Twix Easter Candy Only $0.49 a Bag at Rite Aid with Double Dip UP Reward!


Mars Coupons

Update as of 3/29:  It appears only (1) $1 UPR is printing now

There is a double dip at Rite Aid this week on some Mars Easter Candy.  The Twix Easter Candy is on sale for $2.99 and it’s included in both the Candy Deals going on this week.  Each deal is Buy 1 Select Candy and get a $1 UPR.  One is a limit of 4 and one is a limit of 2 however, I bought 2 and didn’t reach the limit yet.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.31.42 PM

Update:  The deal is also working on the Mars minis & the mix of 3Muskateers-Twix-Snickers-MilkyWay

Here is the deal:


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  • Meli

    thanks i needed a few more things for baskets!

  • Donna

    They are both giving a maximum of 4 + up’s. I did 2 last night and 2 this morning. The only candy giving both + up’s so far are the Twix minis and the Mars minis with the mix of 3Muskateers, Twix, Snickers, and MilkyWay. A friend and I have purchased Kit Kat, Snickers, M&M’s, and MilkyWay all of which produced only 1 + up each.

    • Cindy

      I had the mix in my hand and I put it down. Bummer. Now I have to go back lol

  • I just left the RA here in Owenboro, KY I bought 2 bags but only got the 2 UPR
    and used the 1/2 mq

  • can I use the 1.00 off 2 from the facebook page, too?

    • tina

      can you point me to the FB coupon? I have been looking but can’t find anything

  • Ashleigh

    Just to clarify? It is an issue with their system where it is giving you 2 $2 ups instead of the 2 $1 ups as advertised?

    • Anonymous

      Not getting $2+ ups, getting two $1+ up for one bag of Twix minis, or Mars minis with mix of 3Muskateers-Twix-Snickers-MilkyWay. Limit 4 on each + up.

  • Melanie

    I bought 4 bags yesterday-1 of each of these, Milky Way minis, Twix, Snickers and a variety bag. I used 2 $1/2 Mars Easter candy & I received $6 in UP’s. Came out to .99 cents each. It was a nice little surprise!!!

  • Candy

    Bought the 4 Twix this morning and worked in NJ

  • Dina Klip-It

    Just bought 4 of the Variety packs and got back (8) $1 UP Rewards

  • Monica

    It worked for me with the twix thanks

  • Jim

    Just bought (1) of the Variety packs and (1) of the Twix packs. $4.29 shelf price ($2.99 with card). Used $1/2 coupon and got back (4) $1 up rewards.

    • jim

      Repeated the same deal today. Great deal!

  • Should have figured RA on LI, NY didnot get 2 up rewards only 1 but had 5$ in up rewards from Sunday purchases so got 3 up rewards from 3 bags of milky ways paid OOP 4$ so got them for 1$ still not bad!! Thanks CINDY !!

    • kabby

      Gilly…the deal works with the TWIX and TWIX variety packs…you did not purchase TWIX.

  • dee

    went to my riteaid to do this deal,but they were out of them.:( I explained the deal to the supervisor and he offered me the regular mini pack twix for $0.49….total score!

  • Tracey

    If you need coupons be on the lookout for $1/2 peelies on some of the bags.

  • kayla

    Bought 4 of the varorty packs and it only produced 4 $1 up rwds…dont understand 🙁 but with other ur 4 bags came out to .98centd

  • catharine

    Just tried in Allentown pa, with one twix and one twix variety…only 2 $1 upr 🙁

  • Anonymous

    i tried the mix and the milky way and still only 1 ups each errrr

  • Delaware

    I just bought (4) of the 3 Musketeers-Twix-Snickers-Milky Way Minis Mix at Rite Aid and I only received (4) $1 +UPs. Judging by my experience and the most recent comments, I would say that this double dip deal isn’t working anymore. Oh well, at least I have lots of candy to drown my sorrows…….

    • kabby

      Heard a rumor the double dip is dead….only getting $1 up now.

      • ce

        It probably is dead. I just bought 4 bags of twix and only got $4 UPR.

  • Amy

    Two nights ago, I bought two bags and got $4 ups, I bought 2 more bags tonight and only received $2 ups. I think it is dead.