Weight Watchers Smart Ones Desserts as low as $0.25 at ShopRite!

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Weight Watchers Smart Ones Desserts Deal

Check out this SUPER HOT Deal on Weight Watcher Smart Ones Desserts 4-packs this week at ShopRite!  The 4-packs are on sale this week for $1.64 with a Pre-Price Plus Price of $3.29.  If you haven’t used the $10/$40 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Purchase (SavingStar Deposit) yet check out this great deal!

As we know from past experiences, Saving Star tracks at ShopRite on Pre-Price Plus prices, plus we have two readers– Ted and Michelle T–who tested this deal this week and it in fact tracked for them on Pre-Price Plus Prices.

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You can buy 13 Smart Ones Desserts which totals $42.77 Pre-Price Plus, pay just over $13 out of pocket after coupons & eCoupon and receive a $10 Saving Star Deposit back, making each 4-pack only a quarter and each cup only $0.06 each.  Wow!  Guess I’m headed to ShopRite 😉

The deal idea below is just one deal idea.  There are a bunch of coupons in the LRWC Coupon Database you can use to work your own deal as well!

Here are your deals at ShopRite:


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Don’t have a ShopRite in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

Thanks Ted & Michelle T!

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  • meli

    great deal! thanks

  • Angela

    Just a reminder – from experience – it is best to load the savingstar first and then the ShopRite ecoupon. The savingstar has been out a while so many of us have it loaded already.

    Just curious about the desserts.. have any of you tried them? Thanks

    • Michelle

      Angela I use to really like the Key Lime one but, I don’t anymore. They changed it. It use to be real creamy and tasty and now it’s just icy and nasty. I can’t find it anymore in CT but, they had the best chocolate mouse I’ve ever tasted for WW product. The cheesecake is not bad either. HTH!

      • Anonymous

        They had tons of the key lime at the Shoprite in Norwich FYI 🙂

      • Kera H

        I saw tons of the key lime at the Shoprite of Norwich CT.. I just didnt grab any cause the others looked better to me ( I LOVE chocolate)

    • Traci Clark

      My favorite is the Strawberry Shortcake. I just tried the peanut butter cup sundae last night and it was okay, it satisfied my sweet tooth. I bought three packs before I knew about the savings star deal. So I will be going back to get some more. Hopefully this time they will have the Strawberry Shortcake in stock 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Crap Ive had the ecoupon for a while and just signed up for saving star today.. going to go do this deal.. will it NOT work?>

      • Michelle T.

        It should work as long as the saving star loaded. It would have given you an error saying something about it already being loaded on another service. But if the SR ecoupon is loaded and the saving star loaded, grab your coupons and you’re good to go!

        • Kera H

          Thanks I did them today.. the e coupon came off but how long till I know about the savings star deposit?? I did the Dole deal the Cherrios deal. the betty crocker fruit snacks deal and the bisquick one too..

          • Angela

            Kera – I have seen savingstar happen as quick as a day or two from ShopRite to over a week from Stop and Shop. From past experience it really depends on what store you go to. However, eventually you will get the credits.

            • Kera H

              Thanks Ang.. I just checked and I got mine.. first time out the gate and I made 17 bucks! WOOHOO.. Im addicted now.LOL.. Thanks Cindy for letting me know about all these things that help this single mom save money! And thanks to all the other fans that spend time here helping each other out! We all really are a community arent we? 🙂

  • Ted

    I’m the Ted mentioned above and yes, I’ve eaten a few of them now. I’m not someone that necessarily needs to lose any weight but, regardless, couldn’t resist a good deal. Thus far I’ve really liked them, and they’ve kept me from eating a full bowl of ice cream 🙂

    • Michelle T.

      I tried the turtle sundae today. A bit icy, but tasty, and as someone that is currently on Weight Watchers, it’s a nice little dessert that fits into my diet. Just big enough to satisfy that sweet craving 🙂

  • Emily

    Ecoupon is gone… 🙁

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      If you scroll down a little bit on the SavingStar Page you will see it there! 🙂

      • Emily

        Oops I meant the shoprite coupon 🙂 I never get them in time.. 🙁

  • Jennifer

    Woo Hoo!! I was going to get the Dole smoothie shakers, but would much rather stock up on these!!! Only so much room in the freezer after the frozen foods deals from last week! LOL!!!!!

  • Natasha

    I think the shoprite ecoupon is nla

  • Kim D.

    It’s moments like this that make me wish I had a deep freezer!!

    • Traci Clark

      Me too!!! I was thinking this past week about getting one because I can’t fit another thing in my freezer. Between the Banquet meals, brown n serve sausages, pot pies, smoothie shakers, smart balance milk, texas toast, Ellios pizza, tyson grilled strips and the meats that I normally pick up on sale I would say that my freezer is crying for mercy, LOL

      • HLF

        Isn’t that the truth! I almost had a hard attack this morning when the power went out on my block for unknown reason .. the only thing I could think about was all the food I stocked up in the freezer … thankfully it came back witnin 10 minutes. lol!!

        Seriously, did anyone buy the deep freezer special this week? Is it any good as I am seriously thinking about investing in one.

        • HLF

          Sorry .. deep freezer special at ACME.

  • Kim D.

    LOL! And I even skipped a few of those deals!

    ……I am contemplating keeping some of these Smart Ones in my office freezer! haha

    • Laura D.

      Haha Kim D., now THAT is creative!

  • Davey
    • Stu

      Thanks for that Davey.

  • Beth G.

    If you buy 14 and print one more $1/2 it is only an addition $.64 out of pocket or $.28 each.

  • Anita

    Hi Cindy,
    The shoprite ecoupon is NLA. Could you please give us a scenario without that ecoupon? What about the $5 off 12 printable coupon that is available? Will that help towards reducing the OOP? Thanks.

  • Doreen

    If we’ve already done this deal, can I sign up in Saving Star under my Mom but still use the same ShopRite card? Will it work? Or will she need her own SR card for this to work?

    • Laura D.

      I don’t think so, I think she will need her own card. You can just sign up for one online. Then print out her number and use that at the checkout. You can manually put in the ppcard number into the number pad for credit cards at the register. That is until your mom’s card arrives in the mail, hth!

  • Doreen

    Also, what’s with the limit 4 per variety?! 😉

  • Doreen

    Thanks Laura! Also, there is a limit of 4 like coupons per transaction is that right? If someone uses 5 coupons, will it just not double but just take off whatever cents it is? Thanks for any help!

    • Kera H

      Ive been told you they wont allow you to use more than 4 period.. If you can split them up into separate transactions!

    • Laura D.

      Yes, it is a limit of 4 like coupons. The stores I go to are very strict about it. If you have the coupons Cindy has listed above and do her transaction, you’ll be fine. HTH! 🙂

  • lori

    none of the coupon links work for me :(. All I could get was $3.00 off 10.

  • jennifer

    Went to SR last night, and bought 14 boxes!! Had the cookie dough sundae last night! Very yummy, and hubby liked it too!