Today’s Reader Shopping Trip – Target Sobe Water Deal + More!

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Extreme Couponing

Jessica headed to Target this week where she took advantage of the Sobe Water Deal, the cheap Fisher Price Deal and the awesome price on Market Pantry Pasta Sauce.  She paid just over $12.00 OOP for all this and received a $5.00 Target Gift Card for purchasing the Sobe Water.  Great job, Jessica!


  • (10) Sobe life water, $1.00 each
  • (2) Heinz Ketchup 38oz., $2.69 each
  • (1) Laugh and learn Puppy, $15.19
  • (4) Market Pantry Sauce, $1.00 each

Coupons Used:

Total OOP: $12.65
Received: $5.00 Gift Card (Sobe)

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  • Adam

    i was confused for a bit, until I realized the poster considers a Target Gift Card a coupon. The true OOP would be $17.65, then if you get a gc from the purchase (like from the Sobe), you could consider it savings.

    a gc from a previous deal shouldn’t be thought of as a coupon for the next deal it is used on, but savings on the deal it came from. when used, it is more like cash, than a coupon

    • Shannon

      I would consider the same way as Jessica did it. She already paid her OOP when she earned the GC. She wouldn’t subtract it from her original deal because she probably considers what she actually paid the first time. I calculate it that way too.
      I always have a $5 GC from some previous deal that I will roll into another GC like Jessica did.
      Great job Jessica!!!

    • chris

      yep, I calculate the same way. Still an awesome deal though!

    • Cindy

      OOP stands for Out of Pocket. How much you paid out of pocket. She paid $12.65 out of pocket (OOP) because she used a gift card from a previous purchase to lower her OOP on this transaction. We place it under coupon just to show a deduction, we are not referring to it as a coupon.

  • GOOD JOB, Jessica!!!

  • Betsy

    Jessica! If you sign up for endorse (an app) there is a deal right now on sobe. The app is similar to Ibotta where u upload your receipt. Right now they are giving 20% for sobe.

  • Casey

    Say you go to target and buy one laugh and learn puppy at 19.99, can you use 3.00/15.00 fisher price coupon, 5.00 off target coupon and 5.00 off coupon from And pay $6.99?

    • Adam

      you can use 1 target & 1 manufacturer (doesn’t matter the source). so you can use the $5 from Target & $5 from

      In regards to my earlier post about how the gc should be counted, my thinking is that if someone else were to try to get the same deal, they wouldn’t be able to do it. if they give me a $5 gc in the end, i would deduct that from the total, as the $5 is BIMP (back in my pocket).

      i suppose it is a bit of a chicken & egg type cycle.

      • Cindy

        I understand exactly what you are saying. When we present reader’s shopping trips, we show all the ways the reader was able to score their deal. It gives other reader the opportunity to sort of be a fly on the wall and “watch them shop”. It lets people see how it is possible, when you plan your trips, to keep your out of pocket low and roll your deals. Not that they would be able to replicate that exact deal, but rather, that it is possible to do these strategic shopping trips and save. In this case she was able to take advantage of a previous offer (possibly even a previous Sobe deal) and use that to reduce her out of pocket.

        When we present actual deals in match ups or with a new coupon, we never show it with any type of additional gift card or catalina offer reducing the out of pocket.

        For instance, when we first posted the Sobe Water deal, it was written like this:

        Buy 10 Sobe Water $1.00 each

        Pay: $10 out of pocket
        Get a $5 Target Gift Card
        Final Cost: $0.50 each after Target Gift Card

        And yes you are right, it is a bit of a chicken and egg type cycle. But once that chicken lays that egg, we want them to keep hatching over and over again 😉

  • Meg

    I calculate my savings including all catalinas, GC and so on I get as a result of the deal, not what I had from previous transactions, although I must say they do not feel like money anymore, LOL. In a readers trip however, it is good to know exactly how person paid, after all it is persons trip. Good job Jessica.

  • Liz Kelly

    I always add my saving onto my next order that I am using them on. For instance I went to shoprite today and used $22. In Catalina’s from last weeks purchase and calculated that in today’s savings since that’s what they saved me at the register. I will then use the $11. That I earned today in my next purchase. If I calculated them in last weeks savings, then I feel like I couldn’t use them to reflect the money that I didn’t have to put out today. I hope that came out right.

  • Liz

    I’m looking for the $2 Heinz Target coupon and can only find the one currently on the website that requires the purchase of three 19 oz. or larger Ore Ida frozen potatoes in addition to the 38 oz. ketchup. Does another $2 coupon exist for ketchup only? I would love to stock up on 69 cent ketchup, but only if I have a valid coupon! 🙂

    • Kim B

      Liz, unfortunately they replaced the “$2 off Heinz OR Ore Ida” coupon with the “$2 off BOTH Heinz and Ore Ida” coupon. I assume because they realised people were getting lots of free ketchup. It’s priced at $1.99 at many Targets. The only way to get one now is if someone still has one and is willing to trade you for it.

  • Michelle

    Where is the $5 off Coupon for the toy I have the target one already..