CVS: Thermacare Money Maker!

Thermacare Coupon

Thermacare Coupon

This weekend’s 1/27 RP insert contained a Pfizer Mail in Rebate on select healthcare products.  The Mail in Rebate (MIR) is for $6.00 back when you buy 3 participating healthcare products.  Thermacare Heat Wraps 2-ct are included in the eligible items for the rebate.  Thermacare 2-ct packs are also on sale this week at CVS for $4.99 each, plus when you buy 2 you will receive a $4.00 ECB (the flyer says limit 1 however reader Ueen tested the deal and it has a limit of 4), however you need to do this deal in 2 separate transactions to receive both ECBs!

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 1.09.40 PM

There is also a high value $3/1 Thermacare printable coupon available.  Pair this sale, coupon & MIR for a nice Money Maker!

Print: Thermacare Coupon

Here is your deal at CVS in 2 separate transactions:


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Thanks Ueen!

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  • Kate

    My CVS flyer says the “Thermacare Buy 2 get 4ECB” is a limit one deal? Is it not really a Limit 1 deal?

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      The flyer says limit 1 however after testing the deal, this actually has a limit of 4. Hope that helps!

      • Kate


  • Jessicq

    My flyer says extrabucks rewards offer limit of 1

  • Ueen

    I thought it was limit 1 as well but I didnt see a limit reach offer on my receipt so I continued to purchase 2 each on my succeeding transactions until I see the limit which is 4 offers.

    watch for bonus pach/box. (with 1 extra pack)

  • Cortney

    Thanks! Just curious, why 2 different types? Is that an ECB limitation, a coupon limitation, or a rebate limitation?

    • Cindy

      You actually don’t need to do 2 different varieties, we took that out but you do have to do them in 2 separate transactions otherwise the other ECB will not print.

  • Elaine

    Do you buy all 4 in one transaction? Also do you have to buy 2 of each? or can I just buy 4 back ones. Sorry I dont shop at CVS ever, but i could use these. TIA!

    • Cindy

      You have to do them in 2 separate transactions.

  • Ueen

    @cortney- when I bought 4 only 1 $4 ecb printed. when I didnt see that limit was not reached I asked cashier if i can return and repurchase the 2 for the other $4 to print. he printed the other $4 Ecb for me after seeing my receipt.

  • Shannon

    The rebate must be on one receipt. Yes the limit is more than one, but why was one of the ECBs pictured force printed?

    • Cindy

      Because she tried to do it in one transaction. The 2nd ECB will not print unless you do them in 2 separate transactions. If you do the deals as they are shown above, the ECBs will print.

      • Shannon

        yes but you wont be able to submit for the rebate. It must be on one receipt. Two and two will not work.

      • Maya

        too bad i didn’t know that when i purchased them last night. But there was a $5 off of two pain killers (any variety) printed from the red coupon machine which i used to buy advil

    • ueen

      The MIR Terms and Conditions did not require that the purchase must be in one receipt.

      • Shannon

        Rebate states original cash register receipt. Not plural as other rebate forms read where multiples are permitted. This rebate is similar to last year where it was confirmed to be on one receipt.

    • Elaine

      I read the rebate form, there is no mention of it needing all purchases to be on the same receipt. I says 3 qualifing purchases between 1/27 – 3/9.

    • Cindy

      Rebates previously to Pfizer have allowed more then one receipt as long as the items purchased where in the time frame of the rebate. In this case it’s 1/27 – 3/9

      • Shannon

        I was denied on the last rebate because of multiple receipts.

        • Cindy

          You can call here (866) 387-2447, weekdays, 8am to 7pm CT. I just got off the phone with them and was told that you can submit multiple receipts. Hope that helps.

  • Kate

    Is there any other way to get the rebate form ?? I thru all my RP out

  • Xiao

    Same here, had a coupon “amateur” lol helping me clip coupons and he threw that out! Any other way to get rebate form?

  • Elaine

    I have some extras rebate if intrested, just leave your email address and i will contact you, the first 5 people.

    • Josh

      Hi, Elaine

      Can I get a rebate form? My email is


    • Josh

      Nevermind Elaine. I got the rebate form in the my flyer too. I thought it was regional. I should check before requesting. Thank you though. Josh

    • Elle


      I would love a rebate form if you have any available.

      • Elaine

        Elle I just sent u a message for the rebate form…

    • Haseena

      Hi Elaine, I would really appreciate a rebate form if you still have one left. My email is Thank you.

    • john perrino

      Hi Elaine,
      please if you have an extra rebate left may i have one…if no more thank you emil is;
      thanks again

    • sjrdy
  • hanna/h

    CVS takes $4.00 ECB for $3.98 charge?

