New $2.50/1 Alexia Coupon = Better Than Free at Stop & Shop!

alexia coupon

Alexia Coupon

There is a new high value Alexia Coupon available.  The coupon is for $2.50 off any Alexia Product.

Print: Alexia Coupon

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 8.41.31 AM

Stop & Shop has the Alexia Products on sale this week for $3.00.  Plus they are part of the Buy 5 Save $5 Instantly Offer making them free when you buy 5 and use 4 coupons.

Plus there is a catalina offer that ends tomorrow 3/17.  Here is the offer:

3/1 – 3/17
Buy 2 or more &  Get $1.00 Catalina

Here is your deal:


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  • Anonymous

    Help! I can’t print smart source from my Mac and I always miss these good weekend coupons when I don’t have access to a PC. I’ve tried updating my software, everything 🙁

    • Sandy

      Same here. Mine print out 1 inch x 2 inch coupons – have no idea why!

    • Nancy

      Did you check your Java? I have been having a hard time printing smartsouce q’s so I updated it this morning, and am running Internet Explorer. It worked! Good luck!!

    • amy

      I had trouble too. I updated Java and then unchecked the block pop up windows. It worked!!

  • Amanda

    I was only able to print 1 coupon.

    • tracy

      Me too : (

    • Dolly

      If you go onto Facebook and become an Alexia Ambasidor by posting a comment, loading an app., posting a timline and a recipe. You can print another coupon through smart source. Phew, a lotta work!

  • Anonymous

    it only allows to print 1,is everybody only getting to print 1 only too

    • Nancy

      Hi! Yes, I was only able to print one/computer. I have 2 computers at home…going to have to see if I can find someone to swap or pool coupons with to get these for free.

  • Nicole

    Could only print 1 per computer. And of course I only have 3 computers. 🙂

  • Sebsa

    I was only able to print 1 coupon too! Bummer… At least it wasn’t from coupons. com…I haven’t been able to print any of those coupons for a month! I can only print smartsource and redplum. So sad!

  • Annie

    Do all Stop & Shop’s have instant savings?

  • Gen

    1 print here too

  • Also could only print 1!

  • Laura

    Mac User,

    Try this to print SmartSource coupons:
    On a Mac, Firefox 4 is a 64 bit application.
    Not all plugins support 64 bit and if not then you need to start Firefox in 32 bit mode to use that plugin.

    Close Firefox
    Open the Applications folder in Finder
    Right click or control-click the icon
    Select “Get Info”
    Select or Deselect “Open in 32-bit mode”
    Close the “Firefox Info” window
    Restart Firefox

    • kris

      any way of printing coupons from my Ipad? i can only print from

  • jim

    Using a PC. Only one prints…

  • Anonymous

    Do not despair if you could only print one or 2 of the Alexi $2.50 coupons. The deal I sent my husband for was just as good, I think. I got 2 Alexi coupons from 2 diff computers, then bought 3 Mrs Smith’s pies $2.50-$1 coupon each, so we paid $5.50 then got the $5 instant savings and the $1 cat for buying the 2 Alexi fries. I made 50 cents! and we like pie as much as we like french fries;-)

  • Anonymous

    funny it states savings AFTER coupons, yet you are still able to get for free?

  • Lamar

    I am lucky enough to have 4 computers at home. Did this deal today and the cashier was shocked his words “WOW your really good”. 5 bags paid $0.00 and got a $1 catalina, not bad at all. Thanks Cindy

  • carrie

    Stop and shop gave me a bit of trouble because of the high value making the register beep. 2 supervisors later that took $5 off of my order. Kind of a pain.