Free Coke ShopRite Load to Card Coupon

Shoprite CouponShopRite Coupon

There is a new Load to Card ShopRite Coupon for a Free Coke, 1.25 liter, any variety.  Coke is part of the Munch Mania Buy $25 Get a $5 Catalina offer this week.  Coupon is good through 4/13/13.

Load to Card: Free Coke ShopRite Coupon

Note: If you are having trouble with the link above, head over here and click on the link that says “Click here to down load a coupon for a FREE munchie begins Sunday, 3/10/13”

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  • Mark

    It says “Sorry but you have already clipped this offer” … does this mean it’s already on my card? Does anyone know how to check? I know you used to be able to check but with this new format, not sure how.

  • Joanie

    Hrumph. I put my number in and it said I “already clipped this offer”….no I didn’t!

    • Amanda

      Click on the link again, and there should be a button to load it to your card. Then you’ll get a confirmation message.

      • Jackie

        Thanks Amanda. I was having the same problem. I think this helped because it says it was loaded to my card.

  • Pat

    I tried my price plus and my daughters same message “already clipped”

  • bree

    Same with me – says already clipped!?

  • lin

    I got the same error message “already clipped this offer” but I haven’t.

  • Rebecca

    Same with me but never clipped this

  • frany b

    I got the same message when I haven’t clip this coupon yet

  • Karen L

    When I tried it through the link above I also got the message already clipped. However if you go directly to the shoprite website, logon and click on the advertisement for munch mania it will provide a link to get the free coke. Also, if you click on the advertisement for Irish Soda Bread there will be a link for .30 off scones. Hope that helps!

    • Maria

      Thank you Karen that worked for me

    • Meg

      Thank you, just got mine.

    • kabby

      Thanks for the tip, was able to load the coke and scones.

    • B_Lo

      It works for me too, Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Rose

    You can also scan the QR code from the ad on your snartphone.

    • Cheri

      I scanned it on my phone but I don’t see anything about on in messages . How do I know if it loaded ?

    • Rose

      Oops, I meant smartphone!

  • Jenn

    I got ‘already clipped’ too.

  • Pat

    Got it to work. Thanks

  • Matthew

    Worked just fine! Thanks! LOVE coke zero!!

  • njmom

    Link didnt open ..just a blank page. And the shoprite app didnt have it… 🙁

  • njmom

    Yay got it to work

  • Amy

    Thanks to everybody who helped us load the coupon!

  • Dorie

    Thanks! I refreshed it after it said that I already clipped it and it worked!

  • Cassy

    I went to pick up my free soda today and I couldn’t seem to find that size in my store. All I found was the 2 liter coke.