High Value $4/1 American Flatbread Pizza Coupon Makes it Only $0.99 at Stop & Shop!

american flatbread couponAmerican Flatbread Coupon

There is a great new American Flatbread Coupon available.  The coupon is for $4 off American Flatbread All Natural Frozen Pizza.

Print: American Flatbread Coupon

Stop & Shop has American Flatbread Pizza for $4.99 through 2/21 making just $0.99 after coupon.

Here is your deal:


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  • Erika

    Is this in the ad? If so what page, i cant seem to find it.


  • Great post! I picked these up on my way home today and made a 2 dollar dinner for me and my hunnie and they are DELISH!!

    • Cindy F.

      Stefanie, which variety did you try? Thanks!

      • I tried both the regular cheese and the Ionian Awakening (like a Greek salad without the lettuce) and both were VERY good! – Note: they are in the organic section.

  • Bill

    Wow, their varieties sound great. Is this in the organic frozen section or normal? I don’t see it listed on Peapod, hope my store has them!

    This is a pretty good week at S&S!

  • Bill

    According to their store locator, none of the S&S in my area carry it (could not find any in NY or CT). Whoever bought it, is your store listed? Unlike many broken store locators, this one has a fairly recently opened store on it (Fairway in Queens).


    • I diddnt use the store locator, but they have them at the S&S in Queens on Union Turnpike.

      • Bill

        Thanks.. they don’t list any S&S in Queens.

        • liz

          hey bill, they were at my store in New Rochelle, ny got 4 today!

    • Cindy

      It was at my store (Middletown, NJ) and it was not listed on the store locator. They are small pizzas and I’m not sure who, in their right mind, would pay $7.99 (which is the regular price) for these.

      • Cindy

        Oh BTW, they are not with the regular frozen pizzas. They are with the natural foods section which has a small freezer and dairy section in it. At least that is how it was at my store. HTH

    • Liz V

      Bill, I got 4 today at my SS in New Rochelle, NY!! they were 4.99 and the coupons scanned no problem. AND I found a $1.50 catalina just crumpled up at the self check out!! It was a good trip.

      • Bill

        Yeah, I found them at the store in Somers and picked up 4. They’re at the very top of the organic freezer. Sadly, they did not have one of the varieties at my store, it seemed to be vegetables or something. So I got 2 of the cheese and 2 of the variety with olives and feta and will try again on Thursday (when I was told they get a shipment of that tuff), or try another store to see if they have the 3rd variety. Will print more coupons on my other machines. I wonder if I can get them to give me a rain check based on the shelf tag?

        They’re much smaller than the box. I just took them out and put them in the freezer without the box. If you have room for the box, you can fit 2 in one box. I cannot fathom paying $7.99 for these!

  • audra

    the Stop and Shops in CT (Milford) have them – they are int he organic frozen section – they are DELISH!!!

  • littlebites3

    having a hard time finding them, my stop and shop doesnt carry them, whole foods has them for 7.99 but wass liking the 4.99 price, any ideas

  • Candy

    Flemington, NJ store has them

  • Anonymous

    These are really good, high quality pizzas. The reason the shelf price is $7.99 is probably because the dough is hand made and hand spread. So you are really buying an artisan pizza (albeit frozen). It is a higher quality than say Freshetta or Red Baron or Digiornos. But they are small in size. I don’t pay $7.99 for ANY pizza thanks to coupons, but I just wanted to point out that there is a reason why these pizzas are higher priced. Which makes getting them for .99 cents a real treat!! 🙂 Oh, and at my Stop and Shops (central MA) they are located in the natural foods frozen section…along with the Amy’s, Morningstar, and Boca products. Oh, and be careful when you are heating them up…the dough is thin so make sure you don’t overcook it or the dough will become super crunchy.

  • Beth

    These were in the Natural/Organic Foods section in two stores that I went to. Both only carried the Tomato Sauce/Three Cheese, Ionian Awakening, and Vegan Harvest varieties. It looks like these are a Real Deal, so no rainchecks – I went to go get one at the service desk and they weren’t in the flyer.

  • Bill

    Yeah, looking on their website I realized that the 3rd variety was probably the vegan one with non-dairy cheese. Too bad they don’t have some of the more interesting varieties (with mushrooms and caramelized onions), but they don’t seem to come in the individual size.

  • Bill

    I managed to print another 8 coupons and found a store that had the Ionian in stock so I got 7 of them and 1 Vegan (they did not have the cheese ones). Great deal! It’s been an unusually great week at S&S!

  • There really fantastic