FREE Zantac 50 ct at Rite Aid this Week!

zantac coupon

Zantac Coupon

Use the $5/1 Zantac Coupon that is available to get a great deal at Rite Aid! The Zantac 150 Cool Mint Tablets are price at 50% off for $9.98 at Rite Aid! There is a +UP Reward deal where if you buy 1 you get a $5 +UP Reward. Paid that with the $5/1 Coupon that is available it makes them free! Great Deal!

Here is your deal:


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  • Anonymous

    was this a monthly UPR? oh..and is there a limit?

  • Anonymous

    i have the same question about the limit does any one know?

    • Brandi

      Limit is 2 at my store. 🙂

  • Wow went into RA yesterday searching for these, picked up a smaller box that was 10.99 scanned that wasn’t the sale, picked up the box that was 19.99 and score on sale for 9.99 deduct the 5$ coupon and I had 1$ loaded to card paid 3.99$ and got 5$ in UP rewards how can you go wrong!! Again my RA had no signs up for this sale I think they try and hide the good deals…..

    • Cheri

      Hi gilly,Can youuse a manf. coupon with the load to your card coupons? I didn’t even know RA did load to your card coupons until someone said something about it under the fresh & sexy wipe deal ! ( it may have been you (: )so I loaded that coupon but it didn’t come off along with the $5 printable coupon . Have you had any problems using both together ?

      • Bill

        I’m guessing she means a +Up that was loaded on her card, as opposed to a manufacturer’s coupon.

      • The 1$ was on my card from a previous +UP I just used the 5$ coupon from SS on the first box.

  • Brandi

    I just did this myself. The 50 count is on sale for 10.24 at my store. I used the 5.00 coupon, 5.00 upr and paid .85 (.61 was tax). Got a 5.00 UpR! 😀

  • Brandi

    Oh and it’s a limit of 2 at my RA.

  • I just did this deal again a friend gave me the coupon so I wound up with 2 boxes that would have cost 40$ for free….

  • Anonymous

    I have been through all my coupons. Was this one to print or was it in the paper? Does anyone have the date the coupon came out? Thanks

    • Bill

      The info is at the top of the post. SS 4/7.

  • Was in Sunday’s paper not sure if it was Red Plum or SS

  • Coupon was in 4/7/2013 sunday paper Red Plum or SS…

    • Bill

      Look at the top of the page!

      Zantac 150 Cool Mint Tablets 50 ct Sugar Free – $9.99 (50% off)
      – $5/1 Zantac Product, 50 ct + exp. 5/6/13 (SS 04/07/13)
      Pay: $4.99
      Get $5.00 +UP
      Free after coupon and UP Reward

  • hanna/h

    I could not find 50ct one. All I saw was 65ct.
    Does this work? RA I go to, don’t have scan for customer.
    There is no sign for UP Reward either. Is this UP on the this week ad??

  • Stacey D

    I went to my local RA. The cs rep price checked and it was 19.99 she said they are not on sale. Would it change if she scanned my card first? I am confused.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been to 3 rite aids, nobody has them !

  • Bill

    Didn’t find this size at either of the 2 RA stores that I checked :-(.

  • judy

    I found them at the second riteaid I went to. They were marked $19.99 but rang up $15.99. Ended up paying $6 for each box :(.

    • Bill

      Was that just your Gold discount? Sounds like the sale was last week.