New $0.75/1 Crisco Coupon = $0.99 Shortening at Weis + More Deals!


Crisco Coupon

There is a great new Crisco Coupon available to print.  The coupon is for $0.75 off any (1) Crisco Product with no size restriction or limitations.  If you have trouble finding this coupon, try switching your browsers.  I was only able to see it in Safari and not Fireox.

Print: Crisco Coupon

Weis has Crisco Shortening, All Vegetable 16 oz priced at $2.49 so only $0.99 after doubled coupon and Wegmans has this shortening priced $2.59 so only $1.09 after doubled coupon.

Walmart sells Crisco No-Stick Butter Cooking Spray, 6 oz for $2.12 regular price so only $1.37 after coupon.

Food Lion has Crisco Oil, 48 oz on sale for $3.00 this week so $2.25 after coupon.

Here are your deals:


Don’t have these stores in your area? Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

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  • Pooja

    What is the zip code for this? I’m using Safari but I don’t see it.

  • Gina

    I love you site but I was unable to print this deal. Please don’t post items/deals everyone can not enjoy. It was a huge let down. Your page is the only one I check each morning. I will no longer check this site.

    • Laura D.

      Seriously??? Did you read you need to change your browser???? I had to change my browser to see it, just like the LRWC team member that posted the ad stated in the paragraph above! I really don’t mean to sound rude, but think your statement is highly over dramatic. Besides, it should be about the overall total savings you can get per year, not the hot coupon that may go quickly, or the browser you many not want to download. Please take your anger out on the game, not the player. Your loss kiddo….

      • Cindy

        Okay we found a link that is working but only in internet explorer or safari. Hope everyone can print it now. Don’t want to make some peps so unhappy 😉

        • Laura D.

          LOL, sista! Word.

    • Lili

      Laura…you said it right,good job.As for you Gina…that was so wrong and mean.You don’t deserve LRWC’s help. Thank you LRWC for all your hard work. You guys rock!

      • CB

        Ditto! I got mine using IE.

    • Cindy

      LOL, okay. Not much I can say to that. There is nothing I can do if the coupons are gone quickly or they are having issues with the In this case, I believe they are having issues because the coupon is still showing as active in my database. Totally out of my control.

    • Cindy

      It’s actually having the same issues there. The coupon is either gone or having issues. It’s weird because I still see it in my database so I’m not sure where it went…or why for that matter.

      • Michelle W

        I just printed on website and I had NO problems printing the coupon twice. Cindy & Staff, Thank You So So Much For Everything You Do!

        • janice

          Thanks very good idea going to the CVS site. I could not find them no matter what I did.

      • dana

        I couldn’t find it by clicking the link either- but I just went on (like the previous ppl had suggested) and I printed it twice so it’s still available there!! Idk if the zip code matters or not, but mine was already set to zip code 11135 when I opened the page & it was in there!! 🙂

    • pam

      If you no longer use the site, we should not see any more rude comments from you. I’m good with that.

  • I can’t print this coupon either. I have tried Internet Explore, Google Chrome and Firefox. What zip code did you use? THanks!

  • Maureen D

    I switched over to safari and still cant see the coupon I really could use this one! maybe different zip codes? I used 77477 and 12401 and nothing 🙁

  • Rob

    It just worked for me on Firefox…thanks

  • Maureen D

    thanks for the update now Im able to see the coupon and printed 2 coupons! wow..thx LWRC 🙂

  • Wendy A.

    Hi Cindy, I was able to find it in the coupon section on I used 77477 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

    • Wendy A. : Thanks Wendy! I went over to CVS and changed my zip to 77477 and was able to print it twice! Thanks girl!

    • Eva

      It worked just like Wendy said on! Thanks

  • happy880

    I can’t find this coupon.  Is there a zip code or is is NLA?

  • kim

    Got them with firefox…..not seen on IE.

  • siggio

    Hi…I just printed the coupons thru also and using safari. Thanks for finding this awesome deal esp this is the week I need to buy cooking oil!

  • Shana

    I’ve been trying to get this coupon all day and was finally able to locate it on the site. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Anna

    Thank you, everyone, for the CVS trick. Found the Crisco plus discovered the Boca burgers had reset!

  • Jessica

    Still available thru – just printed.