New Liberte Yogurt Coupons = Free at ShopRite!

Liberte Coupon

Liberte Coupon

There are three new Liberte Coupons available to print on  Please note, these coupons are void in: LA, NJ, ND, NV & TN.  Here’s what you can find:

There is also a new Liberte ShopRite eCoupon that became available yesterday for $0.50/1 cup any flavor Liberté Greek OR Liberté Méditerranée yogurt.  These are priced at $1.49 at ShopRite, so FREE after stacked coupons! Whoohoo!

Here is your deal:


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  • claudia

    Save .30 more if you use savingstar…

  • A.R

    what is the size of the cup that is priced $1.49 at shoprite? TIA!!

  • mary

    The SR e coupon is gone already. boo.

  • mary

    And the 70 cent coupon is NOT valid in NJ.

  • Doreen

    My e-coupon for Shop Rite says save 0.30, not 0.50.

  • Bill

    Ugh, I had added the ecoupon to my card but not to my wife’s :-(.

  • Kristine

    FYI My Shoprite had the yogurt on sale for $1.33, not $1.49 🙂

  • Karl

    Hello – I am fairly new and had a question about these coupon pairings – The shoprite near my house has a manager that literally hates my guts, He stands by the register every time I go to check out and is adamant about his stores “4 like coupon” policy (although I have gotten around this a few times).

    Shoprite has Liberte greek for 10/10 this week – I was wondering if I used 4 of the 0.70 coupons then 4 of the BOGO then 2 of the 0.50 coupons (10 yogurts total) would they all be free?

    Anyone else have tips for dealing with restricted coupon use?

    • Bill

      I don’t think anyone has reported back on whether the B1G1F coupon attaches to one or two items, so it’s not clear if what you are suggesting will work. However, if you have a manager (who clearly has nothing better to do with his time) watching over you, he may well refuse to let you even try to use them with coupons for the other 6.

      Also, you don’t need to buy 10 at a time, they ring up at $1 each.

  • Karl

    Thank you for the response Bill – I’ll be trying again tomorrow and will post if the B1G1F works out – Hopefully the Richard Face manager doesn’t stop me.

    Anyone else having trouble with the Ecoupon?

    • Bill

      I think the ecoupon is gone. You might want to consider only buying a couple of them initially so as not to call too much attention to yourself. See if the B1G1F works with the cents off when you buy 2. Worst case it doesn’t work you can just have them take the extra one off as opposed to having to remove 4. If you figure out that it works, do it again (on another day if necessary) and get the other 3.

  • Karl

    Finally had a chance to use the BOGO coupon today – it worked at 2 of my local stores! Just make sure to use it first – for some reason the registers would glitch out after a certain number of coupons and one manager said it was because of the bogo coupons – I told the attendee to void the coupons and ring up everything again using the bogo coupons first and everything went through.