HOT Lowes Coupon: $10 off a $50 Purchase!


Lowes Coupons

Wow, here is an awesome Lowes Coupon for you!  You can get a coupon good for $10 off a $50 purchase!  To get your coupon– click on the “Coupon Code” Tab and you should see the coupon on the top right column.  Click on the coupon to print yours!.

With Spring just about here, I’m sure many of you have lots of outdoor projects to work on so this is great timing for a coupon like this!

Print: Lowes Coupon  No Longer Available.


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  • Laura D.

    Hi Cindy, do we need a zip code? I can’t find it. TIA!

    • Laura D.

      omg, nevermind, reading the entire post would have helped!

  • alicia

    also, there was a free macchiato from starbucks coupon in there – not sure if i missed it before or it’s new, but yay!

    • Steph S.

      awesome, thanks!

  • Rose

    Wow, you never see a Lowes coupon. Is it just a one time use or can you print it more than once?

    • SBROWN

      How did you print it?

  • Bill Baker

    Great Lowes coupon!


    Where is the coupon code tab?

  • JenZ

    Thank you so much, Cindy. My husband will be using this coupon to purchase fertilizers for our lawn.

  • barbara

    Just wondering…my coupon printed with the same code # as in your illustration. I’m wondering if it will only be good for the first person who redeems it? Ant thoughts?

    • Elaine

      Barbara you are right that the codes are the same as the photo. I know that Lowes 10% coupons are all unique codes, and if you try and redeem it a second time the cashier will tell you it was used already. Intresting to see what will happen. Any thoughts Cindy???

  • chris

    just wondering…how do you print the lowe’s coupon. is there a zip code.

    • sher

      The “Tab” is on the top bar of the page… where it says coupons, save to card, Local… then COUPON CODES… never looked there before .. cool!

  • Beck

    I was at Lowe’s the same time as you posted this. Will be going back tomorrow, to return and buy again with coupon. TTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHAAAAANNNNKKKKKK YYYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

  • siggio

    Awesome deal w Lowe’s….some Home Depot stores will accept Lowe’s coupons cos they r competitors.

    • Amy

      Home Depot no longer allows PRINTED coupons from competitors, that ended years ago, HTH.

  • Anonymous

    Wow it doesn’t expire until 5/18. Good One!

  • Since the Starbucks coupon might not be legit, is this one…would hate to send my husband who hates using a coupon as it is and them not accepting it…has anyone used it.

    • Cindy

      I honestly don’t know at this point. I have an email to and I’m just waiting to hear back from them. The Lowes coupon does print like a regular coupon where the Starbucks does print differently.

      • Jessie

        Any word yet on if this is legit?

        • Cindy

          According to both of these are legit. This one I have no issues with but with the Starbucks there seems to be a breakdown in communication.

          • Cindy

            And this is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy with these companies. Last night I posted a coupon on Coupon Network for a BOGO Coffee Mate coupon. Some one had trouble printing and posted a comment on the Coffee Mate facebook page. They commented back and said that it was an fraudulent coupon. Now they just posted a link to the exact Coupon Network coupon on the Coffee Mate Facebook page. I mean what the heck?!?! These companies have no communication. It.Drives.Me.Crazy. Sorry, had to vent 😉

  • Meli

    If anyone uses this can you please post if it worked or not. THank you !

  • Sandy

    From what I see this coupon came out 2/27 – Some people are reporting that it works multiple times and others say that it doesn’t work at all. Some people even used it at Home Depot.

  • Pam

    Hi everyone…I printed two copies of the $10/$50 coupon for Lowes (using two printers). My husband was able to use both coupons today. He ended up making two trips to Lowes’s anyway. HOWEVER, they could not scan the coupon or read the number on it. WHAT THEY DID WAS: Took $10 off one of the items and when the computer (register)asked why there was a deduction, a menu came up and they clicked on ” promotional offer”. He had no trouble at all. This was at the Newburgh Lowes store.

  • Kathy

    Does it have to be one item over $50 or can it be multiple items that add up to $50 for the Lowe’s coupon? Thanks.

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      Multiple items can add up to $50 in one purchase!

  • Renee

    I tried to get the coupon by going to, then hitting coupon codes and then searching for Lowes. I find the coupon for $10 off $50 and hit click to save and then it brings me to the Lowes website. Can someone tell me specifically how to print the actual coupon to bring into the store?

  • Beck

    A sincere thank you Cindy–I saved $30 today on closet brackets. And for everyone’s information, I used the coupon at the full service register and SCO. The cashier did not look surprised or question the coupon. Then I used another 2 at the self check out because the main line was really long. The cashier helper there again, was nonchlant about it and typed in some promotion code. Easy as pie!

    • Renee

      How did you print it though?

      • Laura D.

        Hi Renee, I think it may be NLA. I don’t see where to print it anymore. I can mail you one of my originals. You can probably copy it because the code is the same on all of them so I wouldn’t consider it illegal. That is if you want more than one. You can mail me your address at ldanielson28 (at) yahoo (dot) com, take out the spaces and add the symbols, trying to avoid moderation.

  • K Turner

    AS of yeterday an email was sent out not to accept these coupons any more saying it is a fraud. I went to Lowes today to use mine is how I found out. I asked and they did show me the email sent from headquarters.

  • Renee

    I was able to use it today but the had to do something manual to make it work.

  • Sara

    I went to use the coupon today. The cashier said the coupon would not work, because the coupons were a “misprint.” He told me I needed to go online to get reinbursed, but gave me no further directions. He seemed like he was trying to get rid of me when I tried to verify. It’s annoying, because the home depot is much closer to me, so I would have just gone there if I knew the coupon was not working. 🙁

  • meli

    has anyone used this coupon this week. i was going tonnight

    • Cindy

      I don’t think they are accepting them anymore.

  • Jennifer

    My husband tried to use it over the weekend. It wouldn’t scan, so the cashier asked the manager to help. Manager said it was a fake coupon and that they’ve been told not to take them. Bummer!

  • Nancy

    We used it over the weekend, too. It came up saying that it expired, even though the expiration date was May 18th. The cashier didn’t make any big deal out of it. He just rang up one of our items as $10 less than what it cost! I guess we got lucky.