How to Use & View the New My Store Pages

How to use the New My Store Pages on LRWC

You may have noticed some changes when trying to view the match ups for certain stores.  We are slowly changing over to a new “MyStore” format which has the match ups, preview ads, catalina offers, coupon policy, ways to save and anything else to help you save money at that store.

I know sometimes when things change it gets confusing so I just wanted to show you how easy this new format is and that everything you are used to is still there and can be viewed the exact same way as before.  The only difference is that we stored it all in one place instead of having links everywhere.  So now you will know where everything is, yet you can still see everything exactly as you did before.  Best of both worlds 😉

If you have any questions please let us know.  Comments are  always welcome as it helps us to make the site better and easier to use.

Note: If you don’t see the video above you can try viewing it here.


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  • Laura D.

    This was great! Thanks for the video, very easy!

  • susan c

    i can’t see the video….it didn’t load for me…:O(

    • Laura D.

      For some reason it’s showing up as a white page for me too. Put your cursor just above the bottom scroll bar, then the play button will pop up on the left. Press play and everything will come up! HTH!

      • susan c

        yes it worked! thank you laura d! :O)

  • Meli

    i can not see the video at work but did go into shoprite yesterday and loved it !
    thank you

  • Michelle T.

    Looks great. Love that all of one store’s info and deals are in one place. Plus all the things we know and love are still there 🙂

  • Cynthia

    I like the new set up Cindy! I find it super easy to use. Not sure why people are finding it confusing?
    Anyways, I like having everything in one place. Great job with the site. I followed you for about a year and I like the improvements. Happy Easter!

  • Meg

    I like it, everything in one place, super easy to use.

  • kim

    Thank u Cindy!!