Better Than Free Venus Embrace at CVS!

Venus Coupon

Venus Coupon

Venus Coupon – Here is another clearance deal to keep an eye out for at CVS.   The Venus Embrace Razor (UPC 47400505339) is ringing up at 75% off for $2.09.  Use the $2/1 Venus Family System Razor, exp. 2/28/13 (P&G 01/27/13) coupon to pay only $0.09 for the razor, plus this week when you buy any 1 Venus Razor you will receive a $4.00 ECB (limit 1), making this a $3.91 Money Maker! Woot!

Here is your deal:


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Thanks Patricia!

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  • Jessica H

    Awwww man, must have been a regional coupon, not in any of my inserts from 1/6

    • zaida

      jessica is on the p&g 1/27.

  • SKennedy

    It’s a great deal but I don’t have the coupon from January and there is no way to get one. So it’s not a good deal. Many of your posts are with coupons from months prior. If you are not a coupon hoarder, like me, there is no way to get these deals.

    • Cindy

      If you don’t have the coupon, then just simply buy it and you will get an ECB. The item will still be a money maker without the coupon. Then, you might want to read the beginners section on the site so you can learn the strategies for saving money at the grocery store. One of the number one ways to save is by saving your coupons and using them for when the product is on sale. That is called strategic couponing it’s not being a “coupon hoarder”. Hope that helps. 😉

      • Christine R

        Cindy, you need to add a “like” button to your website. 😉 (As if you don’t have enough to do! LOL)

        • Martha

          I was thinking the same thing. I use the file system and it works great for me

    • Kate

      Saving coupons for 1 month isn’t hoarding, you’re going to miss a lot of great deals by tossing them so early. Cindy doesn’t control when an item goes on sale, so I’m not sure why you’re getting mad at her. Couponing takes patience sometimes, and waiting a month to use a coupon shouldn’t be that hard. Maybe you can find a different website that only uses brand new coupons, but I’m sure the deals won’t be as good or frequent.

      • Phoenix

        Agreed coupon hoarding lol @ Cindy great job i dont know how id get along with out you is it bad that i check your site in the morning before brushing my teeth? lol

        • Christine R

          That is so funny! I can relate…I get to sleep in on Sunday mornings and my hubby gets up with the kids, but I still get up to grab my Shoprite digitals and check this site, then drop back into bed!

    • kabby

      May I suggest that you look into different methods of organizing your coupons…one place to start would be “couponing for beginners” at the top of the page…good luck.

    • Meg

      Deals repeat all the time, so if you see some coupon you would love to use, keep it. It takes sometimes more then month and sometimes it is even last day and sometimes it expires, you never know, but there are good chances that you will use coupon. I do not always buy inserts because in my area they are not as good, I open paper in store and check first before buying. This eliminates me having to organize coupons I know I will not use. In non dubling area like mine it is more difficult to do deals but not impossible. Maybe you feel the same way, do not give up, you can still do it. As for organizing, try to put on list all coupons you have, just write down and then it will be easier to see what you have. It is not hoarding at all, you must keep coupon and wait for deal, there is no other way. Read beginner section to get into game, it is not as hard as you think, good luck.

    • Jodi

      Coupon hoarding? Wow I need to be on that show, because I have coupons from 2011 inserts! I would definitely also suggest reading the coupon for beginners section.

    • sandy

      that coupon was from less than 2 weeks ago & most coupons are not good for months and months. If you can’t be bothered saving coupons for a month then you are not a serious couponer.

  • Anonymous

    its 4.57 at my cvs still a great deal

    • Elle

      hi, where r u located?

  • Megan

    Skennedy, it is definitely worth it to save your coupons. I have one of those accordian things that is small enough to fit in my bag.

    Thanks for posting this deal!

  • Jaime

    I have a coupons for $2/1 Venus Family System razor. Not sure about what this wording means. Do you think it will work on this product?

    • Nancy

      yes, this is the correct coupon. I did this 4 times!

      • Leah

        Can I ask how you did it 4 times? In the ad, there is a limit of 1. Is that not the case?

