*HOT* 5 FREE Multipacks of Capri Sun at A&P!

capri sun coupons

Capri Sun Coupons

Capri Sun Coupons – Woot! Check out this AWESOME deal this week on Capri Sun at A&P!  Beginning today, there is a Kraft Catalina Deal:  Buy 5 participating Kraft Products, Get $5.00 Catalina.  Included in the participating products is Capri Sun 10-packs which are on sale for $2.00. There is also a $1/3 Capri Sun Coupon available to print.

Print: Capri Sun Coupon

PLUS, there is also a Capri Sun Catalina Deal which we’ve told you about.  Here are the details on the Capri Sun Catalina:

Capri Sun, Roaring Waters or Super V Products (excludes Big Pouch)
1/28 – 2/24
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $3 Catalina
Buy 5+ Get a $4 Catalina

capri sun coupons

You can score a whopping FIVE boxes for FREE after coupon, sale price and Catalina Double Dip.  That’s 50 pouches of juice completely FREE! This is a great donation item too!

Here is your deal:


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Money Saving Tip: Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores today!

 Thanks Andrea!!

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  • Danielle

    I also have a buy 3 get one free from a few weeks ago!! Woot woot! Thanks!

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      I think that coupon may have expired. Be sure to check first before you use it.

      • Traci

        Just printed two and they are good until 2/16/13!
        Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to get off of work and stock up on Capri-suns. My children love them 🙂

      • Elizabeth Kelly

        My buy 3 get one free coupons expired on feb 6.

  • Randi

    Does this deal apply to waldbaums or pathmark?

    • Mark

      I see the same deal in the Waldbaums flyer but not the Pathmark flyer.

      • jus1323

        I did try in Waldbaums and I didnt get extra $4 cat, so no double dip there

        • Randi


    • Cindy

      Not Pathmark but I haven’t checked Waldbaums yet.

  • Brittany

    Thanks! I just did this deal twice at my local A&P, and used the General Mills cats from last week to lower my OOP. There was a group outside collecting food for a local shelter, so I happily gave them a few boxes. Your site has helped me not only transform my finances, but it has allowed my family to give back to others in ways I could not even have imagined before. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do!

  • Pat

    Does it roll ?

    • Brittany

      I did not attempt rolling it.

    • Michelle T.

      It probably does roll. In the past, I have always been able to roll Cats at A&P 🙂

      • tina

        I can confirm that it does roll 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Thanks Tina! 🙂

  • christine

    I wouldn’t try rolling it, just incase.
    Do any of the catalina’s end soon?
    Do I need to rush out tonight in the snow?

    • Cindy F.

      $4.00 CAT ends 2/22/13; $5.00 CAT ends 2/28/13

      • Rocky

        Can I ask why you believe the $5 cat ends on 2/28, please? I don’t see a Kraft catalina posted in the catalina tab, and, perhaps, if it is on Coupon Network I missed it? I thought it was just one of those one week deals through A&P. Also, from Cindy’s post, it looks like the Capri Sun cat runs through 2/24, not 2/22? TIA for your help!

  • Amanda

    Ugh…. This snow is killing me. I really want to get this deal! Time to put on some cross country skis.

  • Cindy F.

    I can confirm its rolling. Paid .70 (tax) after both Cats and $1/3 coupon on the second transaction.

  • Linda

    Do you think this works at Super Fresh too?

    • kath

      i tried in at SuperFresh in Ocean City NJ today. I only got the $5 cat, but $4 for 5 boxes of Capri Sun isn’t bad.

  • Stephanie

    is anyone else not finding the coupon? 🙁

    • Stephanie

      nevermind — already printed it… going crazy! 🙂

  • MicheleAna

    I think the $1.70 with tax is soo worth it even without coupons. I thought $1 a box was good for me at Stop & Shop this past t week…boy was I wrong. A&P herei come…n I don’t even like shopping there.

  • Mary

    Can you buy six and use 2 coupons for the capri sun?

  • Meg

    Ibotta has a $1 back also!

    • Bill

      I’m not seeing the Ibotta.

      Is this taxable in NY?

      • Bill

        Responding to my own question, I’m pretty sure they are taxable in NY.

      • Jaime

        I’m in NY also. It looks like the Roaring Waters (0% juice) are not taxed, but the others (10% juice) are taxed. I bought some of each and figured this out from my receipt.

  • Anonymous

    Will the cats print if I pay for it with the $5 cat from the Dove men’s bar soap deal?

  • amanda

    It does roll. They would not let me use the coupon though because it said walmart on it. Still an awesome deal!

  • Tina C.

    Did the deal at Superfresh. Got the $5 cat from Kraft but did not get the $4 cat :/

    • Traci

      Me too

  • SV

    I bought 5 and I got the $5 coupon but I did not get the $4 cat =( . Got each for $1 a box which is not bad I guess….

  • John K.

    Did the deal but only received the $4 Cat and not the $5 Kraft coupon. Manager said it was impossible to get two. Which I know is not the case. Not shopping at the Scarsdale, NY A&P again! Horrible experience.

  • John

    Did the deal in Scardale, NY. Got the $4 catalina but not the $5 catalina.

