Update on the Purex Catalina Offer at ShopRite

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Henkel Catalina

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the Henkel Buy $15 Get a $5 Catalina at ShopRite this week.  It seem, from what I have been reading, that the Purex with Zout may not be programmed for the catalina.  So, until I can check into it further, stay away from buy the Purex with Zout if you are buying it as part of the catalina offer.

Besides the Purex with Zout, the offer is working on Pre-Price Prices.

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  • Mario

    Can you buy the tabs? Or is it just the liquid?

  • Heather

    Im assuming it will work with regular Purex still (without zout)? Correct?

  • SV

    Yes works on the tab I got 4 tab packets today

  • Lauren m

    I bought these this morning and had no problems with Catalina printing. Bought a total of 5 of these and had no problem. Also there is one other right guard that is working towards the Catalina right guard total defense 5 cooling gel.

    • Laura D.

      Hi Lauren, Will you please tell me which of the cooling gels are also printing the cat. There are two of them, one has a clear cap with ‘new’ on the label. The other has an orange cap. Or if you have the UPC#, which ever is easier. TIA!! Nice find!

      • Jenn

        Hey Laura-The RG Total Defense 5 Cooling with Air Conditioning Effect (017000046693) is working for the CAT as well (which was great because I was all out of RG Xtreme coupons!) -Did this deal today 🙂

      • Jenn

        Oh & it’s an orange cap! (The clear cap may be too but my store was all out of that one so I’m not sure)

        • Laura D.

          Awesome! Thanks Jenn! 🙂

  • Chris

    I bought 4 Purex and 2 Rightguard and the catalina did not print. I went up to customer service and the lady tried to tell me that the catalina only prints off the sale prices, not the pre-sale prices. They ended up giving it to me anyway. This was at the Commack Shoprite.

  • Melissa F.

    I tried this deal three times. The first two worked perfectly. The last one, I purchased the Zout, and it did not print the catalina.

    • Bill

      Did you get them to print it for you?

      • Anonymous

        No I didn’t. I should have.

  • Jennifer

    Me too. I bought the tabs and it worked and the liquid zout did not.

  • Brenda

    Went back to shoprite and did the deal again
    This time I bought
    3 Purex
    2 soft scrub
    And it WORKED
    Do NOT buy the ones with zout it is not working
    Thanks for all your help and research into this
    I love this website

    • meli

      Hi did you get soft scrub with bleach im thinking that may be the problem. i got 2 of those and did not get the cat.

    • kabby

      Glad it worked! I also got out this evening I purchased 4 Free and clear and 1 Mountain breeze..all bottle form and I received the $5 catalina. YEAH!!

  • Nicole M.

    I did it with two soft scrubs with bleach and got the Catalina.

  • Debbie

    I went tonite, i bought 3 2x ultra mnt breeze and 2 2x ultra original, and the catalina did not print. Of course when i got up there they said it was because i only spent 10.00 so they wouldn’t give it to me, so rather than fight with them, i told them i was returning them, of course i just lost my coupons 🙁 I don’t think any of mine had zout with them so i don’t understand. Cindy any ideas?

    • Cindy

      Some of the 2X Ultra are priced higher. Did you check your receipt to see what they rang up at? If they did not ring up at $1.99 then they wouldn’t be included in the deal.

      • Debbie

        Yes I did they were all priced 1.99 of course they explained to me that i only spent 10.00 sheesh. Rather than argue, I just decided to keep my blood pressure down and just returned them. I figured out now that a few had the orange cap. Darn lost my coupons 🙁

  • I purchased at shoprite today 4 regular purex and 1 soft scrub. i used 4 purex coupons and 1 soft scrub.it did not print the catalina for 5.00 off the next purchase, i went to courtesy desk. they stated you have to spend 15.00, without coupons. i did not get the deal, nor would they give it to me. just a heads up.

    • shally

      Could U share which shoprite U went to ? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Purex with Oxy did not work either but regular Purex did here in toms river

  • Dawn

    So RG and Purex are part of the same deal???

    • Laura D.

      Yes! I did Purex & RG mixed in a transaction, hth!

