CVS: Free Crest Complete Toothpaste – No Coupons Needed!

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Free Crest Complete

This week CVS has a Buy Crest Multi Pack and Get a $3 ECB with a limit of 2 offers.  The Crest Complete with Scope 2.7 oz is working on the offer.  At my store they are priced at $2.99 making them free.  Some of you may find them for less making it a small money maker.

These are single packs and are found along side the regular toothpaste and not in the travel section.

Here is your deal:


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Thanks Tracey!

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  • If I buy two at one time will I get $6 2 $3 rewards?

    • Steve

      Yes, i just purchased two and it gave me $6 eb on receipt

  • It should if it states limit of 2!

  • Cheri

    $2.77 in Ct

  • adriene

    I was in line at CVS when I check LRWC (as I always do when I am at a store)got out of line and grabbed 2. At my store they were priced $2.77 and I received the $6.00 ecb

  • Qpon QT

    Glad I checked LRWC before I headed out this morning! I grabbed 2 at my CVS for $2.77 ea. Paid with a $5 ECB and 54 cents out of pocket. Got the $6 ECB back. I love free stuff!

  • monica

    I just got 4 with 2 diferent cards and they are making 3 extracare bucks each. Thanks a lot.

  • Erin

    Got my 2! But my store only had 3 left:/

  • Alice

    Do we know if this is nation wide or regional?

  • monica

    Dont know but I hit mine in TN.

  • Meli

    Thanks I hope it’s still working tomorrow.

  • Christine R.

    Got the last one in Runnemede ($2.77), and grabbed one of the last three left in Audubon (BHP)($2.87) and received $3 ECB for each.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the tip, just bought 2 of the 3 at Audubon paid $5.74 and got $6 .00 in extra bucks.

  • Tracy

    I hope this is still working this afternoon! If not, I’m sure there will be another toothpaste deal around the corner.

  • I guess these must be tiny toothpastes? My CVS only had items that were priced between 5.99 to 7.99. They looked average-size.

  • gilly

    It is a small box it is only 2.7 0z, the cashier looked at me like I was crazy spending 2.79 for each one , he didn’t look at my receipt just handed it to me – I walked out with a huge grin across my face.

  • kayla

    it worked out great mine were priced at 2.72 so it was a money maker for me….im so addicted 🙂

  • Cha

    Thank you! Grabbed one at my CVS this morning for $2.87 🙂 May grab another later today.

  • Myrah

    Still working today in Long Island, NY. Bought 2 @ $2.87 and rec’d $6.00 ECB. Thank you LRWC!

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone know if this is still working?

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried this recently?