Hot! Conair Curling Iron Money Maker at CVS {no coupons needed}

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Conair Money Maker

There are some great clearance prices on Conair Hair Products at CVS right now.  I found the Conair Curling Iron UPC #7410821990 on clearance for $2.74 (org $10.99).

In the CVS Ad there is a Buy $8 in Conair and get a $4 ECB.  I bought the curling iron to see if I would get the ECB thinking that maybe the original price of $10.99  would trigger the ECB (does happen every so often).  However, I received a $5 ECB.  The bottom of my receipt reads as follows: Conair, Buy 1 Get $5 ECB.  There is a limit of 2.  So, this appears to be a different offer then what is in the ad.

There were other Conair items on sale including the Conair Instant Xtreme Heat Hair Curlers for $12.12 (org $49.99).  After ECB these would be only $7.12.

Here is your deal:


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  • Sarah U

    I just went and did this deal! Thank you so much.

    I did it this way(3 transactions):

    1st and 2nd transaction were the same

    1 Conair 3/4 inch Iron $2.80(after tax)
    = 2 $5 ECB

    3rd transaction:
    1 Conair Ionic Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers(pink ones)
    $12.24(after tax)
    used the 2 $5 ECB
    Total OOP = $7.84!!!

  • pat

    I just hit up our local cvs. They had the Conair “Curls and Curls” Curling 3/4 inch curling iron on clearance for $5.49. I bought 2. I paid $5.68 (tax included) and recieved the $5 reward bucks for each one. So i got 2 for $1.36

  • Shopper

    My clearance price was 4.99. Did the deal twice and just rolled some EBs.

  • leanne

    I saw this and got down to my closest cvs, and it does work. i just got back, got 2 at $2.74 each and got $10.00 ecb’s!!!! Thanks for the post!

  • ueen

    Score. Thanks Cindy. 🙂

  • Lesley

    Weird, these are a little over $15 at my stores…I checked two of them. They even had the same UPC number as the one you provided.

    • Anonymous

      some story at my store. Not working for me. Bummer

  • Gen

    Done. 5.49 at my store but still a good deal since I already had some ECBs

  • Kate

    I went to CVS before this was posted and found it myself. I was gonna submit this deal but saw it was already posted 🙂 Cindy won’t miss anything!
    My clearance price was $2.37! This is a great MM.

  • ann

    thanks so much i did this 4 times two different cards thanks again four christmas presents for next year

    • maria

      good job get that shopping done

  • Johnna

    I just did it too… Only clearance at my store (wallingford ct) was the 3/4 inch one… All the others were full price … A great MM 🙂 happy snow day !!!!

  • Deena

    I just scored two in Western Mass and there were several more still there. It was only the 3/4″ ones on clearance at my store.

    This was great timing as my ancient curling iron just DIED!!! Now I have a new one and a backup!

    I LOVE LRWC!!!!!

    • 0246

      which wmass store, deena?

  • Melissa

    Great find! My daughter has been wanting to get a curling iron. This one is a nice size for small hands. It was 2.49 at my store. I got 2 and made $5 profit. Thanks!

  • Tracy

    $5.99 at the CVS by my house. I’m going to check by work tomorrow.

  • Wendy

    Mine rang up $4.89. I used my quarterly reward ($1) and paid $9.55 and earned $10 ECB.

  • Gio

    Went to two different CVS’s, one had them for 5.49 and the other had it for 2.74, the stores are less than a mile away from eachother…..

  • Linda Hughes

    Thank you so much for posting, I went to 2 different stores and found them, got my 2 (one for me and one for daughter in law for her birthday maybe?) and since I had $6 in ECB’s to roll over I added a piece of Valentine’s candy, paid only tax and got $11 ECB’s ($1 for my bag tag!)

  • Jim

    OK, Lots of ECB’s piling up. If I buy a $50 giftcard at CVS can I use 4 $4.00 ECB’s toward a 1 item $50 giftcard purchase?

    • Jessie

      Pretty sure you can’t use ECBs on gift cards at all, check the fine print on the bottom.

  • ruth marcavage

    So i went to 2 of them, one has it for $2.24 and the other has one for $5.64 which I have 2 different cvs cards, so if I can do it again thats what it seems like from other people that they did it twice wonder if I can do it too, one can please answer me back on this a person who did it twice if I can too on one card?

    • Jim

      gosh, this is a confusing post. can you explain more clearly?