  • Tina C.

    Just figured I would mention. When I checked on the Catalina Network website and put in my zip code and surrounding zip codes for Newark, DE it does not list A&P as a participating store. But when I put in my dad’s zip code from Jersey it does have it listed so maybe the $4 Cat is just for certain areas :/

    • Tina C.

      I did however do the Mio deal where I bought 5 Mio @ $2.99 and used 5 $1 off coupons from SS 1/27. Paid $9.95 and got back a $5 Cat and a $3 Cat so its like i got 5 Mio for $1.95 which made them about .39 cents each 🙂

      • Laura D.

        Thanks for posting, my son likes these!

  • Laura D.

    Did anyone do this deal buying the “blue” Capri Sun boxes that printed both cats? I finally got out tonight and bought the Roaring Waters and both cats printed, but I was unsure about the blue boxes. Any info on this would be great! TIA!

  • Laura D.

    I did this deal tonight with the Roaring waters and it worked perfectly! Does anyone know is the “blue” boxes are included in the $4 cat? Thanks!

    • karin

      Laura- at west milford…any left ha ha!!

      • Laura D.

        Hi Karin, yes they have some left, lol. Their selection was really terrible. That store rarely has good sale items in stock. I’m hoping to go to Mahwah today during my commute, they should have a better selection. I’d like to do a few transactions for donation, fingers crossed!

        • karin

          I know I rarely go to that a&p, thanks for all the good info.

          • Laura D.

            I was just restacking my shelves before I leave and noticed the Capri Sun I JUST purchased (WM)have an expiration date of 3/18/2013, UGH!!! Check yours!

  • christine

    By the blue boxes, if you mean regular capri suns boxes,
    then yes, it does work on them.
    Just remember only 4 of one flavor will ring up for sale, the 5th box must be a different flavor.
    I currently have 40 boxes and going back for more tomorrow.
    They were very well stocked.
    Remember it looks like it ends on the 22nd.

    • Laura D.

      Great to know, thanks christine!

    • Rocky

      I got these today and wasn’t aware that it was a ‘limit 4 per variety’ deal, like SR! Luckily, I bought three different flavors of the blue boxes. Fruit Punch, Strawberry and Strawberry Kiwi (in case it helps to know these are working, Laura!). I don’t see the variety limit in the ad. Is that info posted, somewhere, or, is it just the norm for A&P? I don’t shop there enough to know that, yet, I guess!

      • Laura D.

        Thanks Rocky, the variety does help!

        I’ve done these deals at A&P for awhile now, and I’ve never had a limit apply like Shoprite. It’s not in the ad. There is a shelf tag, I’ll have to read the fine print while I’m there today, I’ll let you know what I find out.

        • Laura D.

          There is no variety limit on the shelf tag either. I was unable to buy 5 of one flavor due to lack of stock. I think both cats would print buying 5.

          • Rocky

            Oh, good to know, thanks

  • Laura D.

    Heads up!!! I just noticed the Capri Sun I purchased yesterday have an expiration date of 3/18/2013. I know, always check the expiration dates, and what did I do, I didn’t! UGH!!

    • christine

      Thanks for mentioning.
      I label my stock with the expiration date before I put them away and did find one package that expires 2/13/12. But that was the only one.
      So only one to exchange.

  • Jmed

    Which Capri sun is everyone buying? I purchased 5 of the regular blue box at 2 different A&P and neither cat printed at either store?

    • Rocky

      All blue box: Assortment of Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi and Fruit Punch. Got both cats. NW NJ.

      The ad says it exludes Super V and 100%. If you bought 5 of any but those, you should at least get the $5 A&P cat. Did you check with Customer Service? The deal is in their circular, and, since it is a quantity buy, wouldn’t be affected by shelf prices, etc. Regarding the possible $4 cat, see the post after this for how to check Coupon Network to see if the cat is available in your area.

      • Bill

        That is disappointing about it not including the Super V. I just got a $1 Ibotta for that and was going to finally go in and buy them since it would cover the sales tax, since I have no use for them otherwise.

        Jmed – did you check to make sure the coupon printer was working first? I alsways make sure the printer is working before checking out with deals like this.

  • Tina C.

    Just thought I’d mention that it would be good to check this website http://www.couponnetwork.com/yourbucks-catalina-coupons
    It will show some of the Catalina offers (like the Capri Sun). Click on more details and put in your zip code. It will let you know what stores in your area are offering the $4 Cat back. Found out the Superfresh in my area (Newark, DE) arent part of it :/

  • Anonymous

    I went through self checkout and unfortunately didn’t have my card tonight. I asked the guy to cancel the order when I found out that A&P self checkout wont accept phone numbers (strange!). He instead did the store card which didn’t allow the $5 Kraft Catalina to print, only the $4 Capri. I went to customer service, and they refunded the order and redid it with my number and I ended up with a $13 in catalinas ($5 Kraft and 2 $4 Capri). I didn’t hide the first $4 catalina from CS, but this turned into a nice money maker for me.

    • Bill

      That’s odd that it did not print the $5 because you were using their card.