Update: Up to $4 Money Maker on Banana Boat at Rite Aid {No Coupons Needed}

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Banana Boat

Most of you know that there is a great Banana Boat Deal this week at Rite Aid.  Banana Boat is Buy One Get One Free plus there is a Rite Aid Monthly UP Reward Offer on Banana Boat.  The offer is Buy 1 Banana Boat and get a $5 UP Reward with a limit of 4.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was able to find $2/1 Hangtag coupons in a display.  Prices for most Banana Boat are $9.99 making this a 2 money maker when you buy 2 and use 1 coupon.

However, the Banana Boat for Faces 2 oz size are priced at $7.99 and are also working for the deal.  The only thing is you can not use the coupon for them as the coupon is for 3 oz or larger.  But, even without coupons, it’s still a $2 money maker.

Here is the deal with the Banana Boat for Faces:


Be sure to check out more details on the other Banana Boat products and deals.


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  • Lisa

    I just got back from doing this deal. Picked up 2 bottles and 2 cans. 2$ hang tag coupons were attached. Paid 14.99 got back 20$ in up rewards. Awesome deal!!! Now I am stocked up for baseball season. 🙂

    • Bill

      Lisa were you able to use 1 coupon on each item?

  • Anonymous

    I bought 4 And was able to use 4 qs without any problem

    • Bill

      Thanks! Did not see that when I posted my previous question.

  • ueen

    While you are at it and have not done the utz chips buy 1 (.99) get $1up limit 2, might want to take advantage of the same as well. 🙂

    • elaine

      Ueen, can i buy 2 Utz and get $2 back? or do i need to do seperate trans. TIA!

      • IK

        yes – I did that

  • Jessica

    Ate the kids sunblock included?

    • Amanda

      I mean are the kids sunblock included?

  • Donna

    Banana boat has a coupon on their face book page! Save another dollar!

  • ueen

    @elaine-yes you can do the utz deal in one transaction and get 2 $1 up.

    • jim

      UTZ Deal. Since this appears to be an unadvertised deal: What are the details of this deal?:
      – Which flavors?
      – Which Size bag?
      – What are the limits per wellness card?
      – When does the deal end?

      • kabby

        The Utz 3.5 oz bag buy one get $1 up…limit 2 for the month. I purchased 2 Bar-B-Q and got both UPS. Hope that helps.

        • IK

          I tried sour cream and onion, and bbq – both worked…

  • Watch the Utz deal did it the other day only got 1 UP and I did get the coupon on FB for Banana Boat sunblock after reading some of the complaints am wondering even for free how effective it is I am very fair ……

    • Bill

      The Utz issue is that many varieties are not working for the deal.

  • jim

    I bought
    1 Sport 30SPF lotion ($10.49)
    1 Sport 30SPF Spray ($10.49) Bogo Rang up at $0.00

    Paid $10.49

    (2) $1/1 Banana Boat Printable (Facebook)
    (2) $5 UpRewards

    FREE plus $1.51 money maker
    ** My local stores DID NOT have the $2 hangtags so I used my facebook coupons instead. Still not a bad deal!

  • ueen

    @jim – i got 3.5 oz utz onion and garlic and sour cream and onion. got 2 $1 up. limit 2.

  • jan

    can we use 2 coupons for 2 banana boat sunscreens ? i thought rite aid changed their policy ? did they manually put in the other facebook coupon jim ?

    • Bill

      Multiple coupons scan fine. Their ad even tells you to look for a $3 off 2 coupon, so I would think that means they DO take coupons on the free item.

  • Debbie

    Are there any Banana boat coupons in the Sunday paper?

    • The RA flyer says on it coupons in Sunday Paper I live on LI, NY we didn’t have any in the two coupon booklets I got guess it’s another regional coupon we missed out on.

  • Lisa

    Anyone have luck finding the 2 oz Banana Boat for Faces? I tried 2 different store, but no luck.

  • Jim

    – Did not see “faces” in any of the two NJ RA stores that I visited.
    – Did not see much variety or inventory of Banana Boat products at all
    – The cashier scanned both of my Facebook coupons without issue
    – I did see the “kids” banana boat have the $5 uprewards label on the price.
    – There were NO $2 HANGTAGS in my stores.


  • Bill

    Went to one RA today, no coupons. Then I found the $2 hangtags at WG, and went to a 2nd RA where they actually had hangtags. I bought 2 of the 50 SPF lotion, $10.99 each. Had $6 in +Up’s to spend so it came out to $1 and since I was in CT, only sales tax on the dollar. Then I went back to the first RA and bought a couple of the 30 SPF lotion with 2 more coupons. Originally was not going to buy them since I really don’t like to have too many +Up’s (many of you will say that $20 it’s too many) but I checked and the Centrum vitamins my wife likes is part of the 2 for $20/$4 +Up deal, so I will spend at least $14 in vitamins later this week.

    Could not find the face cream at either of the stores I tried. In theory the $2 coupon would not have worked on it since it’s for 3 ounces or bigger.

    I had been wondering whether the Aloe would work, since it is also B1G1F, but didn’t want to chance it. Anyway, I went back into the store to put the 2 $1 coupons I had printed on the shelf for someone else to use and saw a woman buying the aloe. So I gave her my coupons, and then pointed out that it was B1G1F and she only had one. So I got her another, and then asked if I could check her receipt to see if she got +Up’s. She said ok. Sad to report, no +Up’s for the Aloe. Not surprising, since that did not have the $5 +Up tag underneath the sale.

    I should have asked the woman if I could have the 2nd aloe in exchange for the coupons :-). Now I have to decide if I want to buy 2 of them for $3.29, since I have 2 $2 coupons left.

  • NOrtheasterner

    I found the Banana Boats with the $2 hang tags on an end cap at my Rite Aid. They were not anywhere near the other sunblocks (and there were no hang tags on the ones that were in the normal sunblock aisle). So my suggestion is to walk around the whole store. My end cap was near vitamins. 🙂 I scored 2 spray Banana Boats this morning and used 2 of the $2 off with no problem.

  • Gen

    Everything worked for me, no issues. I got 2 of the Banana Boat BABY and 2 sport 50. got $20 in ups (no hangtag coupons though). The utz was actually a small MM for me as they were .89 on my receipt and I got $1 (got 2 of those – sour cream and onion garlic)

    My total was $25.56 with tax and I got $22 in ups. Not bad for a couponless trip.

  • jim

    Will these uprewards roll toward another banana boat purchase?

    • Bill

      Yes, rolling is only a problem at WG.

    • kabby

      Jim the limit is 4 items that will produce the $5 Ups…if you purchase 2 the first time..get two $5 ups…then purchase 2 more yes you can use the first set towards the second transaction and still receive two $5 ups. Hope that helps.

    • Bill

      Also you cannot reuse +Up’s the same day. So don’t plan to buy 2 and then reuse the +Up’s on the next purchase right afterwards. The following day it will work fine.