Possible Free Neutrogena Shave Gel at CVS

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Neutrogena Coupon

Here is a great deal at CVS this week!  Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Gel has been found on clearance for $1.62 right now.  There is that awesome $5/2 Neutrogena Hair, Hand, Body or Men’s Product Coupon from yesterday’s Smart Source insert that would make these better than FREE when you buy 2.

Note:  There is a slight chance this may be included in the Buy 2 Neutrogena Get a $5 ECB. I have not been able to test whether or not the ECB will print on these shave gels or not.  Either way, FREE is great for me 🙂

Here is your deal:


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Thanks Julie!

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  • Nate

    I bought the post shave lotion cause it was on clearance as well, however it did not produce the ECB.

    • Mary ellen

      I got the 5 ecb in my cvs. She pro rated the coupon to the amount of the two shaving creams. 1.62 each, there wAs no sign posted that the saving cream was on sale, but it said if you bought two you would get the 5.00 and I did.wow here is two shaving creams for free and wait. Let me give you five dollars. Haha

  • Lane

    clearance items do not produce ECB’s! only items with yellow signs on the price tag produce ECB’s!

    • Cindy

      Well, sometimes they do but I do believe, in this case, they will not however, I just put that in there for people to be on the lookout for. But, there are many times that clearance items will produce an ECB. HTH

    • Anonymous

      Actually at my cvs the ecb printed out. with the clearance price wyb2

  • Tori

    sometimes clearance stuff does produce an ECB even though it states that it doesn’t. The curling iron deal a couple of weeks back was clearance and it still produced the $5 ECB.

  • CK

    I bought these last night in a trip I’m submitting to you… I was hoping for the $5 ECB too but no, it didn’t print. 🙁 Mine were marked down to $1.57.

  • audra

    Mine were $2.02 each in Milford CT. I wasn’t expecting ECB, didn’t get ECBs but considering these were free I’m happy and my DH will be too 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Got two post shave lotions for free….no ECB but still happy. Thanks!!

  • Lisa

    I just did this deal and I did get the $5 ECB.

  • Just checked my SS coupons from yesterdays paper and I guess NY wasn’t included in this coupon, I went over it twice no coupons for Neutrogena..

    • A

      I’m in NY (Westchester) and I got this coupon. I buy the Journal News. We don’t usually get the good coupons here but once in a while we do, just like this one.

    • John

      I didn’t get this one either on Long Island, NY.

  • Anonymous

    Gilly my inlaws get the journal news and the coupon was in there.

  • barbara

    Just got back from CVS the shave gel was 1.67 at my local CVS the shelf tag was marked 3.14. I am not sure if a ECB would have been produced because I bought the shampoo and the cashier told me the neutrogena was limited to one per household. I have another cvs card and I am going to try it separately on that one to see if an ECB is produced. Wish me luck
    so after the $5 off 2 coupon I made 1.60 anyway thats good enough for me

    • barbara

      I finally made it back to CVS to capture this shave cream deal again. I used another of my family’s cvs cards and was able to get 4 creams at 1.67 each used my $5 off coupon making the 4 creams 1.68 plus a ecb did print. I thought maybe the overage from 2 (clearance 1.67 each) would carry over to another product but that did not work so the cashier suggested I get 2 more nuetrogena products and I really could have purchased just one and it would of been $5 exactly but quick math and not wanting to hold up the line I just said ring up 2 more and lets be done. 1.68 for 4 creams and a $5 ecb back was good for me thanks for the suggestions and the match ups I have been saving lots lately. :o)

  • Randi

    Gilly, I’m on Long Island and I don’t have it either.

    • I live on Long Island, thought maybe I misplaced page asked another friend who gets Newsday delivered – we are lucky we can get any deals living on LI- LOL !!

      • Was so mad that it seems that those of us who live on LI,NY did not get this great coupon in the SS that I went on Neutrogena’s FB page and asked them – between our taxes and our ever rising gas prices I wanted to know why we did not get this coupon they sent me a message back that they are looking into it (I get Newsday delivered and I have been getting it delivered for over 20 yrs.!)

        • I did get a message back on FB from Neutrogena it seems that SmartSource coupons are on a regional basis and we were not included in this special!

  • Anonymous

    just got back from cvs and it didn’t produce the ecb. I used my $3 ecb from the toothpaste and i’m pretty mad! I was going to roll that into another toothdpaste 🙁 It was also on clearance for 1.67.

  • Michelle

    I bought 4 shaving creams and 2 hand creams after coupons paid $1.89 oop.. Thank you Cindy you are amaaaaaazing!!!!!! Got back $5 cvs bucks

  • Julie

    The $5 ECB didn’t print for me either, but I’m happy considering it was free to begin with! I got one shave gel @ 1.62 and one bar soap for 3.26. This is a really nice coupon, can’t wait to see more free neutrogena!

  • meli

    i got one of the hand creams and the last shave gel and got the 5 ecb thanks!

  • MJ

    Meli – which CVS did you use?

    • meli

      Chester NY. there were a few more of the hand lotion but no more shave gel.

  • Megan Schreiner

    I just purchased 2 at the clearance price. There was a yellow clearance sticker that said 50% off $3.24 each, so I scanned it at the red coupon box and it showed your clearance listed $1.62, the sticker below the items also stated that if you buy 2 you get $5 ECB and YES IT WORKED!!!!!! SCORE!!!

  • A

    Just came back from CVS and got $5 ECB from buying 3 Neutrogena shave gel @ $1.74 ea. That was a nice MM. Yay! Thanks.

  • Roz

    The Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion was also on sale at my CVS. It was marked as $8.29 but it scanned @ $2.07. Bought one of those and one of the Razor Defense Shave Gel for $1.57 and the ECB printed. Thanks!

  • Christine R.

    Hi everyone! I just ran out to CVS to look for these and struck gold! My husband asked where I was going at 10:00 at night and I told him “out to make money!” That sounded so wrong! LOL

    Anyway, here’s what I got:

    CVS in Runnemede, NJ-

    2 Schick sensitive shaving gels @ $4.29 each – $1.50 peelie on each!
    I used a $3 ECB and spent $2.97 OOP and got back an $8 ECB!

    **This location did not have any Neutrogena clearance products that I could find.

    CVS in Audubon, NJ-

    1 Schick sensitive shaving gel @ $4.29 – $0.75 coupon from 2/24 SS (no peelie’s at this location)
    2 Neutrogena Razor Defense shaving gels on clearance for $1.57 each – $5/2 coupon from 2/24 SS (they would only allow $3.14 to be deducted)
    I paid $4.06 OOP and got back $9 in ECB’s

    So I paid $7.03 OOP all together and received $17.00 in ECB’s. I’m so excited, I’ve never gotten that much in ECB’s back in one shopping trip! I still have 1 more Schick shaving gel for this promotion but I’ll go back to Runnemede another night so I can grab the $1.50 peelie!

    Between all the razor deals and shaving gels we can shave every man in our town bald!! On that note, I guess I should go make my kids’ lunches now since it’s 11:30 at night and morning comes way too soon!

    • Christine R.

      Wow, that was long winded…sorry!

    • Cindy

      My husband asked where I was going at 10:00 at night and I told him “out to make money!” That sounded so wrong!

      LOL, that cracked me up when I read that. Too funny!

    • Laura D.

      LOL!!! Very, very funny! Awesome trip Christine! I’m hoping to score some Neutrogena today!