Better Than Free Pantene Products at CVS + More!

Pantene Coupon

Pantene Coupon

Pantene Coupon – Can you guys handle all these awesome clearance finds at CVS lately?  I’m loving it!  Reader Joshua let me know that he found Pantene Hair Products on sale for $1.24 and $1.44 each.  He used the $3/2 Pantene Products from the 1/27 P&G insert to score a $0.32 Money Maker when you buy both products.

Joshua also found ACT Sensitive Formula Mouthwash on clearance for $1.49.  He used the $1/1 Act Mouthwash or Mouthrinse printable (or $1/1 from the 2/3 RP) to score these for only $0.49 a bottle!

I guess you guys are headed back to CVS 🙂

Here are your deals:


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Thanks Joshua!

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  • meli

    ahhh the raods better be clear when i get outta wk today ; )

  • Elaine

    Are the clearance items in the same spot as the normal prices items, or does CVS have a clearance section? TIA

    • Melissa

      When I went yesterday for the razor clearance it was mixed in with the normal priced items….not separate.

    • Rita S.

      it is mixed in with the regular priced stuff….

  • Xiao

    Which cvs r these? I rarely find clearance at my south Philly cvs…Walgreens always has reduced/clearance tho!

  • Anonymous

    I have noticed lately that my coupons from Smartsource prints out weird. Looks like the wording on the content overlaps. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Jane

      It happens to me as well and I am not sure why. But I do know that stores are accepting it anyway since the most important items are printed properly (like the MQ, expiration date and product name).

    • Kate

      Do you guys use Mac? It happened to me once when I tried to print from a Mac. It never happens when I use windows computers to print coupons.

  • 0246

    so i just went to my local CVS and they have none of these items (and none of the venus razors), theoretically meaning they already clearanced out. boo!

    i did get the nature made minis; the b vits are not b1g1, but the omega3/6s are. i bought 2 omega3s $14.99 ea, b1g1. used $10/1 CVS q and (2) $2/1 from SS 1/6/13, paid 50c ea. good deal!

    the CVS q did beep and the associate said i wasn’t using the correct CVS card? but she pushed it through anyway.

    • Keri

      Same thing happened to me with the coupon beeping, saying I was using the wrong card. Weird! I ended up getting the B vitamins and just using the CVS coupon and paid .49 since I don’t really use omega-3. Wish the B was B1G1.

  • Joshua

    I found them in Northeast Philadelphia, but I went to 2 CVS locations looking for clearance and this was all I found. All the razors were gone. The only Pantene on clearance is the classic conditioner and the anti humidity hairspray.

    • Amy

      Hi Joshua, I’m from Northeast Philly too. So you must be one of the couponers in my area!

  • Christine R

    Good find! Thanks for posting. I went and got my Venus razor last night but couldn’t find any mini’s that me or my family would use. It was cheap, but not free so I didn’t spend the money.

    If you’re reading this, are these items marked with the clearance price or did you price check it? Also, if it’s not too much trouble could you post the UPC code on the products you bought? Thanks a bunch!

  • Anonymous

    This weather put a damper on my coupon adventure = / wanted to check out the Cvs around me I have like 4 in about 3 mile radius but I don’t drive = |

  • A.R

    My local cvs had None of the clearance items posted here..Perhaps they were all Gone 🙁

  • Tarah

    Ok got 3 act because the redbox popped out a $2 off any 2 mouthwash or toothpaste purchase and the 2 $1 off came to .46. Didn’t find Pantene on clearance though : (

  • Dawn

    so bummed. my CVS had none of these deals 🙁

  • Erika

    I found 2 Act sensitivity mouthwashes but my 2 $1 coupons beeped and the cashier refused to take them. I ended up paying $1.59 for each Act mouthwash because that’s what they were priced at my store and CVS refused my coupons. Did anyone else had the issue with the smart source coupons at CVS? Venus razors were all sold out.

  • Carol S

    Everything was out a my CVS also, but I did find the act mouthwash on clearance but they wouldnt take my coupon either. It beeped and they said they could not push it through.

  • AnnieGrace

    Is there a certain day of the week that CVS marks new clearance items? Everytime I go, there are all kinds of clearance tags and it looks like they have had good items on clearance, but they are all gone.

    • Deena

      Ask at your local store! I talked to a manager one day and found out when their trucks are scheduled, etc. When all else fails, ASK!!! It is differen at every store.