        • Anonymous

          The limit for the ECB is 1, but even without the ECB its still a great deal. If you have more than one coupon you can get each one for $0.09

      • Elle

        hi, where r u located?, im in norcal

      • Elle

        hi, where r u located? im in norcal

    • Anonymous

      The wording means it’s not for a disposable, it means it can only be used on the razors you can buy the refill blades for 🙂

      • Cindy

        The coupon listed is from the 1/27 PG for the Venus Family System Razors. What makes you think that is for disposable razors?

  • Melissa

    I was at cvs yesterday. I didn’t see any signs….I will go back today to check it out. Will the discounted price show up if I scan it at the red machine or only at checkout?

    • Jaime

      It’ll show up at the red machine.

      • Melissa

        Thank you! The prices at my cvs tend to be higher than what I’ve seen posted so I like checking the red machine first so I’m not surprised at the register….

  • maureen

    Use the BOGO coupon from the P&G insert and get 2 free Plus moneymaker.

    • Leah

      Where is the BOGO?? I only see the $2.

      • Anonymous

        In your 1/27 P & g insert for disposable razors

        • Anonymous

          it’s the 2/3 RP and it’s not the correct coupon for this item. The coupon is for the disposable razor and this product is a system razor. You can find the Venus disposables in the $7.50-$12 range the coupon will take off the full amount. I used the bogo coupon on the “simply” venus variety $8.79 each in my store -$11.99 B1G1 making them $2.79 each after coupon not as great a deal :/

  • ueen

    Oh man. This is what I get from coming to work. I can not access my pile of inserts. lol jk 🙂

    great find Patricia.

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome, Ueen!

  • Monica

    Thanks i got a BOGO coupon im going to try it today

  • Jamie

    I keep the coupons outside by the recyclables and then they go a month over I just put them in the next can

  • Megan

    The CVS by my work marked it as a clearance, so they were all gone. Boo! Hopefully I will have better luck at the one by my kids’ school, hahaha!

  • Nancy

    The other day at CVS, I was looking for the venus razor for $7 something and was going to use the $2 coupon and get back $4eb. I happened to come across the venus razor that you’re talking about now that was in with the disposables upside down that someone had thrown there. When I checked the price on the red machine, I was thrilled that it was only $2.09. Knowing that I would only pay .09 with the $2 coupon, I didn’t care that I wouldn’t get back the $4ecb. When I purchased it and the $4ecb printed I almost peed my pants (no really….I really had to go!). As far as hoarding coupons, I don’t think that’s what it is. I always buy 8 papers weekly. I used to go through each insert and cut out the coupons that I know I will use and save the rest of the insert in a plastic file box with hanging folders with the date on a sticky for each folder. Now I just file the entire insert and when I make my list for the store, I just use Cindy’s coupon database and retrieve the coupons at that time. Or, when I read a great deal that Cindy has listed, I simply go to my file box and pull the correct insert out. It saves me a lot more time this way instead of looking through each insert times eight and cutting out coupons, then filing them in my binder. I know it’s not for everyone but it works for me and is better than having all of these inserts sitting day after day waiting for me to go through them. There….I’m finished…….Thanks Cindy!!

    • loretta

      I use the same coupon strategy, I use a hanging file box I got at staples 2 years ago (i think) that I got Free (a Deal Cindy Posted of course) I put in some of those hanging folders, and I file my inserts by week, when I need a coupon I go to the week, and clip what I need. I think it’s much easier then the binder method as well. Plus there’s no going through a binder and tossing and moving, etc. I keep inserts until my box is over flowing then I move them to a cardboard box for recycling I hold the box till the end of the year and it goes out then. My husband complained this year the box was to heavy (oops) so Now I have 2 hanging file folders one for the new and one for the old. If I see a great in store deal, I just go back the later or another tiime during the week and buy it.

      • etah

        I also use the similar method of holding onto the inserts. I usually end up with 3 – 5 copies of each. I go through them and clip any that I know I will use (Eggslands Best, Cheerios, etc.) and then file them.

        I use in an enclosed(on 3 sides) thick accordion style manila file folder – SmartSouce in one and Red Plum in another. I write the date of the insert on the first page of one set of SS or RP in black Sharpie and put the rest of the insert behind them. Then I file them, most recent first and keep together in a big plastic accordion file folder with a flap. I keep the P&G inserts in there too. Every few months, I pull the oldest inserts from the back and get rid of the ones that have expired.

        When I see that there is a coupon matchup on Cindy’s list, I go through my files and clip that coupon.

