ShopRite Shoppers! Dole Fruit Crisps as low as $0.31 each

Dole Coupons

Dole Coupons

Last week I posted these two new Dole Coupons.  Here are those coupons again:

Yesterday I posted a bunch of new Catalina Deals including this one for Dole Fruit Bowls, Gels, Parfaits or Crisp.  Here are the details again:

ShopRite sells the Dole Fruit Crips for $2.00, so only $0.31 each after coupons and Catalina when you buy 4!

Here is your deal:


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  • adam

    Your math doesn’t seem right, but I might be missing something.
    4 x $2 = $8
    $8 – (4 x $.75) = $5
    $5 – $.75 (catalina) = $4.25

    which is ~$1.06 a unit

    • Maria

      At most Shoprites a .75 coupon will double to 1.5
      so it would be
      8 – 6(1.5 X 4)= 2
      2 – .75 = 1.25
      1.25 for 4 units = .31 per unit

    • Rocky

      Hi, Adam, the four $0.75/1 coupons are doubled, so, this comes out to the following:

      4 x $2 = $8
      $8 – $6 (4 x $0.75 doubled)= $2
      $2 – $0.75 = $1.25
      $1.25/4 = $0.31 ea

      Cindy usually calculates her ShopRite deals based on the assumption of coupons up to $0.99 fully doubling (which I realize your store may not do, so, your calculations would be different).

  • Teresa

    I was just at my Shoprite today and I got 4 using the coupons but at mine they were priced $2.29 and they had to adjust the price because the tag said 2 for $4 and they said it was left on from last week.

    • Anonymous

      They were $2.00 at my store on Saturday.