Stop & Shop: Scott Toilet Paper 20 Rolls just $8.57 – Stock Up Price!

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Scott Toilet Paper 20 Rolls just $8.57

Stop & Shop shoppers have an even better deal on the Scott Toilet Paper 20 roll pack.  They are priced at just $10.99 this week at Stop & Shop plus they are part of the Buy $25 Save $5 Instantly Deal.

Now, the deal that is the best deal is the Scott Regular, 20 rolls, 1000 sheets per roll.  They have 2,096 sq ft.  The Scott Extra Soft, 20 rolls, 469 sheets, which are also $10.99, have just 1,094 sq ft.  So, you can see you get much more for your money in the Regular Pack.

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Here is your deal:


The Scott packs are 2,096 sq ft.  My stock up price is $0.01 per sq ft or below which in this case would be $20.96 or less on a 2,096 sq ft pack.   And, with these being only $8.57, this is definitely a great stock up price.

**Cindy’s Quick Saving Tip: When shopping for toilet paper, check the square foot of a pack of toilet pack. Move the decimal over 2 spaces to the left to quickly get the stock up price per sq ft (this comes to $0.01 per sq ft).  If the price of the pack of toilet paper is at that price or below after coupons, then stock up!


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  • hanna/h

    You need to buy 3 of them right?
    10.99 X 3 = $32.97 – $5.00= $27.97 by 3 ($9.32 each)

    • Cindy

      Yes, the buy 3 dropped of the list for some reason. I updated it again.

    • Kelly

      It’s $8.57 a pack after the $.75 off coupons come off. : )

  • Cindy

    Off shelf price ? Maybe ? 🙂

  • What about the Paper towels, is that a good stock up price? There is a .25/1 coupon on scott shared values site

    • loretta

      probably not since it’s instant savings and not a catalina, it’s based on sale price.

  • shannon olsen

    are there any coupons or just buy e

    • Cindy

      I can’t find any coupons yet.

  • shannon olsen

    i meant just buy 3

  • Meli

    Is this better than the angel soft deal at shoprite? i just wnat to make sure Shoprite is 5 min from me and stop n shop is 20 but if its a better deal i do prefer scott.

    • Kathy

      The Stop and Shop deal is better (although you have to spend more money and buy a lot of TP). Basically, if it were possible to buy the same amount of TP at ShopRite as you’ll have to buy at Stop and Shop (6,288 sq ft or 3 packages of 2,096 sq ft), the ShopRite price for 6,288 sq ft would be $34.00 compared to $25.72 at Stop and Shop. HTH

      Also hope this doesn’t end-up posting twice because my first attempt didn’t register 🙂

  • Cassy

    They are on sale at $11.99 at my stop and shop over here in CT

    • I am in Milford and they are $10.99 here if thats not too far for you.

    • Michelle

      They are $11.99 where I am in CT too. Milford is too far. Is this still a good price????? Please advise.!

      • Kathy

        As Cindy noted in her original post, if the price per package came out to $20.96 or less (based on this deal’s sq ft per pkg), it is a good stock-up price…..So, even if they are on sale for $11.99 instead of $10.99 (same in my area of CT), with coupons and instant rebate the per package price comes out to $9.57…..which is $11.39 less than the calculated stock up price of $20.96. HTH

  • Linda

    I still don’t understand your hint on determining the stock up price? Does everyone gt it?

    • Kathy

      Sometimes it helps to look at it slightly differently….

      The preferred stock-up price is $0.01 per sq ft. When you are wondering if it is a stock-up price, take the sq ft per package and multiply it by 0.01. In this case, the package has 2,096 sq ft. (2096 x 0.01 = 20.06). If the price of the package is $$20.96 or less, it is a good stock-up price. HTH

  • Anonymous

    i have the same question as meli 🙂

  • Kathy

    There is a $0.75 off any SIX (6) or more rolls of Scott Bath Tissue Q available for printing from their website ( You have to sign up for the deal (can still get it if already a member, just use the link from the home page). Also, if you share the deal with 3 or more email addresses, you get an additional coupon for $1.25 off of 6 rolls or more. A Q is also available for the paper towels but I didn’t print it and don’t recall if it was for more than the $0.25 off 1 or more rolls that is on the regular home page. The $0.75 Q says do not double but that shouldn’t be an issue at Stop and Shop. I will try using them this afternoon and post back if I have problems.

    • Cindy

      I couldn’t get that to work so I thought it was gone.

  • Kathy

    Worked for me…multiple times. You do have to access it from the image that shows the toilet paper & paper towels. It’s funny, when I checked just now, it was gone but then I noticed I was logged in and so I logged out and then the image/offer was there again. Once you select the offer, you can hit log-in from there and it works. Also, the paper towel Q is also for $0.75 but I wasn’t able to do both offers?

