Annie’s Homegrown Snacks Only $0.49 at ShopRite!

Annies Coupons

Annies Coupons

If you guys haven’t printed these awesome Annies Coupons yet, they’re still available to print.  Here’s what you can find:

ShopRite sells many Annie’s Homegrown Snacks for $1.99, so only $0.49 after fully doubled coupon.  That’s a great deal!

Here are your deals at ShopRite:


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  • Dawn

    Is anyone else having a problem printing these? I select the coupons I want to print, it asks for my name and email which I put it, then I just get a blank screen that says your coupons are printing, but they don’t print. I have been tryng since Monday to print these..

    • Emmy O.

      I was having the same problem. It seemed to be with Java. Someone pointed out I should uninstall my Java and then reinstall it. That did the trick. I can print with ease now.

  • An

    I am with you Dawn. I finally emailed the company to request the coupons by mail.

  • Anonymous

    Takes a few min then prints

  • Bridget

    I can’t print either. I don’t know if this matters, but my AVG virus thing popped up and said that it removed a threat from “coupon factory”. Lovely.

  • Anonymous

    The list to the coupons did not appear at all.

  • Tracy

    Yeah, I love Annies! Thx for the coupons, I had no trouble printing them.

  • stacy

    I just printed the coupon and it says DND : (

  • Dawn

    Still no luck. I have java installed on my computer. I emailed the company and they got back to me saying they are sorry i am having problems and they will mail them to me 🙁

  • Stephanie

    Mine required a java update. Worked on one computer, still trying to get the other to work. BUT these say DND

  • MrsO

    The coupons do say DND, but I used the snacks and mac & cheese coupons and they both doubled 🙂

    • Dawn

      thank you.. was planning on going tonight to use these. i was hoping they were going to double

  • I found two in the gluten free isle but they were $3.59

  • Gathergoods

    No problem doubling for me at Shop Rite… only some of the varieties were on sale.

  • I want to COUPON

    When it says “Double Coupon”…does the store automatically double the coupon or can I use 2 coupons on 1 item?

    • Laura D.

      The store will automatically double. You will need a price plus card in order for your coupons to double. However, all Shoprites are different. Some will “fully double” meaning a $0.75/1 will double up to $1.50. Others will only double up to $1.00. And, some don’t double at all. You will have to call your local store to find out their particular policy.