    • Sobeida

      I tried the coupon binder, clipping and filing with the baseball cards holders, I was going crazy not knowing what I used, what was regional, what I misplaced, what I have, what I did not get, to many whats!!! Now I just keep my inserts and then go there and clip when I see the store posts, if it is not in there, I did not get the regional, if the picture is in there for the product and there is a cut out, then I have used the coupon. This method is much better for my sanity

      • Sobeida

        I forgot to add, I might be a coupon hoarder, I keep SS and RP until the end of the year, then I go over them and clip the Q’s still good to use.

  • Rocky

    My 2 cents: If coupons were meant to be discarded immediately (instead of held onto/hoarded), they would all have one week expiration dates…(god forbid…)

    • Christine R

      LOL – Rocky!

    • Shanta

      great response

  • Meli

    where is the bogo coupon??? TIA

  • Mimi

    Unfortunately this item is on clearance for $4.24 at the CVS on Cedar Lane in Teaneck. Anyone find the clearance price for $2 in Bergen County, NJ?

  • Colleen

    Thanks Maureen for the BOGO tip – what a great deal!

  • Lesley

    I found at my CVS that Mach 3 power razor blade 8ct were on clearence for 75% off, making them a little over $7 at my store. Less than a dollar per razor is amazing!!!! My boyfriend goes through these since he has a bald head!

  • Cheri

    They were $1.99 at my CVS in Ct. There was only 1 but free plus a $4 mm ! Yea Thanks !

  • Rick

    Make sure to check the price of these at the magic coupon machine. At one CVS I found them selling for $8.99 even though they were marked for clearance. I went to another CVS and they were on sale for $4.24 making it a sweet $1.76 moneymaker.

    • Elle

      hi, where r u located?

      • Rick

        This was at the Scotch Plains CVS.

        • Elle


  • Laura D.

    Thanks Patricia for sharing! Score! 🙂

  • zaida

    I went to my cvs and i only found 2 Gillette venus $ 2.07 each and also found the Gillette Mach3 Turbo, 8 cartridges $ 6.49 and the regular price is 25.99 and now 75% off amazing, in the end only pay 2.49 for everything.

  • Elle

    my cvs in sunnyvale ca, is ringing up at 75% off =(

    • Elle

      sorry my cvs in sunnyvale ca, is ringing up at 25% off =(

  • Tracy

    Both of the Fair Lawn, NJ CVS have the Venus on clearance for $2.19, but not marked. I was able to use both the $2 off coupon and the BOGO, so three razors cost me $2. 38, and I got the $4 ecb…. Whoopie! Also found 2 of the Nivea clearance shave creams for $1.12, and they produced the $2 ecb each! No more of those left, but still Razors left there ladies…

  • Michelle T.

    Found the Venus at my local store for $2.12, used the $2 coupon and it produced the $4 EB! There were still a few left ( North Brunswick store by Regal cinemas)! Just got back 1/2 hour ago 🙂

  • Anonymous

    just got back from 5 CVS in my area. 4 had price 4.49 or so, one CVS had 2.09 but also had a sign stating 75 off and it was all gone. Wonder how same area, maybe 3 miles apart from each other can have different prices, mystery. too bad I did not have coupon.

  • Kris

    My CVS had a bunch of them. They were not listed as marked down but listed as $7.99 with a $4 ECB. I took 1 to the red machine and it showed clearance at $3.99. I paid $1.99 with the coupon ($2.27 with tax) and got back $4 ECB 🙂 There were plenty left on the rack and I only took 1 – this was in Berlin in case anyone local wants to do the deal 🙂

  • Olivia

    I scored 4 of these yesterday by me with no problem. The store did not have any labels on the peg it was an easy score..paid 48 cents per transaction and took off with 8.00 in ECB 🙂 very exciting!!

    One of the employees in my local store told me that not all clearance is marked for that reason that they dont want everyone clearing their shelves- that they can make more money by sending it back to the corporate warehouse..crazy…

    • Anonymous

      where are you located?? thanks

    • Elle

      hi, where r u located?

  • Kaska

    My cvs has them priced at 6.21..still good deal 🙂

  • Ben

    Wish I realized that the ECB was no longer viable.

    My store had them, clearance price $5.99, would have been free with ECB but no more ECB. May want to update the header so people don’t expect to see it.