    • Cindy

      I think it’s only working for new sign ups because I logged out and then had to sign up under a different email. Then I found it. When I went back again, it was gone.

    • Cindy

      Which is probably why I didn’t see it at first since I was already sign in under an old sign up. I did add it to the post so others could take advantage of the coupon. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Kathy

        Right, you have to be new to sign up for the “deal” but you can be an existing member (just make sure the computer didn’t automatically log you in). I already had a Scott account but was still able to get the deal (through the link) because I have never signed up for that “deal” section before.

  • Bobie

    Is this deal going on for all stores because mine has normally gas points? Thanks

  • Elaine

    If the .75 is a DND can we use the $1.25?

    • Kathy

      Sure you can use the $1.25 off 6 or more rolls Q but some stores double Qs even if it says do not double (the store eats the cost, not the manufacturer). I’d try the $0.75 Q first to see if it doubles as that would be a little better. If it doesn’t double, you can always have them void it and give it back to you and then you swap it for the $1.25 Q.

  • barb

    the hormel pork roasts are part of the 4 for $20.00 and there is a peelie $1/1 on the bbq roasts for any always tender product. The roasts were marked 6.99 so I bought 4 and the register deducted 7.96 to make them 4 for 20.00 and the coupons brought it down to $16 for 4 pork roasts!!

  • Stephanie

    I got the 1.25 coupon. 2 prints! Super excited!

  • Sandy

    I was able to print unlimited # copies

    • Kathie

      You might want to check to make sure they all don’t have the same numbers on them.

  • Elaine

    I think if we are just going to do the above deal using 3 coupons dont we need a 4th item in the cart just so that IS attachs too? I remember this being an issue in the past not sure if it still applies? I havent been to S&S since they switched to gas points in NJ.

    • elaine

      confirmed in Morris Plains. The .75 coupons doubled. I used 2 .75 and 1 $1.25 I did add a 4th item as to not mess up the instant savings and it wa $7.90 each. Thanks! !!!

      • hanna/h

        I don’t understand why you needed 4th item. Can you tell me what had happened before? I remember if you use your own bag credit, instant saving was removed, but I didn’t know the additional item. Is that because instant saving is counting as 4th coupon?

        • Elaine

          Hanna in the past if I only had 3 items in my cart and used 3 coupons the instant savings wouldnt come off. I would actually see my total jump up when paying. It was the same as the bag credits. Last night I didn’t even bother trying just 3 items, I figured it didn’t change and I needed donuts for the kids. There is always something I need so rather than be frustrated just as easy to throw a 4th item in. hTH

        • kabby

          When doing an instant savings at Stop and Shop be aware…if all the items you are purchasing also have a Manufactures coupon attached to each item…the instant savings needs to “attach to an item” otherwise the instant savings will not come off. That is why it is suggested to have an item not attached to a coupon (piece of fruit, milk, bread, or any other needed item) Be also aware if you are using your own bags that .05 cents also “needs to attach to an item” sometimes the .05 cents from the bag will bump the instant savings off…This has been my experience. Hope that helps.

          • hanna/h

            Thanks for the information girls!
            I will get a banana or two.
            When I need to add small amount of item to the total, I pick banana instead of candy. This case, I will use it as a filler.
            I can always use banana for my family.

  • Bettsy

    I had to sign-up as a new member and it only let me print out the $1.25 one time… I’ll take it, one is better then none 🙂

    • Kathy

      If you use another computer and sign-up again with a different email address, you’ll be able to get it again. When you select the deal from the home page and the screen pops up the actual offer, make sure you are selecting the very small text for $0.75/1 Toilet paper and not the big ‘share deal’ button…For me, after I printed the $0.75 Q, it then gave me the share deal option and I so I was able to get both (2 prints of each). The print option opens in a different window so don’t close your original and you should be able to select it again for one more print. Good luck!

  • I am only seeing the paper towels $.25 off coupon. Where is the other one? Am i looking in the wrong place?

    • Jim

      I see only the .25/1 paper towels coupon on the website. Any other ideas or the higher value coupon? Thanks.

      • Kathy

        Jim/Megan: It’s probably because you were automatically logged in when you went to the website. If that was the case, then you must log out of your Scottbrand account and then you should see a different home page with the deal link on it (it’s right above the Omaha Steak offer). When you select the “get deal” button, then you have the opportunity to log back into your account. Worse case, if that doesn’t work, just go to the same link from a different computer. HTH

  • Bill

    Just purchased 3 packs @ $10.99
    Used 3 0.75 coupons that doubled
    $5.00 instant saving
    Total:$23.47 or $7.82 a pack