    • Cindy

      yes you will loose $0.02 unless you buy something else in the transaction.

      • hanna/h

        Thanks, here I go again!

  • Lizzie

    A sort of related question. I don’t plan on doing the rebate but want to get 2 Thermacares and 2 Advil (also part of the ECB deal). Do you think I’d be able to get 2 ECB’s if I did separate transactions? Or do you think it’s allowing more than 1 on just the Thermacare purchases?

    • Lizzie

      To answer my own question, yes it did work. I did:

      2 Thermacare @ $4.99 ea.
      Used 2 $3/1 coupons
      Paid $3.98
      Rec’d $4.00 ECB

      2 Advil 40ct. @ $4.99 ea.
      Used 2 $1/1 coupons
      Used $4.00 ECB
      Paid: $3.98
      Rec’d $4.00 ECB

      I’m happy!

  • Clover

    Lizzie– I think you can do the second one. I bought the 2 Advil & 2 Tresemmes yesterday. The coupons took off more $7.20 and $6.00 (not sure which) and got the $4ECB The bottom of my receipt say does not say “Limit Reached”, so I’m going to try to do the Thermacare tomorrow. I had not because of the published 1 Limit. Oh how I love CVS!

  • Lynne

    I saw this post and ran to see what products were included in the rebate. I was so happy to see that children’s Advil was listed. I did this:

    Buy 2 children’s advils 4.99 each. Total 9.98
    Used BOGO coupon took off 7.02
    Out of pocket 2.96
    Got back 4.00 ECB.
    Made 1.04

    Went back did same again.

    So 2.08 mm before 6.00 rebate for a total of 8.08 mm.

    I know not everyone’s CVS will take off max for the coupon, but there are alot that do.

    • elaine

      where did you get the coupons for the children’s advil

      • Haseena

        I believe the BOGO Advil coupon was from Facebook and it is NLA.

  • Jen

    I bought 2 children’s advil on Monday and received the $4 EB. I did the Thermacare deal today and received $4 EB. My receipt still shows I haven’t reached my limit with the healthcare buy 2 get $4. Wonder if I can do the advil deal again or thermacare? Anyone else notice this?

    • Travis

      Hi Jen, yes you can do it until it says ‘offer limit reached’ which in this particular case is 4 (buy 2 @ 4 times = 8 total) BUT (also in this particular offer only) each purchase of 2 needs to be done in separate transactions; if you were to buy 4 more together you would only get $4 back. I hope this makes sense!

      • Jen

        Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was just working on thermacare or all the products listed.

  • newbie

    i didnt get and coupons in my rp. what can i do to get the form?

  • Laura D.

    This is good, thanks Ueen!

  • Sherry

    How do you get the rebate form?

  • Kate

    Does any one have an extra rebate form for the thermacare???? And is there a rebate for children’s Advil ??? I have coupons but thru the “scraps” out already

  • Annie

    I would like the $6 Pfizer MIR form.

    Please email me. My email address is

    Also, is there any other way to get the children Advil coupons?

    I would like to get the Advil deals.

    • hanna/h

      Did anyone got back to you?

  • kattie

    I did just read through the comments and I am sorry if this was aready asked..
    If I want the same type of deal as thermacare but with children’s advil instead do I HAVE to do the 2 seperate transactions so the ECB will work out?
    (so that I can get 2)?

    • hanna/h

      I think you have to separate them. The reason is this offer supposed to be
      limit one offer (buy 2 item and get $4.00).
      However, it seemed working up to 4 offeres (8 item total).
      Someone wrote if you purchased 4 item together, it only printed out one $4.00 ECB.

  • pam

    I had a great CVS trip. I did the Suave kids shampoo deal, axe deal, children’s advil deal, Gevalia deal, Jack Links beef jerky b1g1, Suave bodywash. I saved $90.91 using $49 in coupons, peelies and Extrabucks. I received $17 Extrabucks at checkout. Total $128 after coupons, peelies and Extrabucks…. out-of-pocket $20.00!

    Now that I know that Advil/Thermacare limit…is more than 1…Thermacare deal tomorrow…free!

  • Jenny

    Anyone get extra’s of the Thermacare rebate form, or know where I can find one online? It seems that my papers did not get that one.

  • Xiao

    Hi Elaine. Didn’t have access to Internet for a bit, but if u have any extra rebates, may I have one?
    If not, no worries but TIA!

  • HLF

    If anyone still needs rebate form, please provide email .. I have one left.

    • Jenny I do 🙂 thanks!

    • Jenny

      jwebs94 @ gmail. com I do 🙂 thanks!
      I broke up the email addy b/c perhaps that is why it said my message was pending moderation