Request $1 Lay’s Coupon

Lays Coupon

Lays Coupon

Hurry on over the the Lay’s Facebook page to request a rare $1.00 Lay’s Coupon which will be e-mailed to you on or around February 12!  Lays didn’t specify if the coupon is for $1.00 off 1 or 2 bags, however if it is for $1.00 off 1, we can score Lay’s Chips for as low as $1.14 for the big bag at ShopRite, as they’re on sale right now, next week and very often for $2.14 a bag.

On February 12 Lay’s will announce the 3 flavor finalists in their search for new flavored chips! When you sign up to be e-mailed when the new flavors are available in stores, you will also receive an e-mail with your coupon, on or around February 12!

Request: Lay’s Coupon

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  • Tarah

    Woo Hoo! Got one. It says 1.00 off a regular size bag of one of the chosen winners so this could be good

  • Deb

    I can’t get the coupon. I’ve been trying since it was posted this mornng. Any ideas?? Thanks!

  • Anne Ingram

    After many attempts to activate the request link on the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor page, I finally get a message that the Lay’s app cannot be displayed.
    Is there any other way to sign up & receive a coupon?

  • Karen

    The link worked for me just now. Maybe try again.