Reader Favorite Extreme Couponing Tip: Print & Clip Coupons for New Products

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Print & Clip Coupons for New Products

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on printing coupons for new products! Very often we see coupons pop up for new products.  Sometimes when the coupons become available we don’t always see an awesome deal immediately with the new coupon, however I suggest you go ahead and print the coupon or clip it from your inserts anyway because it is very likely that the product will go on sale soon.

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New Products Go On Sale

When a new product becomes available, it is very likely we will see that product on sale at many stores as a way to promote the new product. As couponers, we know that we save the most money when we use coupons paired with a sale.  Therefore, an easy and routine rule of thumb to try and stick to is to hold onto those coupons for new products, whether they’re printable or insert coupons.  I know you guys may only print coupons you think you’re going to use, however printing certain coupons right away for an item you think will go on sale is a good habit, since we can’t always guarantee the coupon will still be available once the item is on sale.

A great example of a new product that had a great coupon was the General Mill’s Peanut Butter Toast Crunch Cereal.  We saw many $0.75/1 coupons for this cereal (great to use at stores that fully double), plus we saw some higher value coupons like that $1.25/1 coupon that was available at one point.  We saw many, many sale prices on this cereal.  I scored some for FREE at ShopRite and Acme plus there was a great deal at Target recently,  just to name a few!

Create a Folder for New Product Coupons

If you’re worried that printing these coupons will cause some added clutter on your desk or unwanted disorganization, try creating a folder labeled for “New Product Coupons.”  This might help you keep track of these coupons and serves as a way to prevent these more “valuable” coupons from getting lost in what might be your massive pile of printable and insert coupons.  Because these are coupons we believe we will probably definitely use in the upcoming weeks, putting them aside in a folder helps to keep tabs on them while preventing the stress of trying to find them once the sale pops up!

What do you guys do when you see a coupon for a new product?

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