ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 1/20 – 1/26

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ShopRite Coupons

Here are you ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 1/20/13. Be sure to bring the ShopRite Ad with you when you shop. And, be sure to look over the current ShopRite Catalina “Your Bucks” Offers.

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  • Doubled Coupons: All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores.
  • Coupon Variations: Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups.
  • Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.
  • ShopRite eCoupons: ShopRite eCoupons usually disappear quickly however once they are clipped, they are in your account until they expire. eCoupons shown in the match ups may only be available to those that clipped them already.
  • Catalina Deal Ideas: All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices. Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed. You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here. If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

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  • Xiao

    When they reset my ibotta, I lost a lot of products n the ones remaining were reduced to 50 cents 🙁

  • Mary

    New Years resolution to SR-Have more exciting sales, please!

  • Megan

    thanks so much 🙂

  • Alan

    We “should” be able to get 5 Grill mates to kick out the 3 dollar cat..right?

    2.29 x 5 = 11.45 which should make the deal 1.14 x 5 = 5.70 – 3 = 2.70 for 5 bottles or .54 cents each?

    McCormick Grill Mates ($2.29) – $1.14
    (Buy $10 select products Get a $3 Catalina)

    • Cheri

      That would be great !

    • Alan

      I did this deal with 5 spice and 9 spice…didn’t get a Cat either time. Had to go to CS and they printed me one.

      No idea if this is working on shelf prices or not.

      • Haseena

        Thanks for letting us know Alan, I was looking forward to doing this deal, but now I guess I will have to wait and see what others are going to report.

      • Cindy

        Hmm, even 9 didn’t work. Something is up with that as that is $10 based on sale price.

  • missg

    Thank you Cindy.

  • Lesley

    i got my coupons from Mycokerewards(dot)com for my free 12pk of coke…they will go nicely with the buy 3 for $11 get a free pack of Fuze drinks!

  • Jaye

    Fiber One bread coupon not valid in NJ 🙁

  • Donna

    The Barista Prima K-cups also have a savingstar buy one or many deal going on until 1/31. It’s buy $30 get $.

    Deal would look something like-
    Buy 4 boxes @ $7.99 each
    use (4) $2 off coupons
    Pay 23.96
    Get $5 Savingstar deposit
    comes to $4.74/box or $0.395/cup

    BTW, when I was shopping today at ShopRite they had $2 off 1 blinkies

  • Christine R

    Thanks for the match-ups!

    For the Georgia Pacific deal I’m going to get 1 Angel Soft (9.07)6.77 and 4 Dixie napkins (2.79)1.99. Total is (20.23)14.73, then after $3 in paper coupons & $0.45 ecpn for the Angel Soft the total OOP is $11.28.

    • Leslie

      I am going to do your deal as well because I thought there was a limit of 4 items at the sale price point, unless they have different varities of Dixie Napkins and you can purchase 8.

      • Vanessa

        I just bought 8 Dixie napkins and the Catalina didn’t print 🙁 So there probably is a limit.

        • Lori

          Has anyone else tried 8 napkins and had it work? I was going to do it but not if no cat is printing.

  • kmegg

    anyone know if the quaker rice cakes 3/3 again this week?

  • Mark


  • Debs

    There’s also a SR ecoupon for the Kleenex .60 off 1

    • lindsay in pa

      weird…my Kleenex ecoupon is 55 cents off 3

    • Selina

      I had the .55/3 kleenex facial tissues but also a .60/1 for the kleenex hand towels

  • m

    missing the shoprite circular from my star ledger this morning. were there any special coupons in it or just the norm circular i got thursday? thanks

    • Dana C

      Mine has a $.99 Hotel Butter, Free SR 5 lb. Eastern Potatoes and Free Wise Chips coupons.

  • denise

    there is a Shoprite ecoupon for the Pepperidge Farm swirl bread available this AM….

  • Jen

    There is an ecoupon on Kotex

  • Cindy F.

    Is the Cat still printing for Kotex this week?

    • meli

      same question i just got a $2 ecoupon…. that would make it a small mm!

      • Alan

        No Cat for Kotex. You do have the ecoupon this week which makes it the same deal x1.

  • Kaylee

    55 cent Fiber One bread coupon valid only in MN, WI, ND, SD, NE, IA, MI & IL :(:(:(

  • Kari

    My flyer says triple coupons (ins niskayuna,, Albany and slingerlands) up to .99 cents. Does anyone knw if here is a limit to how many coupons you can triple?

    • Andrea

      Nope no limit. I used like 100 today.

      • Andrea

        Well I should say there is still the limit of 4 per transaction of the same coupon or less if the coupon limits it but you can use as many different coupons as you want.

        • kate

          Is this the only area with triple coupons this week?

  • Where you print out this cupons

  • Kari

    Awesome! Hopefully they won’t be out of everything when I go! Thanks

  • kmegg

    Di-gel is on sale for 3.99 and my ss today had 3.50 q, so .49 each. I got hooked on this when cvs had an ecb deal months ago. I like the extra strength liquid.

    • Jessica

      Where are you located? I don’t see that coupon.

    • kabby

      kmegg…thank you for the post. I was able to pick up 2. Thanks!!

  • Neely

    Anacin 100 ct is on sale for $3.49, so $.49 after $3 e-coupon!