    • Ueen

      @Ruth – this is a limit 2 deal. I have 1 card and I got 2. Does that answer your question?

      • ruth marcavage

        @Ueen, thanks I understand I can try for it twice and get $10 ECB…

    • Amy

      I think I understand the question. The limit is 2 per card.

      So, if you wish to buy 4 curling irons (or other appliances) you will need two cards.

  • rattle

    has anyone trid it in new jersey ? and where in new jersey?

    • kathie

      Works in East Hanover & Florham Park.

    • Christine R

      Audubon, NJ had none! Not even that UPC number listed on an empty shelf hanger!

      Runnemede, NJ (about 2 miles away) had it listed on a shelf hanger but none left.

      I’m going to try Mount Laurel, near my office tomorrow. I’ll post my findings tomorrow night.

      Also, can’t find the Nature Made mini’s in either of those locations. Was hoping to find the Omega 3’s…would work wonders for my blood pressure (when searching for these deals! LOL)

    • barbara

      Fair Lawn…tried 2 stores, both were $8.00 +.

  • Arielle

    Worked in SC!!! Love this deal! Thanks for posting!

  • chrissy

    this is not fair, all these great deals and I am still snowed in, boo!

    • Ueen

      Awwww…… you win some, you lose some. You will have your luck next time Chrissy.

  • Valerie post

    Saw this post and instantly left for cvs. It worked like a charm! Bought 2 of the curling irons for $2.49 each. ( that was not the price listed on the tag, but price checked it at the red machine.) and got back $10 ECB!!! Thanks Cindy!!!!!

  • Christine R

    Hello fellow couponers and deal hunters!

    If anyone finds these in a South Jersey store would you kindly let me know which one? I posted above that I did not find them in Audubon or Runnemede if that saves anyone a trip. And I will look in Mount Laurel tomorrow before I go to work (if my kids allow me to get out of the house on time, that is!)

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Sandi

      I will let you know if I find them Christine. Thanks for posting where you didn’t find them, but do you mean Mt. Ephraim Cvs(Black Horse Pike) or Haddon Heights Cvs (White Horse Pike)?
      Anyone who doesn’t get one, this deal will be around again. I got 2 flat irons and a hair dryer in August last year and they all produced ecbs. So maybe in a couple of months. I have also seen old posts of them going on clearance in March.

      • Christine R

        Hi Sandy,

        I meant Mt. Ephraim on the BHP. I will be trying the one in Haddon Heights on the WHP after work today. If you get there before 4pm would you put an update on here please and thank you? 🙂

        UPDATE: The UPC code was listed on a shelf hanger at the CVS in MOUNT LAUREL, but there were none left!

        • Sandi

          I was at Haddon Heights around 2 pm today and they had about 4 of the 3/4 for $5.24, I didn’t think to scan them to see if they were cheaper. Unfortunately I forgot to bring money with me to buy one, duh. Oh well, next time.

          • Christine R

            Thanks Sandi! I wasn’t able to get back on to see your reply while I was at work this afternoon due to computer problems! I went to the one in Haddon Heights around 4:15 and there was 1 left and it didn’t scan any lower than that. I bought it anyway to give to my niece! Also picked up the Schick Hydro Sensitive shaving gel and left with the $5 & $4 cats. I’m happy with that!

    • Jen

      They were out of them in Cherry Hill!

  • mel

    i hope this is still working today.

    • Christine R

      Good luck finding them! Would you please post if you do and at what location? Thanks!

  • seg will

    Did any do the deal in philadelphia if so where.

    • Amy

      I bought one at the CVS on 8th and Market yesterday afternoon. They were well-stocked. The price tag says clearance for $7.24 or so but it scanned as $5.24. My receipt said I reached the limit so I didn’t want to try it again in case it didn’t work.

    • vicky

      the cvs on castor av has a lot of them i paid 2.82 and received 5 ecb

  • Emily

    It’s still 9.99 in staten island

  • Just went to the CVS in East Rockaway, NY they were not marked but the 3/4 curling iron came up 2.62, bought two paid 5.24 got 10$$$ECB my friends think I’m making this up, CVS paid me to take them out of the store….

    • Within an hour after leaving this CVS I sent my friend over and she said they were gone have a feeling the employees took them because they were not marked and the store was empty….

  • Sarah K.

