*HOT* Price Chopper: Finish Powerball or Gelpacs 20-ct as low as $0.17!

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Price Chopper: Finish Deal

Wow! Boy do I wish I lived near a Price Chopper for this smoking HOT deal.  If you haven’t used those high value $2.15/1 Finish Coupons yet from the 1/6 SS insert yet you’re in luck!  This week Price Chopper has Finish Products on sale for $3.99 including the 20-count of Finish Powerball Tabs and Gelpacs.  These products are also part of a Catalina Deal this week: Spend $15, Get $5 Catalina.  Reader Adriene let us know this Catalina Deal is working on shelf prices, meaning you can score 3 packs for only $0.17 each!  That’s less than one penny per load!

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.53.20 AM

Here is your deal:


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Thanks Adriene!

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  • andrea

    I dont understand how 3 of them totals 15.87? Please explain

  • Linda

    I would love to get this deal, but doesn’t Price Chopper have crazy coupon guidelines. I stopped using coupons there, and no longer shop there, because coupons don’t double at a certain point. Not sure how it works anymore. If anyone knows Price Chopper, can I do this deal with coupons and not have to worry about them not coming off?

    • laura s

      its the 50% rule in their coupon policy. But what I do is use the coupons that double first and then I use the 1.00 or more coupons after to avoid the 50% rule.

  • Leah

    Can we roll the catalinas on this?

    • laura s

      You should be able to. I did before when they had a Kimberly clark/colgate catalina.

  • laura s

    sweettt! Having my boyfriend pick me up some tonight at work! Thank you 🙂

  • maggie

    Can I roll these deals. Cause I hate going to price chopper anymore.

  • terry

    Please report in and let us know how y ou make out with this deal. Can soneon explain the 50 percent rule in more detail. Thanks!

    • adriene

      yes it rolls!!!

      Pricechopper has a funny rule that says when you hit 50% of your bill you coupons will only be counted a face value. (that rule does not hurt us on this deal since the coupons being used are over $1.00)

      The trick I use is I hand my under $1.00 coupons to the casier first and after she scans those I hand her my $1.00 plus coupons and any bonus price chopper coupons I have.

      hope that helps!!!

      • terry


  • Ndew

    The paper says 15$ after advantage card savings and coupons ! Will this work?

    • Jessica

      I did this on Sunday and it worked fine, even though after coupons I did not spend anywhere near $15.

  • Dee

    This deal does not work if you buy only (3) as stated in the above post. I went to Price Chopper last night and the Catalina only printed if I purchased (7) and used 6 coupons! The Price Chopper Ad clearly states that the deal only works after the sale price and any discounts or coupons are figured in.

    The Price Chopper coupon policy states, “Manufacturer coupons are limited to 4 manufacturer coupons of like items per day”. I was lucky enough to have driven a self checkout cashier bonkers while figuring out this deal that she allowed the transaction but I don’t think this will work. And, they said you had to buy them all on one transaction for the Catalina to generate.

    (7) Finish Gelpacs $3.99 each = $27.93
    – (6) 2.15 coupons = 12.90

    $5 Catalina

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      Thanks for letting us know, Dee. As mentioned in the post, and as other readers have commented, this deal buying 3 products has worked just fine for several people, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you. Often times Catalina Deals work on shelf prices even though the ad reads it works on after sales and coupons. In this case, we have several reports that this deal worked on sale prices, which is why we posted this as a heads up for you guys. Hope that helps.

      • Laura

        Im heading later to try it. Hope it works.

      • Rebecca

        I tried it today and it didn’t work for me either 🙁 Would’ve been a great deal though!

    • Sarah

      I think the reason this deal may not work at some Price Choppers is because the shelf price may differ at different locations. I went to try this deal today and the shelf price at my Price Chopper is $4.99, not $5.29. Buying 3 would only bring me to a total of $14.97, not $15.87.

  • trish

    my boxes of finish had 50 cent peelies!!!!

  • Leah

    Does this Catalina work at other stores?

  • christina mathers

    I tried this yesterday at the Price Chopper in Wyoming, PA. It didn’t work. The ad clearly states must spend $15 after coupons and priceadvantage card. My shelf price was 4.99 sale was 3.99. I bought 3 and used three 2.15 coupons. No catalina printed for me. I won’t be going there again!

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      It didn’t work because your shelf price was lower than the deal we posted. Whenever working Catalina Deals, you must check the shelf price at your store and make sure you’ve reached the amount needed. You bought 3 at $4.99 which only totals $14.97 shelf price, which explains why the Catalina didn’t print. I’m sorry the shelf price was lower at your store and you missed this deal, however I hope this helps for the future!