for $1.99. They adjusted the $3 coupon down.