    Wow, thanks! My CVS had a few of them (although I did not look closely to verify that all the ones that looked similar were the right ones– at least one was a 5/8″). ANYWAY, paid $2.44 + tax for each and walked out with 2 $5 ECBs! (I did two transactions to avoid having a $10 ECB)

  • Tracy

    The travel curlers were marked $29.95, but came up $14.19 at the machine. and the $5 ecb came up. I have been wanting these, but did not want to spend the orifinal $35, so $9 was great!

  • Kim

    Anyone else in Jersey find any? I couldn’t even scan it for some reason … it was not coming up on the red machine.

    • Tracy

      My CVS is in Fair Lawn, NJ…. had the curlers, and I saw some clearance curling irons for $4 something….. We have 3 CVS here so I tend to bounce from one to the other but the one on River Road/Maple Ave is the best.

    • ekakathy

      edgewoter west newyork ,hoboken not on sale

  • KP

    These were 90% off at my store in Rhode Island! Just marked clearance but rang up for $2.09 total for 2!! Plus got $10 Extra Bucks on top of it…I paid with 10 EB (since I was getting 10 EB back anyway) and used the overage towards items for my P&G deal…I love CVS!

  • Katrina

    I grabbed the last 2 at the Long Grove, IL store for $2.49 ea. Used $5 in ECB, paid the $0.34 in tax and got $10 ECB back. Woot Woot. So I would assume that this is working in other IL stores. Sweet deal- thank you for posting this Cindy!

  • ebony

    Worked for me in kingston Ny got 2 @2.44 and I got back $10!

  • Woohoo! Just did this deal at the CVS in Denville! Thank you, Cindy!!

  • ND

    thanks got 2

  • Cassy

    I did this last night paid 4.50 for the curling iron and got back 5ecb woohoooo!

  • Sue

    Not working in Clifton N.J. They’re ringing up regular price.

    • Kim

      The Bloomfield Avenue CVS had a few at $5.24. The one over by Mountainside had the clearance ones but they are all gone now 🙁

      • sue

        Thanks, grabbed it yesterday.

  • CE

    This is $5.24 in LI. Still a good deal though if you are in need of one.

  • loretta

    still working as of 10am this morning 🙂 2CVS less then a mile apart 1 had for $5.xx the other $2.74 Identical product 3/4inch. I was fortunate enough to walk into the right store 🙂 woot woot 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I got the last two in Woodbury, NJ. I’m glad to get this deal but they are very cheap 🙂 However, it was a money maker. 🙂 so I’m happy.

  • CS

    Just got 2 3/4 Curling irons at the CVS, White Horse Pike, Oaklyn. Rang up as $2.62 each. Got my $10.00 ECBs! Still a few left on the display. Whoo hoo! Love LRWCs!!!

  • Brenda

    I just went to my CVS looking for the deal. No luck, but they did have thier rollers 75% off marked down to $11.44 from $45. Plus got the $5 ECB. I have been wanting to try these, so I worked for me

  • jen

    You guys are so lucky! 🙁 I dont even bother to shop at the CVS in my town, there is only one and the manager is EXTREMELY rude to me everytime I go in with coupons or something so its not even worth it to go in and get hacked on by her. But happy for everyone that could get this deal, it so so awesome! 🙂

  • Cutoupon

    There were 2 at Perkasie PA. For 2.74 with 5 ECB. I bought one last nite. There should be one left.

  • Q-pon Momma

    And there were two this morning at the Greenfield, Mass CVS — I bought two and there were two left at 8:30 a.m.!!!

    Also in Greenfield was some serious clearance for Nivea men, Similac (which I never remember seeing on clearance) and cosmetics. Greenfield couponers, get over there!! Nothing I needed, but some great deals!

  • K~

    There are still 2 curling irons and one set of hot rollers at the Eastampton, NJ store. The clearance tag stated 50% off the curling iron but it rang up for the $2.74.

  • Cindy

    Just wanted to mention that i had a $2 off Hair Accessories coupon on my receipt from a prior purchase and it worked toward the curling irons

  • Lauren M.

    Went to CVS in new Britain and mewing ton CT got one of the irons for $2.34 rollers on clearance for $7.19 and hot air styler for $7.19 bought a total of six these were a great find to hold onto for Christmas or even Easter basket gifts yippee.

  • Kristine

    It’s still working this morning in South Windsor CT. Bought 2 @ 2.99 each and earned 10ECB!

    • Leah

      Wow, an extreme couponer in the same town!!! I was there around 10:30 yesterday and got the last one.