Acme: Buy a $169.99 Freezer, Get Over $170 in Coupons!

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Acme Freezer Deal

This awesome Freezer Deal is back at Acme again this year!  The deal is to buy a freezer at Acme for $169.99 and you will receive over $170 worth of coupons!

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Reader Cathleen purchased the freezer and used all her coupons in one order.  She got all of this pictured (total bill $179.59) for only $5.93 out of pocket, which is the cost of the Finish Tabs and Lucky Charms Cereal which weren’t included in the Freezer Coupons.  Awesome job, Cathleen!

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  • Nuri

    Are any of the coupons store coupons that you could double dip with a manufacturer’s coupon and get more product for free?

  • Cbusche

    Love it! Wish our store had that deal I need a new freezer and more coupons!!

  • Lisa P

    Sounds great! Do you have details about the coupons? Sounds like they were high value q’s. I would love to do this deal if my Clifton, NJ store has it.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Melissa

    I bought this freezer but I haven’t redeemed any coupons yet because the freezer is already full! 90% of the coupons are for FREE products. There are maybe 5-10 coupons for Dollar off amounts. Not a bad deal at all! Each store should have gotten 2 I would call ahead to make sure they still have them because the sale has been running all month. HTH 🙂

  • HLF

    Could you tell us about the freezer? Looking to buy one but my store did not have any sample for me to look at.

  • Gen

    Just got it they lowered the price. It’s now149!

  • Traci

    Is this promotion only going on at select Acmes?

  • deanna

    i feel like I’m missing something, How did she get the freezer and the items for almost $5. How did the cost of the freezer come off the total?

    • Menen

      When she said she purchased a freezer and used all her coupons in one order, I think she was just referring to the coupons. So.. she bought the freezer and got the coupons and THEN used them (the coupons) all in one order.

      The receipt shown is only for the coupon items purchased. I can definitely see where you got that from though. =)

  • Ruth

    I bought one last week. Last year, by the time I tried to get one they were sold out. They go quick once word gets out. Each store only gets a few. I paid $169 for the 5.3 cf chest freezer. The coupons were a $170 value. All were for free items except a $5 off Finish coupon, a $5 off Moneygram order coupon, and a $5 off laundry detergent coupon I think. The free items ended up with a value of around $157 or so. If you are planning on buying a freezer anyhow, it is a great deal in my opinion.

    • Gen

      Also a $1 off Palmolive

  • Glo

    Is this only an in-store deal or can I purchase it online and still receive the coupons?

    • Ruth

      Pretty sure it is only in store. The manager told me each store only gets a few freezers (at least in my area).

  • Gen

    I’m trying to figure out how she used the $5 off money gram coupon for this transaction??

    • Ruth

      Hmmm…I just saw that. Not sure as I think it is for sending a minimum amount of something like $20? I don’t have the coupon on front of me though.

      • Gen

        Yeah…I have mine…it says a Money gram transaction of UP TO $50. I need to do some brainstorming and research on Money Gram and how I can use this…If the original couponer could explain how she used it that would be great.

        • Cathleen

          Looks like I got lucky with the coupon. I took out the coupons i didnt use but wanted to keep and gave the cashier my booklet for him to scan (figured it was easier than ripping them all out). He must of scanned that one by mistake and it went through. Didnt even notice it till now

  • Faith

    Are the coupons manufacturer’s coupons or Acme store coupons?

    • Gen

      Store coupons

    • Gen

      I spoke too soon. They are all Store Coupons Except:
      Drive Thru burgers
      Old Orchard
      Simply potato
      Little Debbie
      Minute Maid

      They are all free except the palmolive

  • Chrissy

    Got mine last night for $149.00 . Thanks for the heads up. I was looking for a freezer for the last couple monthes!

  • Sed

    I just called the Acme Clifton NJ store and gave my name & number. They are making a list to order a large number of them for people who want them. Call and get your name on the list for this awesome deal! 🙂 However the price customer service told me was $169.99 not $149. Still a great deal though 🙂 🙂

    • Gen

      FYI…I got mine at Clifton last night and it did in fact ring up 149. So customer service probably just told you the advertised price, the register does reflect the lower price. There was 1 left last night.

      • Gen

        All the way in the back by the fresh fish counter.

  • Sed

    Thanks Gen! I’m going there now to check it out!