  • chrissy

    I did get the CAT at the Cinnaminson Shoprite. I purchased 3 Purex (regular detergents, mountain spring, after the rain, and some other one) 1 purex fabric softner and 4 Right Guard Xtreme. I did this deal 3 times in seperate transactions. In the end I paid 3.00 and tax for 9 detergents, 3 fabric softners and 12 deo. Used 1.00 coupons on the purex (9 coupons) and 2.00 on the right guard (12 from the smartplum..had multiple inserts)

  • John

    Just did the Purex deal and bought 5 of them and received the $5 catalina in New Rochelle.

  • Joanie

    I did 4 of the Right Guard and 1 After the Rain Purex, paid $1.60 OOP (.90¢ for the product and .70¢ for tax) and recieved the $5.00 catalina!

  • Jodie

    well, that explains why i did not get it either time!!! thanks for the heads up…was able to get them to print with the fail safe, but would rather be able to avoid doing that….hopefully it will get resolved….

  • Jenny

    I did the deal today and bought 4 Free and Clear and 1 After the Rain. I had a $1/1 Laundry Detergent store coupon so these were free for me!

  • Shally

    Hi , did anyone tried Purex deal in North Brunswick Store…if it’s working on sale price or pre-price….Please leave the comment as I don’t want to waste my trip b’coz I even don’t have any Coupons also for this deal but really need some detergent if deal is working on sale price.

    • Michelle T.

      Shally, I plan on going to North Brunswick today. Will let you know :). I plan on buying 3 Purex and 2 Soft Scrub.

      • Cindy F.

        Hi Michelle T., I plan on going either tom. or thurs. for the same deal. Will look out for your feedback:)

      • shally

        Thanks, waiting for your reply

        • Michelle T.

          Shally & Cindy F., I just got back and I did the deal twice. First, I bought 2 Soft Scrub Total with Bleach (these are MB2)@ 2/$5, and 3 Right Guard Xtreme @ 1.99 each. Used 2 $1 Soft Scrub coupons and 3 $2 RG coupons, paid 3.74 and got the $5 Cat. Second, I bought 3 Purex Pacs @ 1.99 and 2 RG Xtreme, used 3 $1 Purex coupons and 2 RG $2 coupons, and got the Cat again 🙂 Woohoo!

          • Shally

            Thanks Michelle

            • Shally

              BTW did you roll the cat ???

              • Michelle T.

                Yes, I rolled it into the second order, but did have other items in it 🙂

  • Nell

    Hi,i did Purex baby and after rain and it worked like a charm..I made another transaction with Purex oxy with zout,it didn’t print the CAT..The manager said it goes of sale price and proved her wrong so she gave me another catalina anyway..I think there is some mistake in the system..Did anyone tried Purex pods?I am wondering if they trigger the catalina..

    • the pods work. that was all I bought and 2 baby purex which work as well.

  • Linda Sue

    I hear some people buying fabric sofener with the purex. What’s that all about?

    • kabby

      Linda Sue, if you look at the Henkel Deal of Spend $15 get $5 catalina…there are numerous items included in this deal…you can do any combination of items to qualify. Purex, Right Guard, and Soft Scrub all happen to have coupons to sweeten the deal for these items to be stockpile prices. People are purchasing the items they will use or need at this time. Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    I officially have 45 bottles of Purex in my basement. I can’t let anyone see it, or they are going to put me on Hoarders! LOL!!!!

    • Amber Lynn

      lol my sister attacked me i have 25 lol

  • Michele A (SI)

    I shopped at the Hylan Blvd Shoprite yesterday morning, bought 3 “stain lifter” and 2 mountain fresh Purex, didn’t get the Catalina. Nothing came out of the Catalina printer at all (highly unusual, I generally get at least an ad for something) so maybe it was her machine. I was on my way to work so no time to stop at Customer Service (where no doubt they would have told me it was based on sale price, etc.)

    So I contacted Catalina Marketing with a copy of the receipt. Last time they were very prompt in sending me a coupon – I’ll let you know what happens this time.

  • anonymous

    i have a question. have a shoprite perks coupon for 1.00 off any laundry
    detergent. can it be stacked with the 1.00 mfr coupon?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. i did the same thing

  • Amber Lynn

    I had 20 $1 off purex coupons and I did the deal last night spent $7.60 on 25 purex detergetns :))) i was on cloud nine and my hubby thought I was crazy lol

  • jim

    Will (2) $5 cats print if I buy the following in one trans?:

    – 5 Right Guard Extreme
    – 5 Purex