Free Skinny Cow Chocolates Today at Noon! {First 7,500}

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Free Skinny Cow Chocolates

Just a heads up, at 12 PM EST on Today, March 13 Skinny Cow will be giving away 7,500 vouchers for a FREE box of their NEW Divine Filled Chocolate candy.  Only 7,500 will be available so you’ll have to be quick to score this freebie!

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolate Giveaway

Free Samples go quickly. If you’ve missed this one, make sure to check for all the other great free samples that are available.

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  • Joe S

    Checed in at 12 noon on teh dot, only to find out that their promo page is undergoing maintenance – worst free evah!

  • Another give away that is experiencing technical problems, wakeup we are in bad economic times people want to try your product for free before spending money on it… they have tons of people now leaving complaints on their FB page you think they are going to go out and purchase this product…

  • Joe S

    Checked in at 12 noon on teh dot only to be told their giveaway page is undergoing maintenance. . . . worst free evah!

  • Melissa

    Site is back up – just got mine. Go quick!

  • Karen

    First it said undergoing maintenance, now it tells me I already requested one and I didn’t. Don’t think I will be buying their products anytime soon!

  • erin

    I tried but it’s saying I already reserved a sample…not true. It seems to be happening to a lot of people…. No word yet on how they are working to fix that issue

  • You can’t choose a year earlier than 2003, so you can’t participate.

  • Laura D.

    The site is back down, says to check back later. That was after filling out all of my info. 🙁 Glad you were able to get one Melissa!

  • dawn

    Everytime i log in it tells me to many tabs open…..this is tne only page i have open

  • Laura D.

    11 minutes ago they posted on their fb page that all the samples went within the first hour. If you are receiving the “you already reserved a sample”, it just means they are gone. They did say that if you did get through you will get a confirmation email. Oh well, better luck next time!

  • Jennifer

    I “unliked” their FB page. That’ll teach them to to not give me free chocolate! LOL!!!!

    • Cindy

      LOL 😀