ShopRite: Possible TRESemme Money Maker!

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TRESemme Coupon –  Money Maker at ShopRite

The deals are awesome this week at ShopRite! In addition to the Money Maker on Dove Men Bar Soap and McCormick Seasoning Packets, check out this awesome deal you might be able to score at your ShopRite on TRESemme Hair Care.

As you guys know, TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner is part of the Unilever Catalina Deal this week at ShopRite: Spend $15, Get $5.00 Catalina and it has been confirmed working on Pre-Price Plus Prices.  Reader Ueen found TRESemme Anti-Esponjado Shampoo on clearance at her store for $1.99 a bottle.  These bottles ARE working toward the Catalina Deal and contributing the full $3.99 Pre-Price Plus price toward the $15 needed to trigger the Catalina. Plus there is a BOGO TRESemme Coupon from the 1/27 RP insert you can use to make this a $1.00 Money Maker!

I’ve checked some other stores on the Shop at Home site and a bunch are showing this shampoo/conditioner on clearance so be sure to check your store to work this awesome deal!

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Here is your deal:


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Thanks Ueen!

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  • Erin

    I bought the anti – sponge conditioner on Tuesday and it rang up at 2.99. So this isn’t working at the shoprite in north Bergen , Nj.

  • georgia

    This worked for me yesterday in Bayshore,Long Island Shoprite

  • georgia

    Also,they do not let us stack coupons there as alot of times I see posts here say to get it free they are stacking coupons…bummer for me,lol

  • Candy

    I tried this in Branchburg on Tues. Did NOT produce Catalina but I had 4 $1.75 coupons so grabbed them 4 for $1.00

  • Annette

    It says there in your example that the conditioner is limited to only 1 item, so only one will ring up at $1.99, the rest will ring up at $3.99, so it’s not going to work, at least not in my store – they are very strict on that 🙁

    • Jennifer

      It’s Limit 1 only online, not in the actual store.

  • Michrlle

    I purchased two for $1.99 at the shop rite in Neptune nj the cashier said to me she memorized the coupon it’s $2.99 I said whatever you say, making it 2 bottles for 1.99 then she took off $2.99 so I made a dollar!

  • Shirley

    i bought the anti sponge on clearance @ 1.99 each. bought 4 and used 4 1.75 peelies. This was a mm maker for me. Paid about 1.50 including tax received 5.00 cat. this was at the silver spring md store

  • Anne

    Note to self: DO NOT try to do the Tresemme deal with the Slimfast or Men’s Dove in the same transaction — I should have known better but didn’t connect the dots. (You only get 1 $5 catalina… you need different transactions.)

    • Aileen

      Do you need to do different transactions or use a different Shopritr card altogether?

      • Rocky

        Different transactions

  • Naomi

    Am I the only one wondering what “anti-sponge” means? What a strange name for shampoo. At first I thought it was a typo. Is it supposed to make your hair non-porous or something??

    • Rocky

      Hahahah! I was thinking the same thing!

      • Laura D.

        LOL! Too funny! The bottle is mostly written in Spanish. For use in a sentence related to personal use, the word esponjado means “puffy”. The material definition is sponge. There probably isn’t a spanish word for sleek or anti-frizz. So anti-puffy fits best. 😉

  • Angela

    Just back from ShopRite in Wallingford.. and the shelves are bare for the shampoo of all varities. There is some conditioner left but limited on varieties.

  • Jennifer

    I tried this deal at my SR today in Berlin, NJ. The CAT did not produce. The CS desk stated that the $15 total needed to be after the coupons were used. I purchased 4 bottles at $2.99ea and 2 at $1.99ea. My total was $15.94 then used 2 B1G1 coupons which took of $2.99 twice. The CAT didnt produce because my total was less than $15. Very odd how each store is different. Any thoughts on this?