    • Justine

      Anacin also has a $2 PDF on their website making it free, or if your shoprite is like mine, you’ll make $1.49 like I did last week. I was so excited!

  • Beonce

    Slow week. Again. Withdrawl.

  • Holly


  • Lori

    my ecoupons never work:(. I am excited about the napkins. I was just saying to myself I am down to one package because I donated all of mine and bam I can stock up again!

    • Laura D.

      Update your Shoprite online account and make sure you have everything filled out. There are two separate parts to update. Hopefully they will work after that. It will be deducted directly underneath the product with a code of TC, ECPN or CFIRE. If it doesn’t work after updating, then try a different store. Good Luck!

      • Lori

        Thanks, i have updated. didnt work and i have no other sr newr me. i tried changing my password to see if that helps but i doubt it. so frustrating.Has anyone else tried 8 napkins and had it work? I was going to do it but not if no cat is printing.

    • etah

      Double check that you’ve registered the complete number for your PricePlus card. I kept seeing a message when I logged in that I didn’t have any points and I checked my number and I only have 11 numbers instead of 12 because it won’t take my 12th digit. I think i will just get a new PricePlus card and re-register. But I think I lost some eCoupons too!

      • Lori

        I actually changed my password for the 2nd time and I had one of my e coupons come off so hopefully that did the trick.

  • kabby

    Check your binders for $5/1 Cook’s ham…was available a while back but mine has expiration of 1/31/2013…Cook’s on sale this week for .84 lb….Amazing price!!

    • Cynthia F

      Kabby, I guess you dont remember what week that was?
      (i ask crossing my fingers). I would love to do this deal!!!

      • Kate

        Back around Christmas, Cooks had the $5 coupon on their facebook page (you had to enter a contest and the coupon was limited to a certain amount of people).

      • kabby

        Printed it on 12/14/ not think it is still available to print.

    • Cynthia F

      Oh ok! Thanks! I didnt see that… :o(

  • Lips

    There’s a $2/2 Kotex eCoupon on

    • Vicki

      What zipcode did you find it? I can’t find it.

  • Marjie

    I did not have the Progresso soups coupons in my SS 1/20/13. Anyone else have this problem?
    It must be a regional coupon.

  • Karen

    There is a Melitta coffee coupon (on any one) on – change your zip to 10001.

    • Karen

      It’s for $1.50 off and expires 1/31/13. HTH

  • Alexandra

    I did not receive a $0.50/1 Kozy Shack coupon in my 1/20 SS, but I did get a “$1.00/ 1 package of chocolate pudding” and a “$1/2 Kozy Shack Pudding Packages” coupons.

    Neither lists a size restriction; would both of these work on the $0.79 puddings? Thanks for any guidance!

  • Sandy

    Blistex .35/1 SS 1/20 making it .18 each 4 day price break

  • kabby

    Skintimate shaving cream…check your stores for the orange can reduced to 1.34 use SS 1/13 .55 coupon…pay only .24 cents!!!

  • kabby

    Pert 2n1 …check your stores for “Invigorating” type if reduced to .74 cents…use SS 1/20 $1.00 coupon…FREE!!

    • Laura D.

      Nice find kabby, thanks for sharing! Did you happen to get overage with the $1 Pert 2n1 coupon? Thinking of combining it with the Skintimate so both will be free. Thanks again!

      • kabby

        Surprisingly I did get the overage. Coupon never beeped. Good luck!

        • Laura D.

          LOL, I had a feeling! 🙂 That’s awesome! Thank you!

  • Melissa

    What zip code gets you the Angel Soft $1.00 coupon, link provided doesn’t give it to me? Anyone else having an issue? Thanks!

  • blanca

    Is the canada dry packs for 1.99 listed above regional? I have coupons that I wanted to use and when I went to the palisades park store in northern nj the customer service scanned one and it is 4.99. Thanks!

    • Lady J

      the reg and diet weren’t included, it said Canada Dry Ten. Don’t know what that is?

  • Bridget

    I don’t seem to have ANY of the ecoupons posted here in my Shoprite digital coupons?? :(. Is there anyway to get them??

  • Anonymous

    Did the mccormick work on shelf price? anyone know??

  • Ashley

    Is there a regional Soft Soap coupon that doubles? My coupon is DND and the barcode doesn’t start with a 5 or a 9, it starts with a 0. Will it still double?

  • Bill

    Frosted Flakes ibotta is NLA, or just not to me.

  • Rocky

    For anyone doing the Angel Soft (Sparkle, etc.) $5 catalina deal on Saturday, you might want to check your shelf prices if your total planned is not much over the $20 needed, or, at least, at the Rockaway SR. On Thursday, I bought the Angel Soft 18 pack double and shelf price on receipt and on the shelf was $9.07. I bought it again today, a day later (from the same floor spot, and, the receipt said the exact same description), but, it rang up $1 cheaper, and, shelf price was lowered by $1, also. So, shelf of $8.07, not advertised $9.07. This happened a couple of weeks ago, also, but, this time, there was no sign in front of the product saying ‘lower price’.

    Needless to say, this time, I was furious and vented at CS, because I was 5 CENTS short of the $20 mark to get my cat. Well, I did get my cat (perhaps they wanted to shut me up), but, I am still mad. Makes me wonder how long they’ve been doing this switch! I don’t mind the price being $1 lower, but, don’t switch it up toward the end of the week, especially, with no notice! Uggghhhh….