Neosporin, Band-Aids, and First Aid Kits only $0.50 each at CVS!

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CVS Deal

Here is a great deal avaialable at CVS this week. It is actually a combination of these three deals:

  • Spend $10 on any Neosporin or Bandaid Products you get $3 ECBs
  • Get a FREE Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit when you buy 3 Johnson & Johnson First Aid Items (through 4/13)
  • Spend $10 on Johnson & Johnson First Aid Items and submit for a $5 Rebate +Free First Aid Kit by Mail.

There are also coupons available for $2 off Any Neosporin Product and  $0.75 off 2 Bandaid Products.

Here’s your Deal:


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  • nicole

    You probably already know but just incase, there is a coupon book in the first aid case!

  • EMH

    I cant find the rebate from on their page, I’ve logged in, perhaps its not available any longer?

    • Bill

      It’s the thing that looks like a coupon and says $26.99.

  • Linh

    Just printed it – found it @

  • nicole

    I almost missed it too. Its the first row of coupons..third one over.

  • Bill

    I’ve heard bad things about J&J rebates (although they did pay my Rogaine one quickly). How likely are they to deduct coupons (including ECB) when comine up with the $10 purchase amount?

    • Sebsa

      Bill, I heard really bad things about last year’s healthy essentials rebate for the Trial Pack…lots of people in the blogosphere received a rebate that had deducted coupons and ecbs (although I used both and received the full rebate amount back based on circled purchase price). I was very leary about doing the healthy essentials rebate that was available a month or so ago…I used both coupons and ecbs…but I received the full rebate amount. My guess is that Johnson & Johnson received a lot of flack over the rebate a year ago and now they are honoring purchase price regardless of coupons and ecbs. At any time they could add language to their rebate saying after coupons and ecbs, but they haven’t yet…still, possibly a YMMV…

      • Jennifer

        Funny you say that. Earlier in the year when they had a rebate on certain products I had an issue. The specifics were something like spend $10 on items and get a $5 rebate back. I had purchased neosporin for $11 and change (it was when there was also an Ibotta rebate available). After coupons and some ECB and I had purchased other items my total came to $6 and change. Several weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail stating i did not spend the required $10 on the rebate and to resubmit. Unfortunately it was past the purchsae time so I was not even able to purchase more to qualify. I figured I most likely lost out anyway but I resubmitted with a letter stating I had used ECB which are like cash and therefore should qualify. I figured I would never hear back, however I just received a $5 check in the mail over the weekend!

        • Sebsa

          Good for you for following through! So many people don’t and I frankly think that’s what manufacturers count on. ECBS are store cash…they shouldn’t have any impact on rebates…but if a manufacturer wants to start disallowing their use, then they need to say so on the rebate so the consumer knows they can’t use them. I do a lot of rebates and very rarely do I not “qualify” for them. But every now and again I don’t and I contact the rebate processor to find out why…the reasons have either been a mistake on the part of the rebate processor or I used ECBs and the manufacturer didn’t like that (Freeman Beauty) but hadn’t stated on the rebate the consumer couldn’t so they honored my rebate. My understanding is that now on Freeman rebates it says no store cash so it’s clear. I am happy to follow the rules, but I need to know what they are! 🙂

          • Jen

            I 100% agree!!!!

          • Bill

            The problem is that CVS shows ECB as “CVS Mfr Coupon” on the receipt. It doesn’t say “Extrabucks redeemed”. I don’t see how you can expect the rebate process to know that you didn’t really use a coupon.

            BTW the math here is rather creative and the final cost of 50c per item includes the free first aid kit which comes by mail. It’s really 62.5c each for the items you get in store, and more correctly $2.50 total. Since I don’t really need the stuff, I’m not going to bother with the deal or taking my chances with the rebate.

            • Sebsa

              I am not expecting the rebate processor to determine if I used a coupon and/or store cash. That is the point. If a rebate said AFTER coupons and/or AFTER store cash, then I would follow those rules and it wouldn’t matter how a coupon was coded on a receipt because I would make sure to meet the terms of the rebate as specified.

              Bill, this is a site for helpful comments. Hence my response to your original post. I was trying to be HELPFUL. When you feel the need to leave an unhelpful or snarky comment, best to just not leave one at all. And if you disagree with the way that Cindy has put a deal together, then don’t do the deal. You don’t need to snidefully comment on “how creative the math is”. As I try to explain to my 5 year old niece, people do not like to help people who aren’t playing nice.

              • Anonymous

                I agree with you. I just read a post under the Stop and Shop deal for a possible moneymaker with gas points and Bill responded with how unrealistic it is..and so on and so on. Must have too much time on your hands to be pointing out so many things that bother you. This website is free to us and should not be pointing out things that aren’t up to our standards. Be appreciative of all Cindy and crew do for us…I know I am!!

                • I saw the same comment – but someone was able to make use of this deal…so it did help out someone..I pick and choose what I need and am very glad to have found this site and have passed it on to many of my friends…Thank you to Cindy and her crew that search out these deals…

              • Bill

                I agree 100% that if it doesn’t say that you cannot use coupons, that they should not be deducting it from the rebate. But if they’re going to start considering coupons, then it’s not surprising that they include ECB.

                As for my comments about how the deal was presented, I simply feel that it makes it confusing and seem like a better deal than it actually is. Maybe I have a higher standard for deals when I don’t actually need the stuff than some others.

                • Cindy

                  I am repeating part of the comment from another post. There are thousands and thousands of readers that go through these posts. We can not tailor each post to every single reader. These are all guides to get you thinking about deals you can do. We try to post the best possible deal out there. By doing this we get people thinking about how they may be able to do the deal for themselves. Maybe they have only 2 out of the 4 coupons available or they want to add other items in places of the ones we have listed. If you can’t or don’t want to do the deal, then skip it.

                  • Lesley

                    I agree, and I just read your other post in response to him. It really bothers me when people pick apart every little thing that they feel is wrong. If they feel they can do a better job than they should start their own blog. I truly appreciate all that you do. Hopefully people will start to think before they post. Simply they should just not click on a post that is not something they are going to do. Don’t use gas points? Than do not click on the post and critique it. Again, thanks for all you do! I have a full-time job and a part-time job…and I always say couponing is my second part-time job.

                  • Meg

                    Exactly, it is not ‘one fits all’, you can modify deal to fit your needs or just skip it, after all not every deal is for everyone. But all those deals bring attention and make you think what you can do. Thank you Cindy.

                  • Cynthia F

                    I wish you had “like” buttons on the website Cindy!! (LIKE) 🙂

  • Jaime

    I just did this deal last night. I was surprised to discover that the free “first aid kit” is actually just an empty first aid case. I guess free is free, and I should have been paying closer attention. I wonder if the free one by mail will be another empty case or will it actually have stuff inside it. If it’s an empty case, it seems like the $26.99 value (even minus the $5 rebate check) is grossly inflated!