Free Cascadian Farms Frozen Veggies at Stop & Shop {2/15}

cascadian farm coupons

Cascadian Farm Coupons

Cascadian Farm Coupons – There is a great instant savings deal starting on Friday, February 15th at Stop & Shop.  The deal is buy 5, save $5 Instantly! There are some really great coupons that you can use to make this deal even better. Of course you can mix and match any of the items you want, but who doesn’t want free/cheap veggies! So be sure you print your coupons now!

Coupons Currently Available:

Here is your deal starting 2/15:


Don’t have a Stop & Shop in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • claire

    i have a stop n shop nearby (rte 35 middletown, in the same plaza as kohl’s), but have never shopped there…does anyone know if they with double 5 of the same coupon? thanks!

    • Bill

      I don’t think they have a published limit, do they?

    • Cindy

      That’s my Stop & Shop! Yes, most of the time they will.

  • Pam

    Just in time!! I was just getting all my coupons ready to go to ShopRite tomorrow and was going to buy this cereal. Very healthy cereals!

  • Bill

    It appears that the 75c coupons are linked because I printed one from each of the posted links and then was told that I reached the limit on both. I tried it on another machine and was able to print a second from one site without going to the 2nd site. So to print 5 coupons, you’ll need 3 machines.

  • Anita

    Awesome find, thanks so much!

  • Haseena

    Will this work at gas point stores too? I don’t have an ad so I can’t check if the instant savings will work here in LI. TIA

    • John

      I’m also on Long Island and it’s not part of the gas points. I plan on doing this deal in combination with the Food Should Taste Good chips since I only have 1 computer.

    • Bill

      I was able to see next week’s ad on their website and it does have the buy 5 get $5 off deal. I am in NY in a store with gas points.

  • Eden

    do you know if this deal can be done more than once per transaction? as in, buy 10, get $10 off?

  • Emily

    …:( It’s gone..

    • Bill

      It’s not gone. I just printed from my home machine.

      • Bill

        Oops, my bad. Thought I was in the Food Should Taste Good thread.

        • liz v

          Bill I’m laughing how you wandered into the wrong thread….I”m very tired and stuff like this only happens on coupons blogs-

  • Anonymous

    I am mortified! I went to SS today, and these coupons wouldn’t scan, and when the manager checked it told me there were no watermarks-basically my coupons were fake! I feel so bad-and I printed them out on my pc and laptop legit! anyone else have any issues????

    • Cindy

      If you printed them off your computer, they are not fake. They are printed with bricks technology and there is not way they are fake. Some times Stop & Shop has issues with the new bar codes so that was probably why they didn’t scan.

      • liz v

        Sorry I came out as “anonymous” before…. I DID print them! I was so mad. Thanks for telling me about the bar code issue. The first manager looked at them, and seemed suspicious, then she brought them to the back and the store manager said “no watermark”. That was that. Tomorrow I will try them at another SS. I almost feel like I never want to use internet coupons again!! :p GRRRR!!

      • Bill

        Actually, Simply Orange had coupons that they claimed to be fake on the CIC site. I had a validly printed one that came up as invalid coupon at Shoprite. I contacted Simply Orange and they claimed they had never had a coupon and refused to do a thing for me. I stopped buying their stuff for quite a while until recently, when I bought because of an Ibotta deal.

  • maria

    Mine didn’t scan either, but the customer service just refunded me the amount of the coupons. I did two transactions.

  • Sarah

    Only the mixed vegetables were on sale 2 for $5 at my S&S in Piscataway. Did anyone find other items (corn, peas, spinach, etc.) on sale?

    • Cindy

      Corn worked. Peas did not ring up at $2.50 but they did work for the instant savings. They adjusted the priced for me. Broccoli Florets did not work for instant savings and rang up at $2.79.

      • Michelle T.

        Funny, I went to the Franklin Park store and bought mixed vegetables and broccoli cuts and they all worked @ 2.50 and generated the $5 instant savings 🙂

        • Cindy

          the Broccoli Florets are the ones that are not working. They are 10 oz bags. I didn’t try the broccoli cuts but that good to know they are working.

          • Bill

            I noticed that a 10 ounce bag of corn was not scanning on sale, either, but a larger bag did. I think you need to buy the one pound bags.

            • Bill

              I just checked in my freezer and can confirm that both the corn and broccoli were the 16 ounce bags.

  • Bill

    I finally got to S&S and am happy to say that the Cascadian Farm coupons scanned (and doubled) at self-scan with no problems! Corn and broccoli were on sale at my store, so I bought those (not usually big on frozen broccoli, but for free we can try it, I only bought one of those).

    The Del Monte 50c mango also doubled fine. I also did another round of the Food Should Taste Good chips on a separate order.

    I’ve had some real trips from hell recently at S&S (coupons not scanning because of register problems, etc.) and this one was a real pleasure! Didn’t even need to get a cashier involved.