Free Quaker Popped Rice Cakes at ShopRite {1/6}

Quaker Coupon

Quaker Coupon

Last week we posted this new Quaker Coupon.  The coupon is for $0.50 off any (1) Quaker Popped or Quaker Popped Chips product.  If you haven’t printed this coupon yet, you want to now because we will be able to score these for FREE at ShopRite beginning Sunday, 1/6!

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 9.59.24 AM

Quaker Popped Mini Rice Cakes will be on sale for $1.00 each (Must Buy 3).  If you have 2 computers, you can score 3 bags for FREE!  Happy Dance!

Here is your deal at ShopRite beginning 1/6:

Buy 3 Quaker Popped Mini Rice Cakes, $1.00 each (Must Buy 3)
-(3) $0.50/1 Quaker Popped Product printable
Pay: Nothing
as low as 3 FREE after coupons wyb 3

Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Preview Ad for next week!

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  • LINA


  • Justine R.

    I only wish I can print any coupons from Red Plum. Plus, I have a Mac and a PC. Any suggestions?

    • Beth C

      I can only print from RP if I use Google Chrome. Internet Explorer never works! Hth

  • Jenn

    If I do the calculation – 3 bags at $1 each = $3.
    If you print and use 3 coupons for .50 off each bag – wouldn’t the total cost be $1.50 rather than free?

    I am new to this, so I am wondering if I am missing a coupon?

    • kathryn

      Shoprite doubles coupons. (unless it says ‘do not double’)

      • Jenn

        Hi Kathryn,

        Can you tell me how one can get coupons doubled?
        Sorry if that is elementary, I was never one to use coupons before,
        but now that I have a family – need to shave $$


        • Kim B

          The register will automatically double any coupon under $1. Nothing needed on your part, aside from watching to make sure you see it double if you are doubtful. hth 🙂

          It will look something like this:

          Manf. cpn … $0.50
          dbl manf. cpn … $0.50

        • Gina

          A coupon is usually doubled automatically by the register. (That is: if your store doubles, the coupon does not state otherwise and everything goes well). Shoprite doubles up to four of the same coupons per transaction. Depending on your area they double coupons up to $1.00. If you are lucky, you have a store that fully doubles coupons with a value below 1.00. Check out the policy of the store of your choice. Cindy has great tutorials and all policyes here on the website. A great place to start out.
          You will be amazed once you get the hang of it. Just be warned: it can be addicting… ;)Good luck & happy shopping!

        • Laura D.

          This might be obvious, you do need a price plus card for coupons to double.

          • Jason C.

            Nope, you actually don’t. 😛

    • kabby

      Jenn not all Shoprites double…so just check with your shoprite to make sure they do…might want to read the coupon policy so you understand other aspects…Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      the coupons double up to a dollar,so thats $3.00 for three bags making them free.

    • couponridinghood

      The coupons will double..

  • Annie

    Oh and Jenn if a coupon barcode starts with a 5 its a coupon that can double if it starts with 9 its a do not double coupon 🙂

  • MUcollegesaver21

    has anyone actually printed this coupon yet like does it start with a 5 ?

    • elizabeth Harwood

      Starts with a “5!”

      • MUcollegesaver21

        thank you that is awesoome!!!time to stock up 🙂 i love these things and free is in this college kids budget 🙂

  • Ruby

    My computer just totally gave me 3 prints on this…totally hoping the laptop does too cause then it’s 6 free bags for me!

    • MUcollegesaver21

      that is so awesome lol i didnt try it 3 times only because i know its usually two lol good job 🙂

  • morninglory

    What am I doing wrong? I click on the coupon link but there is no Popped coupon in the 30 coupons that are listed.
    Thanks so much for this great website!!!!!!

  • Chris

    does anyone know if the coupon is still available or under what zip code? I cannot find it anymore.

  • Dawn

    I can’t find these coupons anywhere (for the quaker rice cakes). Do you need a zip code fr

  • Anonymous

    It used to go straight to a page that only had the Quaker coupbn listed.. guess its NLA

  • Brian

    Can’t seem to find where the coupon is 🙁

    • Laura D.

      Hi Brian, this is an old post from January. So the coupon is NLA. Sorry.