Sea Cuisine Cod & Tilapia as low as $0.49 at ShopRite

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Sea Cuisine Coupon

Sea Cuisine Coupons –  Earlier today I posted a new Sea Cuisine Coupon.  The coupon is for $2.00 off any (1) High Liner Sea Cuisine product.

Print: Sea Cuisine Coupon

Along with the Target & Kroger deals, ShopRite shoppers can score Sea Cuisine for as low as $0.49.  The Sea Cuisine Cod Potato Fillet is priced at just $2.49 and the Sea Cuisine Tilapiea Coconut Fillet is just $2.99.

Here are your deals:


Don’t have ShopRite in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • steph

    awesome deal! Is this a sale price or their regular price?

  • Pamela

    Can someone tell me where this fish can be found?
    Wondering if it’s frozen or fresh? I remember buying
    some fresh Sea Cuisine fish by the pound with a coupon
    last spring. TIA 🙂

  • Bill

    I’m pretty sure this is frozen.

  • Melissa

    Yes, it’s frozen, but I believe it’s found in the Seafood department.

    • Bill

      Well, even the Mrs. Paul’s and Gorton stuff is in the seafood department! I’ve had their stuff from BJ’s before and it’s OK. For 49-99c, it’s worth it, especially since my wife isn’t big on fish so she can have something else and we don’t have to get the big package. This will probably also work well for my son at college, I’ll have to tell him to print the coupon and go to SR.

      BTW the coupon prints on the top of the page, with an ink wasting contest ad on the bottom, for those who like to print on half sheets of paper. Even when printing with a second coupon from the site (there is a $1/1 Kikkoman) it prints on its own page with the ad!

  • mary

    Does anyone know is they will be at this price next week also? Or do I have to run out now and buy it?

    Bill, it’s one of my pet peeves when coupons take the entire page to print. Problems of the first world!

    • Bill

      It could be worse — it could print in the middle of the page like the idiots at CouponNetwork do, or they could print it on the BOTTOM of the page like some do, with the ad on the top. At least this way if you know, you can put half a sheet in from a previous coupon print, and not bother having to print all of the bottom portion.

      I actually managed to use CouponNetwork’s wasteful printing to my advantage this week. I had one coupon from them in the middle of the page, so I was able to reuse the sheet twice to print a coupon (without any ads on the sheet) both on the top AND the bottom!

  • Bill

    I wasn’t able to find this at my SR, even though SR at Home said they had it. The guy in frozen (where Mrs. Pauls and Gorton’s stuff was) said it was not there and to check in seafood. Did not see it there and the guy at the counter was busy. I’ll be at a different SR later and will check there.

    • Rocky

      Bill, don’t know if you actually checked this area, but, in my SR, there is a frozen foods seafood upright right next to the actual fresh seafood department. That is where they usually keep this type of product. In it they have things like this, the SeaPak stuff, clam items (like casino, etc.), bags of shrimp, etc.

      • Bill

        My store has a case (not upright) near seafood but I could not find Sea Cuisine. The upright case was refrigerated stuff. Tried a second store – the seafood people told me to go to frozen, the frozen guy told me to go to seafood. If it’s still on sale tomorrow, I will be near another (larger) SR that is owned by another group and I’ll look there.

        • Rocky

          Awww, bummer. I tried at my store, also, and, although they had similar type items, they didn’t have this brand. And, no one seemed to know anything about it. Too bad it’s not showing on sale, anymore..we might have had time to find it…

  • Bill

    According to Shoprite from Home, this is back up to $4.49. Oh well.

  • Bill

    Assuming the coupon is still valid, BJ’s has a $3 coupon for Sea Cuisine items in the March coupon book. It can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons so you’d get $5 off. Not as good a deal as the Shoprite deal, but many of us were unable to find it there.