Possible $5 Money Maker on Right Guard at ShopRite!


Right Guard CouponRight Guard Coupon

According to the ShopRite at Home site, it appears that the Right Guard Xtreme is still on sale for $1.99 with a Pre-Price Plus of $3.19.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 8.27.05 AM

These also appear to be included in the Henkel Buy $15 Get a $5 Catalina offer as Right Guard is pictured in the ad.

Plus, don’t forget there is a $2/1 Right Guard Xtreme Print Coupon available as well as a $2/1 Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant or Deodorant, (RP 03/03/13).

Print: Right Guard Coupon

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.18.23 AM

Here is your deal if this works**


**Note that this has not been confirmed working.  This is a possible deal to try. I have not tried the deal yet and can not get to the store until later today.  Please let us know if you tried it and your results.

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  • Brian

    I cannot find these in my local stores(Edison & Piscataway). Is anybody finding these at central NJ Shoprites?

    • Evechi

      I was able to find them in my local shop rites in Union and Esssex counties – they were not labeled for $1.99 each, I had to go and scan them. But I was wondering how buying 5 would equal $15 and give you the $5 off NP coupon. buying 5 is only going to equal $9.95, and you’ll need to add other Henkel items to reach $15.

      • Dawn K

        Evechi, if its working on shelf price ($3.19) as most SR deals do, that’s how Cindy came up with the deal. Hence the parentheses.

  • Maritza

    It’s working. Brought 5 RightGuards @ $1.99 paid $0. Used 5 $2 coupons, paid $0. Received $5 coupon.

    • meli

      Thanks !!!

  • Amanda

    The catalina is triggered to print with the presale prices. this item is $3.19 so 5 of these would get you over $15. I hope that helps.

    • Evechi

      O nice, is it like that for all catalina deals at shoprite that have a price limit, or is this an exception? Been shopping at Shoprite for years, and never knew this.

      • Sandy

        No. Most of the time it is on pre-price but on occasion it works on basic sale price. I’ve also noticed since stores are individually owned that it may work in some stores whereas other stores have adjusted their computers to not spit out Cats until actual $$ spent. We come to this site for updates and then cross our fingers

  • Steve

    Can I use 4 from the red plum and one from the internet coupon?

    • Sandy

      Yes. Limit is 4 “like” coupons

  • Debbie G

    Has anyone found these in the Toms River area, I checked the Rt. 37 store? any one look in Manchester or Fisher Blvd?

    • Jenn

      I checked the Manchester store last week after I saw the one on Rt 37 didn’t have them-they don’t carry them either. 🙁 I haven’t been to the one on Fisher yet, but they do have it on their Shop From Home page.

    • Jessica

      Jackson had them last week.

  • Mark

    Thanks for this.

  • Kristine

    Thanks for the tip!

    Has anyone confirmed if it is working at pre plus pricing in Manchester CT?

    • Anonymous

      I bought them at shoprite Manchester, CT last week for $1.99!

  • cheryl manna

    Sorry to report that in my Shoprite, (Wharton), these did not trigger the catalina. They are tagged at $1.99 with a GREEN shelf ticket. Though it was not a money maker it still was a great deal to get them for free with the $2.00 coupons.

  • Joanie

    My S/R in Gibbstown, NJ does not have them 🙁

  • Dee

    Can we make it more then one?

  • Tina

    I bought 5 and it didn’t trigger a Catalina 🙁

  • Linda Sue

    I just bought 5 at the shop rite in Deptford and go the 5 cat. However, don’t buy more than 4 of one variety. I bought five of the same kind and the fifth one was $3.19. Still a MM 🙂

    • Ruth

      They only had one variety at my SR. I paid $1.94 and got back the $5 Catalina.

  • cris

    found plenty at the Berlin NJ store….and most had $1 peelie on them….so if you don’t have printable coupons or RP (my RP did not have the coupon) you can use the $1 off ones. Won’t be free, will end up paying $1 for all 5 (only can use 4 like coupons, and will get the $5 Cat) but if you need deod, 5/$1 is a bargain!

  • John

    I bought 5 right guard extremes tonight at White Plains, NY Shoprite but no catalina printed. Still a good price but was really looking forward to the $5 catalina.

  • Jennifer S

    My ShopRite doesn’t carry these either, but the RightGuard Total Guard 5 was also on sale for $1.99 last week and the $2 coupon worked on them no problem. Of course now I wish I had waited to use the coupons this week!

  • Leslie

    At the Shoprite in Stirling they are now $3.19 and are no longer on sale in this store.

  • Dawn

    I can’t find these. I went to 2 Shoprites and a Target in NJ. Didn’t see any of them. I saw many others that were $1.99, but the coupon says Right Gurard Extreme. Will it work on the others? Really want this deal, but having a tough time finding them. Did do the Purex deal last night. Bought 3 Purex and 2 Softscrub and got a $5 CAT. Also recieved a $2 CAT and not sure why, but hey, not questioning it. Love this site. Thank you Cindy!

    • barbara

      @ Dawn What does the $2 cat say….

      • Dawn

        It just says compliments of ShopRite’s look right and feel right rewards club. still can’t figure out what it’s for.

        • kabby

          Did you happen to purchase 2 Crest toothpaste? That is what my $2 catalina says for the Crest I purchased…no mention of Crest on it.

  • Dawn

    In case anyone was wondering.. the $2/1 coupon for Rightguard extreme works on any Rightguards that are on sale. I couldn’t find the extreme anywhere (tried 3 different shoprites) so i thought i would see if it worked on the other sale deodorants. all 5 worked. woo hoo!! Also did the Garnier deal too. Paid a little over $17.00 for 5 deodorants, 2 bottles of Garnier Shampoo, 2 bottles of Garnier Conditioner, 1 Garnier styling product, 3 bottles of Centrum vitamins and got 2 $5 CATS. Thank you LRWC! I don’t know what i would do without you!

    • Kristine

      My store dis not have the xtreme type but…
      I can confirm that the $2 coupon DOES work on the other deodorants! 🙂 I used them on the total defense 5 in power stripe, and power gel in both the arctic refresh and fresh blast scents and I got the $5 cat!

  • Jackie

    Catalina deal worked at Shoprite in Hackensack…I bought 4 Right Guard XTreme deodorants, 2 Purex detergents (used $1/1 coupon) and 2 Zout stain removers and got my $5 catalina! 🙂 Love this website!!!

  • Ahuva

    can’t find the Right guard coupon…Gone?

  • caren

    Did anyone buy the Right Guard TD5 Magnetic, and have it work for the Henckel $5 cat? So far sounds like ALL the RG deodorants are working toward the deal, but I haven’t heard anyone mention that one specifically (I believe shelf price was $3.49, it is now clearanced for $1.04, on the receipt it takes off $2.45 after the $3.49 line).

  • mary

    Was wondering anyone know if this deal is working in N.Y. Orange County cause they were 1.99 last week..?

  • Anonymous

    I bought 12 purex for 1.99 , used a 1 $ off coupon on each , and also recieved a 5 off next shopping trip…in the end spent 8$ and some change for 12 bottles of laundry detergent, I love this supermarket!!!

  • I bought 12 purex for 1.99 , used a 1 $ off coupon on each , and also recieved a 5 off next shopping trip…in the end spent 8$ and some change for 12 bottles of laundry detergent, I love this supermarket!!!