Today’s Reader Shopping Trip – Free Spring Face Cream Kits at Rite Aid

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing

Elena was able to score that hot freebie on Pure Spring Face Cream Kits at Rite Aid yesterday, plus she stocked up on Neosporin products this week!  Great job, Elena!


  • (2) Pure Cream Kits $19.99 BOGO Free
  • (4) Neosporin Wound Cleansers, $2.50 each

Coupons Used:

Total OOP: $2.07 including tax
Received: (2) $10 UPR (Pure Cream) and (1) $3 UPR (Neosporin)

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  • kabby

    Sweet!!!! Can you tell me if the neosporin coupon prints with any mention of Walmart on it? Great post.

  • Erika

    Do you know if this counts for the monthly up rewards

    • ELENA P

      No..none of these items!!

  • Jane

    Nice! Where in the store are the Pure Face Cream kits located? I went to Rite Aid today looking for them and didn’t find them in the face cream/wash aisle. I had my kids with me and they weren’t in a shopping mood, so I didn’t stay to look around the store further.

    • Nate

      I found mine located with all of the lotions. There were two varieties, the one located in the picture above and another one that was a 3 part pack with day and night serums.

  • MicheleAna

    Great job! Can someone please tell me where in the store I might find these Pure Cream kits? Thanks

    • Meli

      smae ? i cnat seem to find them.. Tia

  • Purvi

    My rite aid dont have these cream. Can you please tell me which rite aid is this?

    • ELENA P

      In North East Philadelphia!!

    • Meg

      Hi Purvi, I am in Brooklyn, NY and RA on 86th street has plenty of face cream.

      • kabby

        My old stomping ground!!! That area has SOOOO many Rite aids to choose from…I have 2 in my area of Bergen county…one is pretty much empty on a good day. Holler!!

        • Meg

          yes, we have too many RA but when something is advertised, it is gone in first few hours, same with CVS, cream deal is pretty unknown to general public and I guess this is why it is still there. When we had pizza deal few weeks ago, I drove to 4 or 5 RA, nothing, then I realized I already spend more gas then I would save, LOL.

  • Meg

    I know it is free but did anyone tried this face cream, I never heard of this before.

  • maggie

    i am leaving Rite Aid now, took me a while to find the Pure kis. they were in the facial cleansers/moisturizers section. I found them near the Dermasilk and Oil of Olay products.

  • Sandy

    In NJ there were by the Olay & Neutrogena facial things on very bottom shelf

    • Kris

      In NJ, took 3 stores to find them, none in voorhees on 561 or Berlin on Rt 30 but W.Berlin had 2 (which I bought) – and I have the 10% off every purchase from my couponing so much there last year (I didn’t spend anywhere that much, but the coupons counted!), so I paid $17.99 for 2 plus tax and got back 2 $10 UP rewards 🙂

    • Jane

      I looked in that area at the RA by my house and didn’t see any, not even an empty spot with a price tag indicating that they had some at one point but were all out when I came in.

      I may try another store today.